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the last seconds by mrmission Nocturna I by Carrarara

The Unravelling of Jane by CarlosOscuroDCLady giving birth to a fawn by flamidus
Agenda 21 gargantuan by bob-olleyFinsterling by Fleshgoredon

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This by EccedentesiArt
Siamese Champagne by A-D-McGowan
My Melted Neighbours (at Night) by Salo-mon
Crawling creature by BRHN27
the night by R9A
Facing Distraction by SanderJansenMidnight Meal by NexDulcifer
Dusk in the Desert by nilwilnil
Let Go, Charlie. Let Go. by seanpt
Humanufactory by offermoordMeat Lady by kaijusaurus387
Creaking, Creeping by LordCraigusRoyal Reptilian by SittingBuddha
Untitled by RJBGDentist by BenBoyceArt
Don't Fear The Reaper by Scytheprayer
Centaur by skellington1A Broken Window in Hell by JOHNNYFB
But she's changing all the time by HeiMantaHeiOYE SU CORAZON ENTRE SURCOS by luanayue
Atrocities of War by Blackbirdmotel
Brainsplatter by DARK-NECRODEVOURERBeast by Apelure
AVirus Skull3 by AVirusErothanatoguru
Talking About Undescrivible Visions by diosenzanomeThe Forgotten House by AlejandroDMarco
Queen of Swords Tarot Original by InaAuderiethThere you are... by drawing4mylife
Girl looking up by RedTwenyHibiscus by Pyramiddhead
Domenico Di Francia K - #011 Acid and Marmalade by Keneru92
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Membership Rules

At this time, we are only accepting memberships from deviants who have examples of "freaky" art in their gallery. If you are interested in following the group, but do not have freaky art at this time, please feel free to watch us!

If you are interested in joining the group, please leave a message with your membership request saying why you want to join, and how you could contribute to the group. Membership requests that do not include a written message will likely be denied. We need to know that you can follow the group rules.
That being said, enjoy your stay here at :iconthe-freek-show: !

Our Group Rules

To Submit works:

:bulletred: We accept ONLY 2 deviations per week.

:bulletred: Please only submit your finished and best works.

:bulletred: Keep in mind your submission should fit the group's theme - in other words it has to be freaky.

:bulletred: Multiple votes are needed to get accepted, so please be patient.

:bulletred: If your submission get's declined, don't get discouraged, just try another.

:bulletred: If you want to get an idea what kind if work we accept, just check out the galleries

:bulletred: We DO NOT accept the following:

:bulletblack: WIP, Quick sketches.
:bulletblack: Bad photographs, poor presentation
:bulletblack: Incomplete works and poor quality (poor scan)
:bulletblack: Fan art (unless it has a serious freaky twist)
:bulletblack: Fantasy art, Selfies, Movie stuff, Literature, etc.
:bulletblack: Please, NO 'middle of the road' kind of works !

Gallery Folders

Thirst by PalmerEldritch135
64 by MOHTAH
Snail invasion by Maxxis237
Draped In Stares by Xaulor
Traditional Folder III
forgetting who you are by mrmission
Burnt Obsession by Xaulor
Slappy by disresponsible
Domenico Di Francia K - Sinfonia by Keneru92
Desiccated Frogs I by eyepilot13
Harley Quinn (crafted Fanart) by Tabascofanatikerin
Happy Camper by DiamonEyes
Red Queen Deanna by DiamonEyes
Digital Painting
Having Conversations With Your Car Alarm by Aesolei
41121RiverDell TwoRiversCountry a by eyepilot13
Alyosha by yesiknowyoucan

Mature Content

An Angel on the Pin of Lust by seanpt
LifeGuard by davidrabin
Untitled I With Head Variant by Gatekeeper78
At the break of dawn by davidrabin
Drowned by davidrabin
Alcest by Maxxis237
Spotlight Teddy-Animation by Aesolei
I is a bird is tru by Aesolei
City-Silhouette 2020 II by ollegudbrand
Traditional Folder II Full-closed

Mature Content

Solar Queen by offermoord
Threshold by offermoord
Leeching Eyes by EvilineMoonflesh

Mature Content

7th Circle of Destruction VIII by suttonQjuggernaut1
Traditional folder1 full-closed
grapple by quietsecrets

Mature Content

Med Series-creation of Eve by pfeight

Mature Content

Medicine Series Face the facts-stage 1 by pfeight

Mature Content

MedSeries-erotic drawing 3 by pfeight
Phantom Garden by offermoord
Anemone Organ by offermoord
Procession by offermoord
Wallflower Warfare by offermoord








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thank you for requesting, Spectre of a Viral Sunrise
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