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:star: Welcome to the Frieza Force! This is a club dedicated to Frieza and his minions (Zarbon, Dodoria, the Ginyu Force etc.). Here you will you see that Evil will always triumph, because Good is DUMB.


We'd love for you to be able to participate in the fun, but first, please look over our policies for great justice.

:star:Submission policy:star:

Please visit our About Us tab for club guidelines, as well as our affiliated website, Strike a Pose! for Frieza Force fanfiction, doujinshi, media and much more!

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invasion by vansolt
Zarbon by MiguelRegodon
Burter: The BIGGEST Being in the Universe! by TitansCorner
Dodoria by Ishida1694
Monthly Wallpapers
Ledgic was an officer in Frieza's Army/Niv Lugassi by DXRD
Present by zarthossa
Baby Frieza by LexieSquirrel
he soft  by VegetableYogurt
Fan-tastic Creators
Fan-tastic Creators No. 1 by RhandiDandy
Fan-tastic Creators No. 2 by RhandiDandy
Rumbuggery Frieza by Weasley-Detectives
Lord Freezer by Kyle-Fast
Time Lapse Art: Golden Frieza (Video Below) by BrandonHartman
He Smile by ladytygrycomics
Chibi Zarbon by monstee
I want it! by zarthossa
Zarbon by Ishida1694
what monstrosity gave I brought into this world by rat9utz
Surprise!! by FresaFriezaCold
Dodoria by Ishida1694
Beautiful and Fertile by ink-imp
Ginyu Force
Christmas 2019 by Weasley-Detectives
[DB / AU] Thinking by heliosdraws
Dumb Baby Idiot by rat9utz
Lord of the Universe by vansolt
King Kold
King Cold 4th Form by RedGanon
spoiler (2) by frieza-love
death beam~ by frieza-love
2014~!!  ^O^ by frieza-love
Meet your nephew by varjotin
Teen Kuriza by varjotin
Adolescent Kuriza sketches by varjotin
Freeza and baby Kuriza by MinkisBaby
Royal Cooler by varjotin
Fifth form Cooler by varjotin
GA2 Metal Cooler Skin by Namole
Daddy Cool by varjotin
Cooler Armored Corps
... by ImAHungryNacho
Prince Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa
arm wrestling Raditz by WizzardFye
Bardock and co.
Gine X Bardock by ChigoSenpai
Silence by Lizaandre
Freezy Pop, Pg. 2 by Laborde91
Misc. Frieza Force
Journey to the west by Lizaandre
Katsucon 2017 - Jeice(PS) 13 by VideoGameStupid
Eurovision by Weasley-Detectives
Holiday pics
Bring it 2017! by Weasley-Detectives
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Frieza Force Button by TheGreatAllie


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Recent Journal Entries

Reposting submission guidelines for any newcomers. Thanks for being such a wonderful bunch guys, keep the gorgeous art coming! :blowkiss:


Welcome to The-Frieza-Force, a Dragonball Z club for fans of the Frieza Force e.g. Zarbon, the Ginyu Force, Sauza, Frieza, Cooler etc.. We'd love for you to be able to participate in the fun, but first, please look over our policies for great justice.

:star:Submission policy:star:

We really appreciate whenever people want to share their work with the club! However, we want to present everyone with some really worthwhile stuff around here, so laid out here are our guidelines. Excuse me while I quote from fanartists-club:

"...fanart encompasses an extremely large portion of art on dA, so to avoid inbox flooding we can only accept submissions that are at or above a certain level of quality.

What do we mean by quality?

Clean presentation: This is particularly relevant for traditional works but of course may apply to digital works too. Scans/photos of works should be clear and sharp (photos in particular - we rarely if ever accept photos of art here). Submissions on lined paper won't be accepted, nor will submissions where wrinkles in, or edges of the paper are visible.

Secondly, we have a standard that is based on the typical quality of submissions we receive from all members. If your submission is declined, it means that we felt that your piece fell below the average quality of submissions. However, submissions that show great effort have a good chance being accepted even if they are below the quality bar. So please submit only your best works..."


We will typically accept any finished work or clear sketches that relate to the Frieza Force members. We want to present the best of what's available in our particular fandom niche, but we need your cooperation!

In general, the following will NOT be accepted:

-Explicit violent/sexual material (partial nudity OK)
-Exceedingly rough sketches
-Exceedingly blurry scans or photographs of fanart
-Pieces created using bases. That is, pre-existing art that has been built on
-Memes that do not significantly pertain to the Frieza forces
-MS Paint or otherwise crude art/doodles (though some exceptions may be made for fanmanga)


We DO accept art with OCs in them, as long as:
-The OC is interacting with a canon character.
-The number of OCs does not exceed the number of canon characters in a piece.
-The piece is not ridiculously self-indulgent (read: tribute to one's own character that just happens to have a canon character in it. It really takes a lot for something to be rejected for this reason, so it's a rare issue.)

:bulletred: If your submission is rejected:bulletred:

If your submission is declined, it doesn't mean that we don't like it, nor does it mean that your art isn't good. We're not out to give anyone a hard time. We're just trying to maintain a certain level of quality in the galleries, so don't be discouraged. Let's all have fun together. :3
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