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La Brioche di Celestia (Wallpaper)

"La Brioche di Celestia" (The Muffining of Celestia) was not painted by Vincenzo Camuccini in or around 1798. What you are thinking of is "The Death of Ceasar," which you can see at this link: [link]

Instead, La Brioche di Celestia was commissioned by @Foalpapers and digitally rendered by The Gneech in 2012, over the course of eight months, but principally in July and August of that year.

Although explicitly drawing on Faustian design and technique, The Gneech clearly made an effort to add his own flourishes, and was once quoted as saying he was particularly pleased with Rarity, but did not elaborate as to why. Some Gneechologists have said that this piece was one of, if not the most complex image Gneech had attempted up to this point, although others contend that his famous "Dover and Comfort VJ Day" piece or the first two pages of the short-lived "Arclight Adventures" comic rival it.

This piece is also believed to have led to The Gneech's subsequent submission into a rubber room later that same year, where he repeated "The horror... the adorable, candy-colored horror..." for sixteen straight hours before finally passing out.
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"Et tu Twilight?"
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Revenant deadcrow: (comes down and kills Celestia)
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Et tu Twilight? ))))
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Twilight: Your going to eat the muffins Princess and your going to like it!!

Celestia: No I don't want to eat the muffins!

Pinkie: It's Muffin Time!

Celestia: No Pinkie No!

Applejack: (holds muffin) Open Wide Sugercube

Celestia screams as a muffin is shoved into her mouth.
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They're just cupcakes, there's nothing be feared of XD
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Not cupcakes. Muffins.
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Show her Derpy! Give Celestia what she deserves! (lol)
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Why does she deserves it?
LunarSnowflake4's avatar
She prefers cake over Muffins! This is a travesty that cannot go unfixed!
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Whoa! That's lame of ya! XD
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Muffined before her time!

"Oh, Celestia..."

"Hence! Wilt thou lift Cloudsdale?"

"Great Celestia..."

"Dost not Twilight hoofless kneel?"


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Yon Flim and Flam have a lean and hungry look.
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Then fall, Celestia!
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Friends, ponies, countrymen, lend me your ears!!!!
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i'm soo laughing my plot off at the moment XD insta fav dude, just insta fav
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Glad you enjoy! :)
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*after reading the description* O_O
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