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:bulletred: You can submit 3 deviations per day.

:bulletred: Remember to submit to the right folders. Everyone can make a mistake, but if you notice that you have submitted to the wrong folder, make sure you tell to an admin! Deviations found in the wrong folder will be deleted otherwise.

:bulletred: OCs are allowed in the club, as long as they are villains.

:bulletred: Art with the "good" characters from FMA is allowed as long as it features at least one of the evil characters too.

:bulletred: No NSFW. Soft sexual contents are allowed only if the "Mature Content" filter is on.

:bulletred: No hate on pairings / OCs / any character. Please contact one of the admins or send a note to the group if someone bothers you!

:bulletred: Be polite to each other! Impolite members will be kicked out of the group by the admins.

If you have anything to ask, feel free to do it! We'll be glad to help.

Hey everyone.:iconcocowaveplz:

I have seen some of you have put your art in the wrong folders, and even some art that can't got into this club.

The 2 cases that I see most is, submitting fma characters that isn't evil, or just a little bad, to the club. and then submitting single character art to the folder called groups.

Edward and Alphonse can not go into the club unless they are homunculus or they are togherter with a evil person from FMA.

If you are unsure which folder your art shall in, then look here:

I have a few examples under each folder. (not my own, but I hope it does not do anything that I borrows it.^^ if it do then write a note to me and I will take it away.:))

Gallery Folders

Can't submit to this.
Art with more that 1 character in. good characters counts too, but the evil character has to be the main thing in it.
H o m u n c u l u s by Iza-nagi Deadly by hasuyawn Armored Battle of the Century by BechnoKid
 Love Couples
Art with more that 1 character in and they have to show some kind of love. It can also be oc x a evil characters from FMA.
Chibi waltz by Water-Diamond Birthday gift for Salina by Water-Diamond

Single Character folders

Pride, Selim
Pride, Wrath, King Bradley
Wrath from the original FMA
Greed from the original FMA
Greed from Brotherhood
Sloth, Trisha Elric
Sloth from Brotherhood
The Homunculus father
Others like father Cornello, no. 66...ect

This folders is for only 1 character for each folder. ex if you have a drawing of envy, put it in the envy folder. but if it's a drawing of envy and 4 others, then you shall put it in the Groups folder.
Envy's Death by Shirvell FMA Brotherhood : Lust by dragseal Greed by the-lost-rider Envy-trade by Die-Rache Kimblee is THE BOMB by dzioo
Only cosplay pictures
I'M NOT SHORT by MidnightMinx90 The Black Swan by Katsumiyo Barry the Chopper by OVERSOULcebu
The homunculus from bluebird's illusion
Only art with the homunculus from bluebird's illusion in it.
FA-CG-PrideEd___ by lekabr EdPride-Hamlet xD by Die-Rache:thumb158807586:
This folder is only for crossover. If you unsure what crossover means then I can tell you that it's when you combines 2 or more series together in one artwork.
+ Contest entry - Couples - Kisshu'n'Envy + by Akuma-no-Atisuto:thumb372103845: FMA: Envy Cosplay by achikun
Stamps, Icons, GIFs and more
Only Stamps, Icons, GIFs, Banners and other things like that.
Envy X Winry stamp by Iloveyoukisshu Chibi Envy icon by Iloveyoukisshu Wrath Jumping On The Bed by AlphaMoxley95
 Evil OCs
This folder is for your own fan made characters, that you have design for FMA. OC stand for Original Character, so it has to be you very own design. (it's okay too if your OC is together with a evil person from FMA, but then it can got to Groups or love couples too.)
:thumb308679241: The Homunculus of Misery by Kayla-Chan
The humunculus symbol
This folder is for all art with the humunculus symbol in.
Ouroboros... by Die-Rache Ouroboros Pumpkin -fma- by serenarockbell:thumb324256526:
Motivation Posters and Sceenshots
This is for Motivation Posters, Sceenshots, your top 10 something with the evil people in FMA. ect
:thumb165988890::thumb356787056: BUT MOM! by vividly-monochrome
Only fanfictions in this. This is for all you fan storys about the evil people from FMA.
Envy's Meal Delivered
One summer day, I took a walk down a path to my friend's place until I got to a fork in the road. One leads to my friend's, but there is a short cut that goes through a forest. I was hesitant in going through the forest because there was a rumor that girls who enter those woods are never found again. But I was late to meet my friend so I decided to go through, hoping that the rumors are just that.
I walked through the forest, feeling confident about getting through this alive when I smelt something intoxicating. The smell alone made me follow to the source, which was a small house right in the middle of it. The smell made my stomach growl and remembered that I forgot lunch so I had to wait until I reach my friend; unaware that I was being watched.
As I was about to leave, a door opened and from it came a voice saying "Hungry?" The voice came from a boy, almost teenage with long green hair almost like a palm tree, a head band, fingerless gloves, sleeveless top, shorts with loin cloth ha
Envy' Midnight SnackI just got home from a date and got ready for bed. I took a shower and got into my pajamas before going to see how my parents were doing. After that I said 'good night' to them and got to bed, unaware of the danger that was about to take place.
Outside my house a rat was sniffing about, finding something to eat. Soon it caught something and climbed into the window, looking at the source of the scent. Crawling through the open window, the rat scurried up to the bed where the source of the smell was coming from. Unexpectally, the rat said "Mmmm. This human smells wonderful. And she looks got enough to eat". Then the rat stepped back and red light shone from it, changing into a human form. He looked like a teenage boy with green, streams of hair. He wore a tight, sleeveless top, shorts with something hanging from the front and back, as well as fingerless gloves. He had weird markings on the back of his shirt and a symbol in his left thigh. The boy was Envy, a homunculus that had the power
EnvyxReader part 1When you woke up this morning you had no idea how this day were going to end for you. Your heart was going to be taken, taken by a handsome but dangerous man,                                                                    
taken... by a deadly sin.

It was a day like everyone else and you walked on the street right outside central city on your way to the library again. You had read a lot lately, you weren't really good at alchemy but you really liked to read all sort of stories about it and there for you knew almost every

That was all. Hope it help a little for some of you.^^:heart:
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This is a club dedicated to the evil characters in FullMetal Alchemist universe.
Any Villain from FMA manga, 2003 anime, Brotherhood and the Movies is appreciated here!


Manga/Brotherhood: Father, Homunculi [Envy, Greed (first), GreedLing, Lust, Pride (Selim Bradley), Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath (King Bradley)], Kimblee, Barry the Chopper, The Slicer Brothers, Gold-Toothed Doctor, Father Cornello.
2003 anime: Dante, 03 Homunculi [Pride (King Bradley), Sloth (Trisha Elric)], General Basque, Frank Archer, Yoki.
Conqueror of Shamballa: Dietlinde Eckart.
Sacred Star of Milos: Atlas.

If you are a fan of them, come join us!





Gallery Folders

18th by Koklico
Sloth FMA-TV1 by AngerStark
Bragger by RiikoChick
Want to fight me? by Fasy-Channel
- Father
animation: Father create human by JazylH
Father's God Form from Fullmetal Alchemist by 4xEyes1987
- Dante
Corrupt by RiikoChick

Mature Content

Remedy for Aging by Mibibo
Watchful Eye by Mibibo
Color Shceme Meme - Lyra!Dante by Sakura-Araragi
- Envy
[FMA Scan] Making Of Envy's True Form by Shocotate
Lil Devil by RipVW25
Dr. Invidia Octavius by RipVW25
Rain. by JustAStrangeGalAgain
- Greed and GreedLing
Stargazing by Drawings-of-a-madman
Greed fashion by Drawings-of-a-madman
Greed sticker by Drawings-of-a-madman
M'bastard by Drawings-of-a-madman
- Lust
lascivious by cakesdown
[Fullmetal Alchemist] Lust by AvareonArt
Lustang by Drawings-of-a-madman
Lust by EllirianaRei
- Gluttony
CAKE! :D by Artdirector123
Gluttony and Harley by 2gredvisions
Gluttony by KPants
FMA Brotherhood : Gluttony by dragseal
- Pride manga-fmab
Pride by 2gredvisions
[FMAB 4KOMA] Let Me Pretend by Shocotate
Happy pride! (except for Pride) by Drawings-of-a-madman
MerMay - Pride by Shocotate
- Sloth manga-fmab
Bday gift for Cateyes27 by BloodlustBakura
[Comm] Acedia and Sloth by Whiterisu
FMA - SLOTH by DarkShadowArtworks
- King Bradley - Wrath, 03Pride
furious by cakesdown
King Bradley vs Kakashi by Hatredboy
Sonic Brotherhood - King Bradley / Wrath by Tie-Rex1000000
Birdley by Koklico
- 03Sloth
sloth fma by fullmetalshaman34
- 03Wrath
Wrath Quote by Etherwise
- Kimblee
Restoration. by JustAStrangeGalAgain
- Barry the Chopper and the Slicer Brothers
Number Sixty Six by Lucabyte
- Other Villains
Pride's Bloodlust by ArrogantVengeance
Groups and couples
Top 10 Ideas for Fullmetal Kingdom Disc 3 by 4xEyes1987
KIMVY by RipVW25
Evil OCs
NV, the firey Psychopath. by ANPCreations
Fan Comics
Amy punsh Envy by KannaAsa
Bloody sweetness by MishimaHaiku
Ouroboros Pumpkin -fma- by serenarockbell


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Lust and Gluttony - FMA by CrazyHunkLord Lust and Gluttony - FMA :iconcrazyhunklord:CrazyHunkLord 259 43 Greed by lilbit075 Greed :iconlilbit075:lilbit075 172 22 Atormentador... by Die-Rache Atormentador... :icondie-rache:Die-Rache 111 46 Envy-trade by Die-Rache Envy-trade :icondie-rache:Die-Rache 185 66 Gluttony by Ukiyou Gluttony :iconukiyou:Ukiyou 43 1 Greed by amaguri Greed :iconamaguri:amaguri 1,297 99 Envy with his green hand by sakio-k Envy with his green hand :iconsakio-k:sakio-k 90 3 FMA: Dante and Envy by StarryAry FMA: Dante and Envy :iconstarryary:StarryAry 32 10 Homunculus Card-Gluttony by ArtisticBang09 Homunculus Card-Gluttony :iconartisticbang09:ArtisticBang09 30 11 Lust and Gluttony by ZhdaNN Lust and Gluttony :iconzhdann:ZhdaNN 106 26 FMA - The crimson alchemist by Mkb-Diapason FMA - The crimson alchemist :iconmkb-diapason:Mkb-Diapason 420 50 number 66 by waltrex number 66 :iconwaltrex:waltrex 50 7


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