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Charity Expressions WIP

I love this exercise, but it takes forever. If interested, you can find the template here: 25 Essential Expressions

I am still not quite happy with the designs for either Charity or Langley. I was hoping that it would smooth out as the story progressed, but if anything it's getting worse instead of better, so I'm trying to work it out and "get it right" before going on with another issue.

Charity should be young, almost baby-faced, bright eyed, eager, and cheerful. Think Sailor Moon with spots. So, eyes bigger, muzzle smaller, lots of big expressions are the mode for her.

Suggestions? Comments? I'm all ears!

-The Gneech
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 I just did one myself x3
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Wouldn't all ears make you a fennec? :-)
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Probably not very helpful, but I like it so far! :)
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Welcome nonetheless. Thanks! :)