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Dessert and Meh

By the-Gitz
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Finally got to commission a certain artist who works on the Archie Sonic comic series to color something from me, and Cloud-Kitsune~

Chris drawn by Cloud-Kitsune. Dave the Intern drawn by me.
Inking done by me.
Coloring job commissioned from herms85.
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This is a cute ship.:love:

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For the last time Chris is not gay!
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Maria's ded af tho
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Unless Chris gone back in time.
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He could very well be Bi or Pan, so I doubt he would be gay.
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Well I prefer Chris with Helen.
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Okay, good for you. I never said you couldn't ship him with her.
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Or with Maria since they're both 12.
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ohh waooww!! *o*  looks so nice!
and colered by Matt Herms! so cool!
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Thanks! I knew I had to commission him to color something when I saw that he had a sale going on. C:
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One is sweet, the other strange.
One is the guild-less child of evil, the other a mischievous trickster.
Would you choose the straightforward angel from the volcano.
Or would you stick with the familiar savory burger that may come with an unintended(?) surprise?

Sorry I had to!!
Please, for the love of God, stop. Chris and the rest of the new characters created for Sonic X were all awful characters. Please stop pretending there needs to be some kind of Sonic Boom-style update for him. The sooner people forget about the abortion that was Sonic X, the better.
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Your comment is cute. And by cute, I mean overly dumb and bratty. Please, tell me more about how your hate of Christopher Thorndike overrides your personality traits.
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seriously just

shut the fuck up
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I like how the guy is assuming that just me making a Sonic Boom version of Chris, is the same as thinking that Chris and other Sonic X elements need to be in it. Like it's somehow on the same level as demanding it to whoever is calling the shots on the Boom sub franchise.
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Everyone should stop making fanart in general in case it becomes canon. It's srsbsnss! Like what if you like, alter a show?! How dare you I mean wow

(Thick sarcasm is thick)

I don't understand why people freak out about this, I really don't, but I think you nailed it on the head. People are somehow threatened that perhaps SEGA will trowel deviantART and make shit canon. 

I'm still tipsy so I'm just trying to imagine what that would turn into if it was something they actually did. Like if they tapped into my gallery and was like "whoa this zack dude lOVES HIM SOME PUFFIES LET'S MAKE A WHOLE EPISODE LET'S DO THIS SHIT"
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Even though the show's co-executive producer himself said that they never use characters from non-Boom related incarnations(not even the rest of the characters from the main game canon) of Sonic. So proof(as if there already wasn't proof) that this little douche is being a big gay baby over fucking fan art.

Hell, if SEGA was actually scowering DeviantArt for ideas then the franchise would have been oversaturated with fetish fuel and hedgehog Maria by now.

They already beat you to the inflation content years ago, anyway. Haha!
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Aww that actually makes me sad. I was legit holding out to see Chris again. ; ^;

Also yeah I blame this show for 90% of what is wrong with me. The other 10% is just piss and vinegar. 
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Look at the bright side of it; We get to see fans of the other Sonic game and shows get all pissy over that statement. Looks like they didn't bow down to your demands to put Shadow, Rouge, the Chaotix, or any other characters, into the show, fandumb. The fans getting all pissed at a bunch of original characters being added into Boom is deja vu when Sonic X was still going. "Uugh! Why are they putting so much original characters in!? I wanna see Shadow and the other game characters!" Haha!

AoSTH clearly knew what was attractive and alluring.
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It has become a sport for both of us; it's so easy to agitate them about a fucking cartoon lol

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You> 1399751139124 by Gitzyrulz

Oh noooooo! Your majesty just can't handle the sight of someone drawing something you don't like. You poor wittle thing you! Nothing about your little whiny petty comment makes you look like a douchebag at all. Nope.

People defend broken ass games like Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, and even Rise of Lyric. So no, I won't stop drawing this character or my Boom version of him. People like you are one of the reasons why the Sonic fandom has such it's deserved bad reputation. And you know, way to immediately shoot down someone's idea before even giving it a chance, just because it's based off of something you don't like. Because you know, it's totally not like results very depending on who the writers are.
Just the kind of childish, overly sensitive post I'd expect from a garbage content creator such as yourself. Sonic X is garbage, plain and simple. And you also blocked me after, of course, having to get the last word in. Gosh, you're just so much more mature than I! I'm done here, though. You don't need to worry about me making anymore accounts to make comments that might dare fracture your eggshell-thin ego. Thanks for the unnecessary, defensive reply you just couldn't help yourself from making. :)
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Block evasion is against dA's TOS... so uh
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