Breaking News About The New Voice Of Frollo on KH!

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UPDATE-11/27/2011:  Just letting everyone know that a full body image of Frollo has been posted here.  Here's the link for the blog over at :iconthepalaceofjustice:   Full body image of Frollo  Enjoy the picture everyone and go check out the blog over at the Palace. :XD:

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November 21st, 2011: Good evening everyone, I literally just got this news minutes ago, right from the source and was told it was okay to reveal.  

Both my sister and I have been asking close friends of ours in the entertainment industry, as we know a lot of voice actors, I was even involved with one on a very personal level.  :XD:  Anyway, we decided to flat out ask Jim Cummings himself, as we know him through other close circle of voice actor friends.  He personally admitted that......


:dance: :iconsnoopydanceplz: :excited:

This just made me squee so happily!  Jim is a super sweet guy, I have met him more than once and he is an awesome voice actor.  He has also met Tony Jay, worked with him as well.  I know he will do our beloved judge justice.  He told us he has already recorded all the speaking parts quite awhile ago, it's all ready to go.  :dance: :excited:

So, yes, you heard it here first at The Frollo Society, Jim Cummings is the new voice of Judge Claude Frollo for Kingdom Hearts.  This news of course will probably circulate all over, but my sister and I got it directly from the source, from Jim himself.  :XD:  

I feel that even Tony himself would be happy with this choice.  Someone he worked with and who is very talented.  Here is recent Frollo pictures that have been all over the internet that I posted over at :iconthepalaceofjustice:   Images of Frollo on Kingdom Hearts

Hope you all have a great night and enjoy the news of the new voice of Frollo. :iconfrollorapefaceplz:

Enjoy our other groups as well:

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DieIllusiveMan's avatar
I thought Corey Burton would take over :confused:
He is the Magic Mirror so why not give him Frollo too?
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
Corey usually does Captain Hook and has also done Paul Frees' Ghost Host voice for the Holiday Haunted Mansion. Tony Jay had also done the Magic Mirror for House of Mouse and for Fantasmic. All I know is Jim let my sister and I know that he had already recorded Frollo's dialogue for KH. I'm curious as to how it'll all turn out. One more month to go. :XD:
thomwim's avatar
Who's next? The Great Mouse Detective? I've already written a dream cast on Behind the Voice Actors.

Basil: Carlos Alarazqui
Dawson: Jeff Bennett
Olivia: Colleen O'Shaugnessey
Ratigan: Maurice LaMarche
Fidget: Frank Welker or Steve Blum
Flaversham: Alan Young
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
My sister is so hoping they bring Basil to this. That would be awesome if they did! :XD:
thomwim's avatar
Still no news of a confirmation yet for "The Great Mouse Detective". Maybe the world will appear in the game after "3D".
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
Nope, I haven't heard anything on that, but I'm sure it hasn't been ruled out either. Perhaps eventually Disney plans to cover all their movies in the KH universe. That would be so awesome! :aww:
Jim Cummings is Frollo? Really? Do you have proof of him saying that? I'm sorry, it's just that there's a ton of rumors in the past that left me skeptical.
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
I know him through voice acting friends, he really is doing, more like he already has done it. He explained this himself.
I see. ....I don't really see him pulling it off, but I have been surprised before. Guess we'll see come summer.
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
Well, no one could ever replace Tony Jay. He is and will always be Frollo, but unfortunately he's no longer with us. Jim has been able to sound just like Sterling Holloway for Winnie the Pooh and Kaa. He also did a pretty good Tigger so he may just surprise us all and pull off Frollo's voice quite well too. Here's hoping. ;)
ArthurCh's avatar
I already put it on Disney W
ArthurCh's avatar

...Ikia, with reference to this page.
TheyCallMePherf's avatar
Please tell me this isn't just for the 3DS!!! I will be soooooo upset if it is!!!!
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
I'm not entirely sure, but I think it is. My cousin's son told me he has the other KH games and will definitely be getting this one too. I can see it now, I'll be wanting to play this more than my 10 year old cousin will. He'll be like, "why do you keep playing the HoND world over and over again?" LOL! :rofl:
TheyCallMePherf's avatar
Man! I've tried playing the 3DS once at a Best Buy. It gave me motion sickness and a headache... The HoND level would've been my favorite, I'll bet. I mean it has FROLLO!!!
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
Oooh, really? :O Hopefully it won't too jumpy with this new game. It has Frollo, we all will endure motion sickness just for him, lol!
Nikrain's avatar
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
I completely agree and it just makes me even more excited! :woohoo:
jeanmarie95's avatar
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Sorry for spamming BUT I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!! CLAUDE"S SO HANDSOME AND SEXYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *face plants*
ChristineFrollophile's avatar
Yes he definitely he is!!! Watching him in action and hearing how Jim provides the voice will be so exciting! :squee:
jeanmarie95's avatar
Moonlight-Pixels's avatar
That's pretty awesome, can't wait to hear his fabulous voice <3
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