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Korra in Troubles by the-flyng-hamster, visual art

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Hi everybody !!! I'm back !!! Sorry for disappearing for so long and for giving no news :( I was busy with an intense job, health issues, life, ect... But i'am back, Better, stronger, crazier with feet and tickling on my mind :) With a brand new Patron and instagram See you soon guys! ^^
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hello, do you take requests or commissions?


Hi the flyng hamster, can you drawigs mario tickle Lilac the dragon, please Ask

(Lilac: Laugh Cryings)

(freedom planet - Lilac)

Man, you are the best! Even after so long missing you tou are still the dest!:firelite-photo:

Can I ask you for some suggestions for the next fanarts?
+Kitana is tickled by Meleena and Sheeva
+Sindel ties and tickles Cetrion with her Hair
+Cetrion tickles Cassie Cage to humiliate her
+Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage are tickled by Sindel
+Kitana tickles Mileena to humiliate her
+Raiden tickles Cetrion's half-naked body with his lightning bolts
+D'Vorah blocks and tickles Jonny Cage for fun
+Jade ties Kitana to her cane and tickles her
+Sindel is tickled by the Kollector on behalf of Shao Khan
+Jacqui briggs is tickled by Takeda Takahashi
+Cassie and Jacqui are tickle by Sonya Blade as Punishment
+Tanya gets tickled by Jade
+Sonya Blade gets a ticklish ambush from Jonny Cage
+Geras worship the Feet of her mistress Kronika
+Sareena gets tickled by Ashrah
+Skarlet tickles Nitara
+Cetrion gets tickled by Kronika
+Kronika gets tickled by Shang Tsung
+God Liu Kang tickles Kronika
+Kira gets tickled by Kobra
+Kira gets tickled by Tasia during an audition
+Ashrah gets tickled by Ermac
+Ashrah gets tickled by Noob Saibot
+Nitara tickles Skarlet to Revenge
+Tasia is interrogated with the tickle by Sonya Blade
+Sheeva gets tickled by Sindel
+Ferra gets tied up and tickled by Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, while Torr is KO
+Frost is tickled by Sub-zero because she is too undisciplined
+Scorpion tickles Frost
+Ashrah tickles Nitara to atone for her sins, but also because she has a lot of fun
+Liu Kang tickles Kitana
+Liu Kang is tickled by Kitana

Some ideas for future mortal Kombat fanartes
+Shanna catches Tigra and has fun with her by tickling her
+She-Hulk is tickled by Captain Marvel
+X-23 is tickled by She-hulk
+spiral tickles X-23
+Jane Foster is tickled by Loki
+Spider-Gwen is tickled by Lady Octopus
+Aunt May is tickled by Doctor Octopus
+Captain Marvel is being interrogated with the tickle by the Skrulls
+Harley Quinn is tickled by Deadpool
+Gaea tickles Frigga
+Elektra is tickled by the Chaste
+Teresa Parker is tickled by Spider-Man
+Domino is tickled by Deadpool
+Frigga tickles Jane Foster
+She-Hulk is tickled by Scarlet Witch
+Squirrel-girl is tickled by Speedball
+Loki Tickles the Enchantress
+Spider-man worship the Feet of Black Cat
+Spider-man worship the Feet of MJ
+Spider-man Worship the Feet of Spider-Gwen
+Spider-man worship the Feet of Silk
+Psyloque is tickled by Spiral
+Sharon Carter is tickled by the HYDRA
+Reed Richards tickles Susan Storm for some tests
+Spider-man tickles Silk
+Shanna is captured and tickled by Kazar
+Kitty Pryde tickles Nightcrawler
+Kitty Pryde is tickled by Nightcrawler
+Jubilee is tickled by Dick Grayson
+Gamora Tickles Nebula
+Peggy Carter is tickled in a tickle Test of the SHIELD
+Spider-Gwen is tickled by Harry Osborn
+Scarlet Witch tickles Quicksilver with her powers
+She-Hulk get tickled by Thor with his magic
+The Feet of Claire Temple are Worship by Luke Cage
+Loki worship the Feet of Frigga
+Quicksilver worship the Feet of Scarlet Witch
+The feet of Ayesha are Worship by her servants
+Jessica Jones is tickled by Misty Knight
+Scarlet witch tickles Captain Marvel
+Gambit tickles Rogue for fun
+Coleen Wing is tickled by Misty Knight during a Workout
+Deadpool tickles Lady Death's Half-naked body, she likes it very much
+Squirrel-girl get tickled by Doctor Doom's Drones
+Gamora is tickled by a big alien monster
+Ayesha tickles Nebula
+Mistique tickles X-23
+Gamora and Nebula are tickled by Supergiant
+Black Cat tickles Spider-man
+Silk tickles Spider-Man
+MJ is tickled by Spider-Man
+MJ tickles Spider-man
+Black widow is tickled by Hawkeye
+Winter Soldier tickles Black widow
+Clea is tickled by Doctor Strange to free her from a possession
+Spider-man tickles Black Cat for information on the theft of priceless jewels
+She-Hulk is Captured by Arcade which subjects her to many ticklish situations
+Jessica Jones is tickled in an interrogation by the SHIELD
+Ayesha love to be tickle by her servantes
+Rocket and Groot tickles Mantis
+Captain America tickles Sin to interrogate
+Storm is tickled by in a ticklish ritual
+Jane Foster is tickled by the Valkiries for a ritual
+Aunt May is tickled by Vulture with his Feathers
+Jean Grey gets tickled by Emma Frost
+X-23 gets ties up and tickled by Omega Red
+Yelena Belova gets tickled by Natasha Romanov during an interrogation
+Titania is knocked out by She-Hulk with a tickle
+Maximus The madman tickles Crystal and Medusa
+Miss Marvel dominates with her feet Spider-man
+Hellcat gets tickled by Mad Dog
+She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk are tickled by the Leader
+Lucia Von Bardas is tickled by Doctor Doom
+Betty Ross is tickled by AIM to Find out where is Hulk
+Jessica Jones Dominates a fetishist criminal with her feet, during an interrogation
+Peter Parker savors his Aunt's feet while she's sleeping on the sofa
+Carol Danvers tickles Miss Marvel to teach her a lesson
+Lady Venom tickles Spider-man to get Revenge on him
+Terraxia uses the Infinity Gauntlet to dominate all Marvel heroes with the tickle
+Man-Wolf licks Spider-Gwen's bare feet, she almost goes crazy from tickling
+Shuri is tickled by Okoye in an Workout
+MJ is tickled by Mephista after making a deal with her
+Medusa tickles Crystal
+Lady Galactus is tickled by Silver Surfer
+Rogue tickles Gambit
+Rogue is tickled by the Danger Room
+Spider-girl is tickled by Mayhem in the MC2
+Aunt May tickles all girlfriends of Peter
+chameleon with the likeness of Peter, tricks Aunt May and tickles her until she faints
+Kitty pryde gets tickled by Colossus
+Wasp manages to get She-Hulk in trouble with the tickle
+Pepper Pods is tickled by micro-drones created by Tony Stark to play tricks on him
+Loki manages to tickle Lady Sif with one of his tricks
+Mantis is tickled by Gamora because it makes her nervous
+Deadpool tickles the girls of the Marvel Universe
+Doctor Strange tickles Umar to reduce her magical powers
+Gwenpool is kidnapped by Arcade, which causes her to suffer many ticklish situations

Some ideas for future marvel Fanartes