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Giant aquatic rats

Nutrias and their aquatic lifestyles and pockets. Or at least that's what Cloud-Kitsune suspects Dave to be.

Dave from Sonic Boom and Chris from Sonic X. It's a cross canon crack pairing. What else do you want me to say?

Drawn by Cloud-Kitsune
Colored by me.
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i kind of ship it
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Everyone knows the best kind of kisses are Eskimo kisses!
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I hope he really is a capybara because that would be so cool. XD 

You two make a great art team! ^_^ 
I don't know Dave as a character at all (I'm not in the Boom loop) but this is absolutely adorable <3 added appeal because nose kisses are the cutest ~ I've looked at it a few times over now and it keeps putting a big smile on my face. 
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Thanks! I had allot of fun doing the background for this. The nose kisses was Cloud's idea, so she gets credit for that. Though it does make sense to go for an eskimo kiss instead because good luck trying to get around those giant buckteeth.

There isn't really much you need to know about Dave as a character beyond that he's a nerd working in fast food, and he wants to be evil like Eggman. But if you're curious about him in Sonic Boom, he's in episodes 7, 16, 26, and the ones that have already aired in France, and now have fan subs, "Chez Amy", and "A Normal Guy". He does make appearances in other episodes here and there, but the ones I listed are the ones where he has prominent appearances in(so far). You can easily find the episodes on Youtube. That's at least a plus with shows with not really much continuity; you don't really have to watch every single episode if you're just curious of one or two characters or aspects from it.(That and I honestly think that Dave is the best Boom exclusive character.) Haha!
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I always thought Dave was a beaver.
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Dave is a nutria, a river rat. It's like a beaver, so you're right in a way.…
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What animal is Dave suppose to be anyways?
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My friend Cloud-Kitsune suspects that he may be a capybara. I can see the physical resemblences. Smaller ears, bigger nose, large buckteeth, lack of a tail, larger than usual for an anthro Sonic character, and is obviously a rodent.
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I still love how Dave has to compensate in how to kiss Chris with eskimo kisses instead. X3 And the background you gave it... Very tropical~!

And the capybara signs are strong on this one. XD Looks like a beaver, has no tail, and has anal pockets(which was commented upon as a mere joke that makes you think on "what pockets is he talking about?!" moment). X3
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Chris would freak to know there are two Sonics, now XD
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Well Dave is blue, has green eyes, is an anthropomorphic rodent, and is voiced by Roger Craig Smith, so I think we got a pretty good start going there. Haha!
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Whoa! Rodger Craig Smith did Dave, too?! I seriously couldn't tell!
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Thanks. I try with my crack pairings.... well not really, they mostly sort of start as jokes.
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haha, well I want you to know, I support this. <3
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This goes together u know
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