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1: Be sure to be nice to each other
2: No rude comments
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4: For furry and scalies, no male furry feet (it's because of the last incident is kinda complicated ^^;)
5: No Gore, scat, or any horrific graphic pictures in this group otherwise you get kicked out.
6: No trolling people
7: socks are good

Be sure you have fun in this group and stay safe.


Vampire Chelsea float pose by Ryan91Studio
Jungle Jackie's leaping kick pose by Ryan91Studio
Krista's teasing soles by Ryan91Studio
Mirah's resting soles tease by Ryan91Studio

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Foot Fetish Friday 34 by nikongriffin
Foot Fetish Friday 34 by nikongriffin

Mature Content

Attention!!! Please Read! by Tickle-Fakes
Princess Sira (FC Commission) by SoleCaliburn
Traditional art

Mature Content

Bugs Beware by titanictane

Mature Content

Get Out Of Jail Free Card by titanictane

Mature Content

Lazy Day by titanictane
Online conjurer commission for iloveladies2 by himegirl15
3D Feet

Mature Content

Naruto's new life by Pandorex3D
Lisa Tickled and lickled small version by ArtoriasTK

Mature Content

Boruto The Foot Slave (DAY-1) by Pandorex3D

Mature Content

Hinata foot humiliation by Pandorex3D
Female feet
42 (FEET of my Pen pals) read description ! by SiberiaFetish
41 (FEET of my Pen pals) read description ! by SiberiaFetish
40 (FEET of my Pen pals) read description ! by SiberiaFetish
39 (FEET of my Pen pals) read description ! by SiberiaFetish
Male feet

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A Small Piece of Excitement by Nobody-Really-Knows
Zora Barefoot Armor by Naga-Asura

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O Toes by Nobody-Really-Knows

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Commission: Sasuke by Huctus117
Digital art
Picnic snack by Dharmin1234
Drawing of Feet for my Patreon (Tier 3) by SiberiaFetish
AT: D.Ruby's Natural Break (Don't Judge.) by TheMoonlitWarrior
Footplay...? by Dharmin1234
Bye(Bi)-Bye(Bi) Witch Boy by Naga-Asura
She is very ticklish, but loves feet tickling by SiberiaFetish
Tickling tiny and ticklish soles of an asian girl by SiberiaFetish
Victoria Justice Tickle Fake 2 By Avatarnerd by TickleFakeGal
Smelly feet

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Licking Off Her Footsweat by coxbones
Elena 19 HD by SoonDeleted
Elena 18 HD by SoonDeleted
Elena 21 HD by SoonDeleted
Big feet
Focusing on my long soles in a bed by LadyTibixe

Mature Content

My feet in a bed #2 by LadyTibixe
Exposing my barefeet by LadyTibixe

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

The Victoria Justice and Emma Watson StroyHey guys, over the years of doing this I was told I should write a story. For anyone that cares about word counts, it's a 1,500+ story! I had a lot of fun writing it! I hope you enjoy it! Of Course, there is sexual stuff in here so I'm making it 18+.Emma Watson and Victoria Justice have just been cast for the next big summer blockbuster film. As Emma and Victoria were walking down a movie studio one of their phones was texting. Emma ran right in a man dripping with sweat."Ugh gross, watch i........" Emma looked up and saw the man.He was a tall man with thick wavy hair, he was shirtless and looked like he had just finished up a workout, with his abs of steel just shining off the noonday sun."Hi, I'm Emma," she said, looking deep into the light green eyes."And I am Victoria" she butts in."I know who you guys are," he says with a tone of voice so sexy you could melt away listening to him read a book."Really," Victoria said, as he brushes back her hair, trying to look sexy."Of course, you guys are household names!" The man said"So umm...what's your name," Emma asked, pulling her shirt down trying to show some cleavage."I'm Oliver""Oh that's a great name," said Victoria"You guys are in studio 2 right" ask Oliver"Yes," they both said"Well if you want I am shooting a workout DVD in Studio 9 if you ever wanna stop by""We are on break, why don't we come down now!" Exclaimed Emma"Okay," Oliver said with some fear in his expressionThey all walk down to studio 9. He opens the doors for the gals as they walk in. It was dark, they walked a little further in. Oliver turns on the lights and shuts the doors. When the lights turn on there is a big wall that looks like a kitchen, but with some workout equipment."So what's your favorite machine here?" asked Victoria"My favorite is probably my pull-up machine. You hang your feet from the top and try to do a pull up/sit-up" Oliver exclaimed"Can we try?" said Victoria"Um okay," Oliver grabs two and pulls them to the middle of the set. He raises up the back so the girls can sit up while hoping on. He then locks the backrest so the backrest won't move and the girls will be sitting upright.Both girls hop in. He lowers the straps and velcros them together."Now try” he unlocks the backrest and both girls try it with ease. They are doing multiple 10,15,20. They won't stop. They eventually slow down and Oliver raises them back up and locks them in place. Both girls are sweaty and tired."Wow you guys are good""Thanks," They both said smilingHe walks over to Emma and starts to reach for the velcro. Suddenly he unties her shoelaces and takes off Emma Watson's worn-out Converse."Hey!" Emma exclaimsThis reveals her dirty white socks. He crouches down and picks up Emma's shoe he had just dropped. He takes a big whiff, intoxicated by the stink smell he throws the shows into a bookbag."Hey, you can't take my shoes! Are you insane"Emma yellsHe walks over to Victoria and removes her high leather boots."Oh no, you better not take my boots!"As the boots slide off her feet, they show some thick wool socks. He slowly slips off Victoria's thick socks and smells the inside of the socks. He tosses both boots and socks in the bag."What are you doing?" Victoria says"Just an experiment" He walks over and sets up a 4K film camera.He walks back over to Victoria to see golden brown soles shine off the studio lights. He slowly touches one of them and her entire foot tries to pull back. The thick wool socks leave some wool stuck between her toes. He then goes over and takes off Emma's socks. Revealing her smooth, soft, creamy white soles. He puts her socks into the bag, where he would keep them as memories."Oliver just let us go!" yells Emma"Not yet" He walks over and turns on the camera. Once he sees it rolling he takes off his pants revealing some very tight underwear. Both girls are stuck looking at his body. They had fallen right into his trap. He grabs the body oil out of his bag. He walks over to Victoria with his big bulge underwear, gets down on his knees and takes his tongue, and licks from the very bottom of her sole to the top. He notices some little wool pieces stuck between her toes from the socks. He starts licking in between each toe getting every piece of wool."God Emma, this feels so good!""Let me try" both girls still glued to his rock hard bodyOliver walks over to Emma and does the exact same thing. Emma moans out as she feels a sense of calmness go over her."Would you girls mind if I take off your clothes and just have your bra and panties on?"Both girls yell out "No, go ahead" as both girls are still admiring Oliver and his sexy body.He takes off their shirts and pants to reveal both girls in Victoria's Secret black lingerie."Wow" whispers Oliver"Do you like it?" Victoria asks"Yes, very much"Oliver opens up his bottle and pours the entire body all over both girls. Rubbing it in as both girls close their eyes and smile."Emma, this is great, it's a free massage""Yes Victoria, it's amazing"Little did the girls know while Oliver was rubbing in the oils into their bellies, thighs, breast, and feet. That he had a secret plan. While they were both enjoying the massage, he moved the camera closer to them and got down looking at Emma's size 7 soles. He looks over to see her silver toes wiggle. He walks over to Victoria, grabs her machine and pulls it closer to Emma. They are now within 1 foot of each other. He crouches down and strikes. Tickling both girls very fast. Wiggling his fingers in their toes."hahahahahahahahaha" both girls scream""Girls this studio is soundproof, no one can hear you""You sound of a bitch!" Victoria cried"ahahahah, stop, ahahahahah, no please""hahahahahahahahahahaha" Emma yelled"hahahahahahahahahahaha" There soles bouncing around as Oliver tickles themOliver pulls some electronic brushes and tape out of his bag. He starts to position them, 4 one for each foot. He sets them up where the brushes are between the big and second toes. He tapes them up and turns them on the highest setting."hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" the girls can no longer control their laughter.Oliver stands up and leaves for a minute letting the girls laugh and the camera roll. He comes back with 4 small dogs and a big jar of peanut butter. He crouches back down and spreads the entire Mega Creamy Jif Peanut Butter on their soles. He brings over a long bench for the dogs to sit on. He lets them go, the dogs start licking their soles and now the laughter gets louder."HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA""PLE..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"The dogs are licking their entire soles and it doesn't look like they're stopping soon. Oliver walks over to the back and starts tickling their armpits. At this point, Emma and Victoria are crying with laughter. Oliver is tickling the girls all over. Their armpits, their breasts, their belly, their vagina, their thighs. Their bodies are red from the tickling. He walks back to their soles and sees the peanut butter is all gone, but the dogs are still licking there soft soles. At this point, Oliver's bulge has now poked out of his underwear."AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHH" The girls screem. The tickling lasts for another hour. The girls are tourtured by the tickling, the dogs licking there toes, soles. Oliver is up tickling there bellies."hahahahhahahahahhahahahah""ahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahah""hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"Oliver then goes back down to Victoria's feet. He moves one dog to the other foot, he moves closer and starts sucking on her toes. One by one moving his tongue around each toe. Sucking on them like candies. He sucks and sucks on her toes. He makes he way over to Emma. He takes her silver toes and shoves them into his mouth. He sucks on her big toe for 5 minutes. He enjoys the great taste of her big toe. He makes his way down each toe, enjoying each like a little piece of heavan.When he is done, he stops the camera, takes out the SD card with the video. Packs up his bag, let the dogs go, and leaves the girls there. All tied up, tired, and oily. Oliver was kind enough to put their clothes back on and put on a new pair of slippers on their feet. They were so mad at him, but so tired right after he stopped they fell asleep. After they had fallen asleep, he untied them and left. They woke up around 4 am and walked out of the studio, they looked at the door and the sign said "Aunt Mary's Cooking Show". Oliver had never worked there, years later Emma and Victoria laugh about it, luckily Oliver left two polaroids of him naked for each girl as a thank you, but they are always concerned that one day a video of them being tickled will be released. The girls ended up never telling anyone because they wanted to keep Oliver a secret.3 years later both girls received a letter from Oliver. He wanted to make sure both girls were okay. They sent back a letter telling him, they laugh about it now and forgive him for tricking them. Oliver ended up sending back a letter that said"I'm glad you guys are okay, the video is safe locked in a safe 100 ft below my mansion, and yous shoes and socks are in a sealed trophy case where I can take them out and smell them. They always smell like that night. That whole studio smelled like feet and I loved it. Also I dont think you guys realized how hard it was to get all that workout equipment ina studio without anyone noticing. Let me know if you ever get into trouble, although I tickled you I promise to help if you are ever in Oliver"And on the back of the letter, it said"I found two new celebs to tickle!"This story has been written by Tickle-Fakes.

Mature Content

It's Supper Time! by elmonais
.:COMM:. Rosy Soles by Dharmin1234
Animations GIF
Valorant - Raze by Smexynation2
Foot worship
Peanut Butter Soles by Dharmin1234
Summer Heat by nikongriffin
Dirty feet
Foot Fetish Friday 32 by nikongriffin

Mature Content

[3D] Growing Wave (Part 1) by FeetyMcFoot
Sweaty feet

Mature Content

Filty Asian Pinay Soles by JennyFeet84
Subway Worship by Dharmin1234
Tied bound
No Secrets by nikongriffin
Mature pictures

Mature Content

Dom Session with Eilley by TomoDX5
Justice gun - Trampling tiny villains by Dinzydragon
Wet Sole by Lil-Suzuri-Chan

Mature Content

ProGamer Move by PolishGuyHypno
Barefoot Trainers Sprite Edits by bubbles46853
Devious Folder

Mature Content

Princess' Gift by Karasu-96
Like A Present by nikongriffin
Galaxina's Feet by TreeofLife911

Mature Content

Commission #189 - Princess Celestia by Artemis-Polara
Commission: Pool Day by Huctus117
Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) Mantova Comics 2019 by Groucho91
Symbiotic Hive by MightyMorphian
Gimme Scritches by MissTrashCat
Elena 13 HD by SoonDeleted
Devious Folder

Mature Content

Above All by nikongriffin
Original Characters

Mature Content


Mature Content

Donuts and Belly massage by Castleoffeet


Vampire Chelsea float pose by Ryan91Studio Vampire Chelsea float pose :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 12 3 Jungle Jackie's leaping kick pose by Ryan91Studio Jungle Jackie's leaping kick pose :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 17 11 Krista's teasing soles by Ryan91Studio Krista's teasing soles :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 22 6 Mirah's resting soles tease by Ryan91Studio Mirah's resting soles tease :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 28 0 Start From the Tip Of The Toes by Footografo Start From the Tip Of The Toes :iconfootografo:Footografo 73 3 Chloe's teasing bare soles by Ryan91Studio Chloe's teasing bare soles :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 19 0 Tera's teasing foot by Ryan91Studio Tera's teasing foot :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 25 4 Miki's teasing soles (school uniform) by Ryan91Studio Miki's teasing soles (school uniform) :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 25 1 Jackie's playful bare feet by Ryan91Studio Jackie's playful bare feet :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 20 6 Chelsea's teasing soles (second outfit) by Ryan91Studio Chelsea's teasing soles (second outfit) :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 24 6 Amy's feet tease (first outfit) by Ryan91Studio Amy's feet tease (first outfit) :iconryan91studio:Ryan91Studio 35 5 Fullbody commission 83 by HazuraSinner Fullbody commission 83 :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 199 20 Sunset Under Adagio's Spell (Commission) by Uzzi-PonyDubberx
Mature content
Sunset Under Adagio's Spell (Commission) :iconuzzi-ponydubberx:Uzzi-PonyDubberx 195 13
#22 Toph Beifong - Patreon Reward August 2021 by Genso-x #22 Toph Beifong - Patreon Reward August 2021 :icongenso-x:Genso-x 317 4 Swimsuit Lucoa by Lululewd Swimsuit Lucoa :iconlululewd:Lululewd 843 12 Android 21 soles by sportyanime
Mature content
Android 21 soles :iconsportyanime:sportyanime 561 7

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