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Commissions closed until further notice.

Hi there all!

A new canon story has been published on my website. This time Azalea is looking for a job.


Hi there all!

A new story of Roxy has been published on my website.


Roxys usual special day of the month

Mon Oct 12, 2015, 11:35 AM

Hi there all!

This is my first graphic novel where we tell a brief episode from Roxy's marital life.

You can see it on my website.


New loop animation

Mon Jul 20, 2015, 8:53 AM

Hi there all!

I made a new animation with Dexter's mom & an adult Mandark. Since it is a NSFW animation I can't show it here so I posted it on my website. 

Check it out!

Site news and comic updates

Sat May 16, 2015, 3:22 PM

Hi there all!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been a bit ill lately but now I do feel better and maybe next week I publish Mario & Peach hardcore renders.

I’ve remodeled my website. Now you can find more info about my girls on “Models” page. Likewise I added a “Bonus” page where I will upload old stuff, collabs, my traditional art drawings and some other uncategorized works. Also now you can register and become a member of my "Community" where I builded a plataform to receive your suggestions, stories(canon or non-canon), etc… It works like a kind of forum. And in the future I will do comic raffles and accept requests for Community members.

Because of building a website is a really hard work, I have slowed down my work rhythm last months and Lily comic was stopped but I’m resuming that project again. Moreover I just open a topic on the Community from my website with a few pics about this project.

Join and participate!

Now I have writers

Sun Nov 9, 2014, 6:44 PM

Hi there all! First of all I want to thank everyone who sent me their stories. I never thought I had so many people interested in working with me. There were more than 20 stories! All them very hot, and it was difficult to me make a decision.

Finally I decided to choose two writers, one for everyday life stories and the other one for fantasy and sci-fi stories. These are the two writers with whom I will work such stories, respectively.

Captain Xero


We already started working on the first comics, possibly for sale (depending on workload). After I finish my current projects, I definitely will focus on the new comic series.

Stay tuned!

I need a writer collaborator

Sat Oct 4, 2014, 6:40 PM

I'm looking for a writer with some experience and exposure writing scripts or stories. You do not have to be a professional writer by any means.  This is to be a collaboration for add a hot short story to my renders, for character sheets and some help with basic character development and, if all goes well, for future digital comics for sale.

- You have to write perfect English.
- Be able to write a hot story(porn) to story line I give you. The main topics are: MILF, Interracial, Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

What I can offer is put your name or nickname as the writer in each project. And for your work on digital comics for sale I can give you a free copy of the product when it’s done and  I will pay you for each number. Payment will be by paypal.

If you are interested in working with me, send me a note including a link to your writing profile and samples. Any questions just leave a comment here.


Free Commission Raffle! (Closed)

Sat Sep 20, 2014, 12:05 PM

I finally hit 1000 watchers! I never thought I would have many. It means a lot to me. To celebrate it, I'm doing a small raffle for you. The prizes are TWO FREE COMMISSIONS! If you would like to enter and you are agree with commission details, please read the rules.

Commission details

- One female character. Include fantasy beings such as faeries, elves or the like. No anthro.
- Simple background.
- Includes a clothed and a nude version.


Must be one of my current watchers.
- Comment the name of your OC(Original Character) and a short description about her. A ref pic of your character would also be appreciated but text is fine.
- Each commenter will get a number(Only if the character is within my technical capabilities). Only a number per each watcher.
- It ends on September 30.
- The two winners will be chosen through a random number generator, on October 1.

Good luck to everyone!

Update: October 01

The winners:



In the coming days I will contact them.

And the two most voted are...

Mon Aug 4, 2014, 3:00 PM

Dexter Mom

Rangiku Matsumoto

The votes were tight between Rangiku Matsumoto(31%), Cattleya(30%) and Daphne(29%), while Dexter Mom won by a large majority.
The two girls chosen were added to the list of my projects and soon there will be news about them.

Stay tuned!

What girl would you like me to model?

Fri Jun 27, 2014, 8:25 AM

Updated - August 04:

Poll ended.

Updated - July 11:

I chose 8 girls, considering your suggestions. Now you can vote for your favorite girl. After, considering the vote on my website too, I will model the 2 girls with the most votes.

Vote here:

Hi there all! I intend to make a fan-art of a manga/anime/comic/cartoon/videogame woman. So if you want to see one of those women modeled by me, leave a comment with her name and where she appears, e.g. Tsunade from Naruto, Betty from The flintstones...

Then I'll pick a few and I will open a poll to you choose two women.

Go ahead and participate!

Hi. I have some ideas in mind for a new comic series. But I want to know your opinion about what topics are the most likes you. So I opened a poll for this. Here a short description of each topic.

Fantasy: Set in woods, with creatures such as centaurs, elves, satyrs, etc.

School: Students of senior year having fun with their teachers in the high school.

Adventure: In search of lost treasures. Time travels. Unknown creatures and monsters.

Occupations: Girls in different jobs to get money. Maid, policewoman, worker, etc.

Sci-Fi: Futuristic themes, space travels and alien encounters.

Housewives: Hot wives who cheat on their husbands. Interracial, netorare, etc.

SuperheroinesGirls with superpowers who will fight crime in a city… in their own way.

Other(comment): If you have another topic in mind.

Vote and comment.


I just want everyone to know that I've started posting a new comic on my blog.

Heavenly pool lesson by THE-FOXXX Swimsuit too small for Azalea by THE-FOXXX

To check it out, here:…


Hi all there. Previously I got some commission requests. So until June 1 it's impossible for me to take more requests.

Best Regards!
These are the prices of the commissions:

$18 for new character
$12 for previously done character
$8 for Rickfoxxx model

+$10 for additional character
+$5 for additional Rickfoxxx model

+$5 for detailed background
+$5 for additional props

* If you want a commission, contact me by email:
* Payment will be made in advance through Paypal(Please first contact me by email for account details)
* I do have the right to refuse a commission
I posted the first pages of my comic. Here publish some pages and others on my website because it has sexual content...
I begin in the world of 3D art. My work is characterized by exhuberant girls and very hot stories.

I appreciate the advices and help of 3DLatinazz to initiate me into this world. I'm a big fan of your work.