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"We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things." -"by the Technomage Elric"

"TechnoMage Reejo Waora summons his ship the Shadow Stalker from it's hiding place behind a nearby moon."

TechnoMage Trivia: There are three uniquely "TMage" elements to this image beside the outfit that are drawn directly from the show "Crusade" I wonder if there are any True TechnoMage fans out there that can call them out?

Answered by Ranisath

1. TechnoMage - "Technomage chrysalis" Image-> [link]

2. TechnoMage - " Pinnace class Technocraft " Image-> [link]

3. TechnoMage - " Pinnace Control Sphere " Image-> [link]

Details for image here -> [link]

Credit for brushes goes to: OBSIDIAN DAWN
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Very well made image.
occasiary's avatar
Wow, just found this! Amazing!!! :O 
DevinHWorks's avatar
These guys & their 'arts'  are like, the physical manifestations of Arthur C. Clark's 3rd law! :D
Although I have read of Techno mage archetypes in my youth, Babylon 5 solidified the visual imagery for me. When I look at this a bell goes off in my mind, bringing me back. Cheers
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Thank you,  Like you B5 totally solidified what it meant to be a Technomage to me as well!
I love this! I am a big fan of Galen.
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Me as well and thank you!
Laharl234's avatar
Easily the best technomage picture on dA. But not much of the concept explained.
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Hence the mystery.  :D
Laharl234's avatar
I suppose, but technomages are something of a rarity in fiction so I like to see the creator's concept of them explained when they do.
jbru126's avatar
It's a truly beautiful piece, something that truly represents the seven principles of technomancy. I see some inspiration from Galen and Elric, definitely like it.
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Thank you,  I really wanted to capture their mystery here and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.
squallina's avatar
I'm completely in love with this picture! It's so enchanting! (Currently on Book II of The Passing of the Techno-mages series and can't stop rewatching Crusade! :D )
The-First-Magelord's avatar
I feel yah,  I got all caught up in both the books and the series as well when I drew this!
Hey. This is absolutely fantastic, great work! I think this is the best technomage picture I found and also well researched! I am a huge fan of crusade, the technomage trilogy books and the mongoose RPG so I may have to use this as a character portrait next time I play lol. Can you tell me what font you used for the symbols in the control sphere where they all drawn?
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Sorry mate I pulled up the original source PSD for the Technomage and it looks like I flattened that particular font layer (which means I lost the font, just pixels now). I will look through my fonts and see if I can find it and if I do I will post the name here a little later.
Alexios2's avatar
This is great! I always thought the technomages were one of the best figures in the B5 universe. Good job!
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Same here it really sucked that Crusade died when it was just about to properly explore these amazing characters further!
Alexios2's avatar
Yeah, I've read on how Strazynski wanted to shift the show to focus more on the mages but executive meddling put the stops on that. Have you read the Technomage Trilogy by Jeanne Cavelos? I think they were good books that really explored the technomages and their origins. Maybe not as good as seeing their story on screen but good nonetheless.
The-First-Magelord's avatar
Yep, I own them all and love the story of Galen's acention. I also own the extremely rare sourcebook created by Mongoose publishing "The Technomages" Get it if you love Technomages it references the show the novels and unpublished guidence for future episodes of crusade. If you look in my work in progress gallery you will even see that I am drawing a Taritamude. :D
true-spartan's avatar
I always liked Galen in 'Crusade' and the B5 movies, but something about Elric's reading and talk with Londo always stuck with me more. Love the work btw...sorry I kinda rant when it comes to B5...
The-First-Magelord's avatar
No worries Elric MADE the Technomage what it is!  Galen just made it look good!  :D
schnarre's avatar
...Awesome work!
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