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and I'm a child no more (bioshock infinite)
    She belongs nowhere, and so she belongs everywhere. For as long as she can remember she has known peace (of a sort) and craved freedom, and now the possibilities open to her are dizzying.
            Sometimes she thinks her skull should crack from the strain of infinity—should, but does not, will not. She can drink the universe—the multiverse, the whole of existence—to its dregs and still be thirsty for more knowledge, more life, simply more. She endlessly creates herself because she is free, unmoored, and that reality is so intense she feels almost drunk with it.
            She is Elizabeth, and she has freed herself and created herself, and she can do anything.
            She can do anything. That doesn’t mean she can do everything. It’s tempting t
:iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 4 0
betrayal (thor and loki, gen)
Marvel Cinematic Universe; Thor & Loki gen, background Thor/Jane Foster; inspired by the trailer for Thor: The Dark World
            For several eternal seconds after he finds Jane’s body, Thor doesn’t comprehend what he sees.
            She is lying on her back, sightless eyes wide with terror, covered in her own blood. The source is clear: a wound gapes open under her jaw, and above it her face is as pale as marble.
            It is not possible. It is not possible. He’d said he would find a way to save everyone and he’d brought her here for a reason and she’d trusted him and this cannot have happened, not now, not already—
            He is so lost in denial that he barely re
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Custom Funko female Lone Wanderer by the-flying-dolphin Custom Funko female Lone Wanderer :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 14 21
the truth hurts worse ...
the truth hurts worse than anything I could bring myself to do to you
Marvel Cinematic Universe; Loki & Odin, gen; sort of a missing scene near the end of Thor: The Dark World
He should not be here.
He should not be here, on Asgard, in the palace that was never his home and always his prison before his keeper stopped pretending, the place where his mother (yes, of course he will claim her, now that she is gone and he sent her killer to find her, monster who can do nothing but hurt the ones who care for it) was struck down, where his once-father told him he should have died centuries ago.
(Oh, yes. Of course he should have. Of course. He agreed then and he agrees now but what manner of man actually flings such words at someone he once called his child?)
The glamour is good—of course it is, his illusions are always good—but he’s still shaky, the barely healed wound still throbbing in time with his heartbeat. He should be anywhere else
:iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 11 5
Marston Hat by the-flying-dolphin Marston Hat :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 4 0 Weighted Companion Cube by the-flying-dolphin Weighted Companion Cube :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 1 2 OOAK doll: Nymphadora Tonks by the-flying-dolphin OOAK doll: Nymphadora Tonks :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 3 2 Feral by the-flying-dolphin Feral :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 2 1 Happy Christmas II by the-flying-dolphin Happy Christmas II :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 0 1 Happy Christmas by the-flying-dolphin Happy Christmas :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 0 0 Kronos by the-flying-dolphin Kronos :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 2 1 Palette by the-flying-dolphin Palette :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 0 1 Swing Life Away by the-flying-dolphin Swing Life Away :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 0 0 In the Rain by the-flying-dolphin In the Rain :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 1 0 Levels of Light by the-flying-dolphin Levels of Light :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 0 1 Evermore by the-flying-dolphin Evermore :iconthe-flying-dolphin:the-flying-dolphin 0 0


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hope won't weigh you down
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I haven't regularly used this site in years so I don't really know what to put here. I write fic (my website is just my Archive Of Our Own profile) and I dabble in photography and I'm getting started customizing action figures. Sometimes I take silly pictures of my action figures.


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