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This fan club is dedicated to planning and performing of "Flashlight week". A week to create any material of this pair (human/SciFlash, or pony) with the themes given.

(And also for any other activity or art that is the Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry pairing)
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Flashlight week 2021, coming soon! June 9 - June 16

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Remember follow us in our social media! (Twitter & Instagram) | @FlashlightWeek
And see the summary about Flashlight Week 2020:


EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED! Flashlight (Movie 1, 2), Flashlight (ponies), SciFlash (Human)!

This year we want share the prompts early, because we know sometimes it's hard upload an entry for the week when the time it is short, or maybe everyone want organized better with the prompts.
So, here we go!


Which are the date? Simple. The first movie was released on June 16, 2013. That's why (and for more practical purposes) it looks like this:
Dates: June 9 to June 16 (like every year, except 2020).
Flashlight Day: June 16.
(General rules)
Flashlight Week 2021 Rules
How can you participate? You can create a fanfic, a fan-art, a PMV, anything that follows the rules and prompts! You don't need to have a DA account to participate. You can participe in Twitter, Fimfiction, Youtube, etc! You just have to do this:
If you have DA:
1- Tag the group in the description, or tag me (@AngyLopez) or @Ro994 or the group (or all three options).
2- Upload your entry to the "Week 2018 to 2021" folder of the group.
3- Tell us in a comment or message that you already have your work.
4- Hast to be about Twilight Sparkle & Flash Sentry (or centric about them, least), it can be a sad scene or have some love triangle, but the Flashlight/SciFlash has to be the winner! (It's sad that they are not together in the series, that's why we have the magic of fandom!).
5- It does not matter if you are not a member, you can participate, but we'd be very grateful if the members participate.
6- Please, the material must be appropiate for all audiences. No adult content, no NSFW.
7- Have fun! If you have questions, you can ask, no problem.
8- If your material is a PMV, you can send us a link via a note (message).
9- You can participate only one day, not the whole week. It is as you wish.
10- Please, follows prompts of the week! There is a lot of ambiguity, so you can use that to your advantage. But, follow the prompts!
If you'll use other social media:
The same rules, but you can send your entries like this:
1- You can send us (Flashlight Week social media) a message showing us your work, so we can share what you do in a Journal (every year @AngyLopez [me] make a journal only to whom participate in more than a one day).
2- Use the Hagstag #FlashlightWeek2021 or tag @FlashlightWeek account.
Yep, here we go with the prompts!
Flashlight Week 2021 Ingls
Most of these words are pretty ambiguous, so feel free to give them your own interpretation and inspire you! It will be a pleasure to see more people participate. Don't be shy, anything made with love for our favorite couple is welcome and appreciated!


Este año queremos compartir los temas con anticipación, porque sabemos que a veces es difícil participar en la semana cuando el tiempo es corto, o tal vez todos quieran organizarse mejor con las indicaciones.
¡Así que, aquí vamos!
¿Cuándo es? Sencillo. La primera película fue estrenada el 16 de junio del 2013. Por eso (y para fines más practico) esto queda así:
Fechas: 9 de junio al 16 de junio (como cada año, a excepción del 2020).
Día del Flashlight: 16 de junio.
¿Cómo se puede participar? Puedes crear un fanfic, un fan-art, un PMV, ¡cualquier cosa que siga las reglas y los temas de la semana! No necesitas tener cuenta en DA para participar. Puedes compartir lo que hagas en cualquier lugar! Fanfiction, Wattpad, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Sólo tendrías que hacer esto:
(Regla generales)
Flashlight Week 2021 Rules Espaol
Si tú vas a usar DA para la semana:
1- Citar al grupo en la descripción de tu fan-art, o citarme a mí (@AngyLopez) o a @Ro994, o al grupo (o las tres opciones).
2- Subir tu entrada (fanart, fanfic, PMV, etc.) a la sección de "Flashlight Week" del grupo.
3-El material debe ser sobre Twilight Sparkle y Flash Sentry, puede ser una escena triste o tener algún triángulo amoroso, ¡pero el Flashlight tiene que ser el ganador! (Es triste que no estén juntos en la serie, ¡por eso tenemos la magia del fandom!).
5- No importa si no eres miembro, puedes participar, pero se agradece mucho si los miembros participan.
6- ¡Diviértete! Si tienes preguntas, tú puedes preguntar, no hay problema.
7- Si tu material es un PMV, puedes enviarnos en enlace por una nota (mensaje) o dejarlo en un comentario aquí mismo.
8- Cualquier cosa que hagas tiene que ser para todo público. Nada de contenido para adultos o gráfico (Las historias tristes, trágicas son aceptadas).
9- Puedes participar sólo un día, no en toda la semana. Es como tú desees.
10- Por favor, ¡seguir los temas dados de la semana! Hay mucha ambigüedad, así que pueden usar eso a su favor. Pero sigue los temas.
Si tú vas a usar otra red social para la semana:
Las mismas reglas que las de arrriba, pero para enviarnos tu(s) entrada(s) debes hacer lo siguiente:
1- Nos puedes mandar un mensaje a nuestras redes sociales de la @Flashlight Week (Twitter o Instagram) mostrándonos tu trabajo, así podremos compartir lo que hagas (aquí en DA hago un journal solo para quien participó en más de 1 día).
2- Debes usar el Hagstag #FlashlightWeek2019 o citar a la cuenta de la semana.
¡Ahora sí, los temas!
Flashlight Week 2021 Espaol
Ustedes deciden de qué maneras usarán las palabras. ¡Será un gusto ver más participación! No tengan miedo, ¡cualquier cosa hecha con amor para nuestra pareja favorita es agradecido!
Suerte a todos, ¡y qué estén bien!
(Good luck everyone, and stay safe!)
Angy | @AngyLopez
Ro | @Ro994
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Twitter (Personal):
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xxxkayceejrxxx Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2021  Hobbyist Artist…

Attention my fell Flaslight shipper on Feb 27th I'm going to make a 10 reasons Flash and Twilight should get together and I'll need you help to make it do so and I'll have you name posted on said video. Here are the rules.
1. It has to be a reason not a just because
2. You can have up to three reasons
3. It's must child friendly
4. You must share you comments to my Facebook or Deviantart or replies.
5. One persons reasons at a time.
xxxkayceejrxxx Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2021  Hobbyist Artist… behold my fellow Flashlight Shippers a way to get our fav ship cannon!
LightGlowMagicalYT Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can i join this group? Flashlight is my OTP 
xxxkayceejrxxx Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2020  Hobbyist Artist…

Please tell me what do you think of my fanfic I had made with a friend of mine.
NightPaint12 Featured By Owner May 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

Me today:

“Ok, as far as I can remember The FlashLight Week starts somewhere at the end of June. So I guess I have enough time to do something. But let's check when exactly.”

Sees it actually starts on 9th June

“Holy sh*t! Where is my sketchbook!? Pencils, my Wacom tablet! But wait, I don’t know what to draw… Where are my earphones!? I need some good music to give me inspiration!'

A friend calls her

“Hi, do you have any notes?”

“What notes?”

“History notes. Our teacher may do a test tomorrow.”

“You mean tomorrow?”

“Yes, tomorrow.”


Stupid school!!!:angry: 

AngyLopez Featured By Owner May 24, 2018
I understand you completely!

I hope you find your time to participate, even on just one of the days. In any case, if the week over and you want to post something, you just have to put it in the corresponding folder of the week. No problem!

Good luck in your studies!

By the way, I was like this:

Last year: I have 1 year, I can write my fanfic at that time.

December: Ok, I have a lot of time left, I can still write something decent.

February: Okay, what will I do about fic? How much is left? AHG, I have homework! Ok, I'll do my time to think about that.

March: I think I know what it will be about, I just have to write my ideas. And my ideas notebook? Ok, I can point it to another notebook. What themes did I choose for the week? I think I have the image on my phone! And my phone?

Two weeks ago: I already have the plot, some things that I will add in the fic, ok... how much is left? OmG, I must hurry! xD
NightPaint12 Featured By Owner May 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You've just written my life in a nutshellXD  I'm always putting everything off and then regret it.

And don't worry, I already have my ideas.;) (Wink)  And I MUST make it in time! I will never forgive myself if I don't. But thanks for understanding.:D (Big Grin) 
AngyLopez Featured By Owner May 25, 2018
Hahaha yees! But we still have time xDD

Aw, ok, <3 and no problem ;)
Yuuki6Terumi Featured By Owner May 9, 2018
May I join? FlashLight is my favourite couples.
AngyLopez Featured By Owner May 9, 2018
Sure ^^
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