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Twenty Years of The Suburban Jungle!
Time flies when you’re having fun, eh? The first Suburban Jungle comic ran on February 1, 1999, in what feels like a whole other world. Supermodels were a thing. Being super-into ’80s music was a perfectly reasonable idea. Having an openly gay character who was happy in himself and important to the story was… crazy talk.

I wanted to have some great meaningful thing to say here, but honestly I’ve been drawing all day and my brain is mush… which suits somehow. XD I will say that it brought me a great deal of pleasure to draw the old gang again and to integrate Charity, who is clearly just excited to be there.

Which reminds me, starting this month Rough Housing will officially be switching to a two pages per month schedule, as my hand tremors are making it harder to get the pages done in a timely fashion and honor my various other commitments. On the other hand, that means the comic will run well into 2020, and you’ll be able to enjoy some of the OTHER stuff that I haven’t been able to get to. >.> Look for a big announcement from me and FurPlanet in March, for starters. (More on that later!)

Thanks as always to my awesome readers and Patreon supporters. You folks are absolutely why I’ve kept doing this for twenty years. I love you all. <3 And now, I need some sleep. G'nite!
Lady In Red

Thought of this, couldn't not draw it. The Netflix Carmen Sandiego series looks really good! And of course you know how I feel about She-Ra. >.>

Anyway! The art lappy is back home again and I'mma be drawing ALL THE THINGS this week. :)

(For previews and more, subscribe on Patreon! )

Shade-of-the-Candle and Her Swords (Personal Art)

Shady considers combat something of a failure state– making wisecracks at somebody who’s dead isn’t half as much fun– but if she has to fight, she’ll straight up murder you. >.>

She employs an acrobatic, free-wheeling dual-cutlass combat style that emphasizes wild leaps and flashy, unpredictable moves... you're never quite sure if she's attacking, she's running away, or you've just bled to death from a million tiny cuts.

My 2018 report!…

Where I've been, where I am, where I'm going from here. :) My life coaching biz, Suburban Jungle, writing projects, Nii-chan, and more. Enjoy!
I was going to do a commission raffle when my Patreon hit $200! But... it turns out that raffles are officially not allowed as Patreon rewards, so that's out.

So instead, I've decided to invite my subscribers to come up with and vote on a piece of bonus art, here

Later this week (probably Weds or Thurs) I'll bring all the suggestions together into a poll the idea that gets the most votes will be the winner. Think of it as a crowdsourced commission. ;)

(Note: This is in addition to the monthly SJ Boogie and other images.)

Ground Rules
  1. It has to be something I'm willing to draw, so all the usual caveats of no gore, cruelty, disempowerment, that kind of jazz apply. Things I'm not willing to draw, simply won't go onto the poll.
  2. It can involve the SJ cast, OCs, pop culture characters, whatever. It could be another Ponies vs. Daleks piece if that's what would float your boat.
  3. Maximum three characters, pls.
  4. It can be a NSFW piece (rule 1 still applies), but that would only be available to $5+ subscribers. If a SFW version is feasible, that will be available to everyone.
So! Whattya want to see? :) Here are some potential ideas I've had, which will also be on the poll:

  • Finished version of Slippery When Wet (… ).
  • Langley: Bikini-top snatcher! And a very irritated Charity.
  • Ponies vs. Daleks: Princess Luna
  • Ponies vs. Daleks: Princess Cadance

Head on over and post your ideas! (Only ideas from subscribers will go into the poll, thanks! ^.^')

-The Gneech


the-gneech's Profile Picture
John "The Gneech" Robey
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Creator of The Suburban Jungle ( and NeverNever (, known in the MLPFIM fandom for my "Ponies vs. Daleks" fanart series, launching a new comic this summer, generally creative dude. Often in a fedora, and always silly.

NOTE: I much prefer e-mail to website notes. Please contact me via

Commissions are OPEN! (Full Color; Requires Three Weeks)
Badge: $40
Full Figure/Simple Image: $45
Rendered Scene: $50
Additional Characters/Complexity: +$15 and up
Real Media Image: +$15
Print: (postage costs) + $5


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