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Spooderman by SpecterBlaze
SNOWCAT - Shadowrun Commission by Eddy-Shinjuku
Sub Zero MK11 Wallpaper by SpecterBlaze
FFXIV Chibi - Leith by Slightly-Spartan
Digital Art - 2018
The Only Thing They Fear is You by Starr-Fall
Doom slayer by Ururuty
Commission by Emerald--Weapon
Commission by Emerald--Weapon
Traditional Art
Anorupatisu Icon (Monster Hunter Frontier) by TheBest1995
The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom wallpaper by NurBoyXVI
Ellie and JJ by Lilwolfie20
Black Annis by Thrillosopher
Photomanipulation and Screenshots
Genshin-screenshot-wallpaper-7 by Seigner
Genshin-Screenshot-wallpaper-4 by Seigner
ACNH: Judy's New interior by BellHillMayor
Dark Knight Returns!! by RatGnaw
Customization-signatures, wallpapers, icons,
Slash, Ninja Turtle from Dimension X by Thrillosopher
Genshin impact Xiao by Seigner
Genshin impact Itto by Seigner
Resident Evil (Main Characters in the Games) by NEON-REVENGE
3D arts and Crafts
Beautiful Beach Party (Dead or Alive) by LordHayabusa357
Dark ages|Deadly game by DanStrogg
Dark ages|You can't kill me by DanStrogg
Spiran Spring by Keltic-Zero
Original Characters
Tickling torture of princess Fiona (Shrek) by SiberiaFetish
Sweetie The Calicult Leader by Bobfleadip
Love Under The Ocean - Looming Gaia by Thrillosopher
Valdemar's Shield is back where it belongs by FemaleBosmerAlways
Photography and Cosplay
My Animal Crossing Plush, Minifig and amiibo shelf by BellHillMayor
Jinx bunny from League of Legends by KamyyKas
Valentine's Day Ganyu - Genshin Impact by KamyyKas
Aerith Gainsborough | Final Fantasy VII cosplay by Dzikan
MEA: GrassDividing us there lies no sea,nor mountain barrier:only a handful of spreading grassis our growing frontier.The news of their mom being terminally sick was like being struck by lightning.Sure, it was no real surprise that anyone who studied biotics, had health problems. But the illness that struck Ellen Ryder had been absurdly strong and deadly, with nothing that could slow the illness down, or cure it. Sara knew it. She checked. And re-checked. And then checked it out again, only for the same results to come up every time.Scott took to denial, at least at first. If he didn’t acknowledge it, it just wouldn’t be real, yes?Their dad, however… Dad took to bargaining. He refused to accept the news, just like them, but in his mind, there was nothing he couldn’t overcome, if only he spent enough time on finding the solution.Mom took it the best of them. There were times when Sara could see traces of fear in the way her smile faded just a little bit, when her eyes got unfocused just like that, how she stumbled over the words with a small hitch, mostly unnoticeable, but she knew it was there.She noticed how dad’s lips tightened every time it happened.Scott kept his post at Arcturus Station, and she kept on jumping all over the galaxy, looking over Prothean Ruins, hoping for a sliver of hope on those scarce relics the archeologists she was protecting could tell her about. The whole Mars Archives were bound to be full of so much knowledge, if only they could decipher it quicker, connect the dots and come up with a breakthrough.And then it came. Alec Ryder, their dad, was dishonorably discharged over an illegal Ai research, ruining both her and Scott’s careers in one fell swoop. Nothing all of them had done could hold against the weight of dad’s research, and when Sara had nothing to do for several weeks already, she couldn’t help but think about a certain Marine she once met, one Ashley Williams, granddaughter of General Williams, who once told her that having a certain family connections means you already finished before you even started.And mom was getting worse. That was obviously the only remotely positive thing in the whole affair - they got to spend time with mom, the little she had left.The wind sweeps over mountain tops,and a bird can cross the sea:but that little grass holds our searching handsapart eternally.They said their farewells, Sara and Scott leaving their dad to say his last goodbyes, before they broke down.Their mom was dead, and for them, it felt as if the whole galaxy could crumble around them, and it still would be preferable to the feelings of emptiness where their hearts were supposed to be.When dad came to them with the offer of having them join him in the Andromeda Initiative, neither of them hesitated. In the Alliance, they were personae non grata. In the Initiative, they could have a future, and SAM, the AI their father developed, could actually be useful.Of course, that was before they woke up over six hundred years in the future, dad dying while saving Sara’s life, and making her a new human Pathfinder; SAM being a steady presence in her mind, when she felt alone - dad being dead, and Scott being in a coma.Slowly, dad’s memories locked in SAM came forth during their struggle for survival, and for the first time in so long, Sara felt hope.Months later, they finally had a home in Andromeda, and a steady group of friends by their side. And she and Scott stood in the cryo bay, her heart so full it felt like bursting any given time.“So, what exactly am I looking at?”A single cryo pod. Elizabeth Reilly. But not a real name, an alias, made up by dad, one of the last things on his plan before they left the Milky Way. Sarah smiled.“Scott, it’s… mom.”
Ork by Thrillosopher
Azog vs Thorin WIP by Thrillosopher
King Kong speculative evolution by Thrillosopher
Comics, Posters, Memes, ect.
Tickling torture of Fay Enchantress (Warhammer) by SiberiaFetish
Bandit and Spear Guy by LiquidFrogStudios
Tickling in the stocks of Princess Fiona (Shrek) by SiberiaFetish
Lux and Katarina having tickle fight (LoL) by SiberiaFetish
Past Contests
Thane by Haddrian

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Love video games? Games like Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Halo, Gears of War, God of War, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Fable, and other fantastic video games? Good! So do we!
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Welcome to The-Gamer-Hardrive


:bulletred:Be respectful to other members and admins.

:bulletred:Keep submissions video game themed. It can be characters, or scenery, or whatever, as long as it is related to video games.

:bulletred:A maximum of 5 deviations per day is the current setting.

:bulletred:Make sure to submit to the correct folders.

:bulletred:If submitting to the 'Featured' folder, please choose only your best works.

:bulletred:No Soliciting!
This means that if you post a comment asking anyone to view something like your gallery or commissions the message will be reported as spam.
I've been a bad admin. Plain and simple. There's no excuse for it, and I won't write any personal reasons as for why I have been inactive and why this group has lost its personal touch. All I will say is that I am deeply sorry for not fulfilling my duties appropriately. I will now endeavor to stay on top of managing the submission approvals. I also apologize for no longer doing the 'Best of' journals, but my life has changed so much that I haven't had the time.
Subsequently, if someone else would like to take over admin duties, and they truly feel that they would manage this group right, please message me. Once again, apologies for the inactivity.
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