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So here is the idea....

George Lucas gives a license to one of the better Japanese or South Korean Anime firms out there and using these character designs or something very similar but still with that anime feel creates an anime series based on Ahsoka Tano's adventures after order 66 (assuming she survives of course). Then move to current era around the time shortly before Luke Skywalker leaves Tatooine with Ben Kenobi, Han Solo and gang.

Their stories from this point go something like this....

Ahsoka Tano:
After nearly being killed by Captain Rex Ahsoka flees to the outer rim of the Galaxy going from system to system as far away from the Republic (now turning Empire's influence) as possible. Knowing that Separatist systems will be the last to fall in line with the new Imperil government she takes the route straight through Separatist territory until finally she finds a haven with a small band of resistance fighters inhabiting the Jonin system deep within a barely charted sector of Wild Space. From this time forward she hides her lightsabers and uses her Jedi abilities only in dire emergencies and only Rex, Mira and R2-D7 are aware of her true power. Over time the newly established order of the Galactic Empire extends it's reach even to this far flung expanse. With the beginning of the Empire's advances into the Jonin system and beyond Ahsoka and her fellow resistance fighters are simply too ill equipped and outnumbered to stop the oncoming Imperial forces........ And this is when Ahsoka leading her small band of fellow outcast begins her life as a Pirate!

Captain Rex:
Like every other clone trooper when the order came to execute the Jedi he was no exception. However his previous experience serving under General Skywalker and the near disaster for his men on Umbra in which he learned the difference between a lawful order that serves the greater good and an equally unlawful order that will bring death and despair gave him just a fraction of enough control to miss
his first blaster shot to Ahsoka's heart! This gave Ahsoka enough time to react however being the man of such iron will as he was and willing rather to die then take the life of a friend who had saved his life a dozen times over his next target was his own head. Fortunately a bewildered and confused Ahsoka still has the reflexes of a Jedi and with short Sabo saber in hand cuts Rex's gun in half and then Force blasts him against the nearest bulkhead knocking him unconscious. It is as she tries to contact the Jedi Council for answers about current Clone Uprising's that she learns of order 66 and discovers that all clones are per-conditioned to destroy all Jedi without question. Ahsoka takes Rex to an underground medical facility as she attempts to leave Republic space where he is slowly reprogrammed not to kill Ahsoka or any other Jedi. The reprogramming fails and he makes two more attempts to kill Ahsoka. Rex is aware of his condition and volunteers to receive a neural implant that will completely block his per-conditioning. The surgery is delicate and could be fatal but is a success. However Rex and Ahsoka are warned that the implant is susceptible to EMP and traumatic blunt force damage and that should it ever short-circuit Rex would again be at the mercy of his genetic programming. Ashamed of his order Rex removes his clone amour forever and promptly finds replacement courtesy of Mira and her friends from Mandalore.

Daughter of the Force:
While lying on her back looking into her Father's eyes as the enchanted blade did it's awful work to systematically disassemble her and her connection to the force along with her, she makes the choice to give her remain life force to the young Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano. But she is a Force Overlord after all and little did even she know that after her spirit was released from the bonds of her dying form she was no longer being affected by the affects of the Force blade. Furthermore after leaving the confines of the Force Dominion Ark created by her father to contain her and her brother she began to feel her massive powers return. One problem existed however she was still only a phantom and her spirit was forever tied to Ahsoka Tano. This was discovered by both when she finally awoke to full consciousness and possessed Ahsoka Tano in an event that saved both their lives and was felt by every force sensitive in the Galaxy! Her nature prevents her from maintaining possession over Tano and she has no desire to interfere with her life but instead comes to her as a Force Ghost and offers wisdom, advice and in times of great need she offers her phenomenal cosmic power but only if it is for a noble and selfless cause. She will let Ahsoka Tano die when her time comes but she will ever shield her "little sister" from evil when the act of saving her maintains the balance within the natural order of things.

Plo Koon:
Consummed by fire as his Star Fighter was being shot down Plo Koon prepared himself for the transition to the next life. As he rejoined the Force he was greeted by old and many current friends in the next phase of existance and was content simply to exist in the harmony and grace of the spirit realm to which he now belonged. Every once in a while he along with "the others" would peer into the mortal world and check on the welfare of family and old friends but always would they return to their new found existants flying through the aether of this dimension that was so much more vaster than our own. It wasn't till the Daughter of the Force who was reported by Obi Wan Kenobi as being killed by her brother used her powers in an awesome display of galactic proportion's that he felt the essence of his former pupil Ahsoka. The Daughter of the Force having a foot in both the world of mortals and the spirit world communicated with Plo koon as to how she was tied and forever linked with Ahsoka Tano. The prospect of his poor "Soka" being burdoned with such a Great Force power worried Plo koon's serenity and his spirit was troubled. He trusted the Daughter of the Force not to intentionally harm Ahsoka for in the spirit realm all truth is collectively known and the Daughter of the Force being the personifacation of the the good and light side could do no evil. Yet the ramification's of having a near God-like spirit dwelling in his little Soka still caused him great concern. So it was that Plo koon as is an ability of Force users attached his spirit to Ahsoka's and began to appear to her to help train her in how best to deal with the spirit world and more importantly to guide her away from any dangers that might necessitate the Daughter of the Force's intervention. Does the Daughter of the force know of Plo Koon's actions? Of course she does, she is the Daughter of the Force after all!

Ta Aum Bo:
Ta-Aum-Bo was orphaned in space. He was the only son of Trandoshan Ambassador Maw-Shim-Bo in route to Coruscant when their ship suffered from a catastrophic engine failure causing the vessel to drift for weeks. The ship was later discovered as it passed near the Phatrong system by a Kyuzo patrol. Upon boarding the vessel the Kyuzo witnessed a horrific scene as the ambassador had devoured his entire crew and even finally his mate sharing the remains with his infant son in an attempt to survive. As he felt himself the most fit to live he finally and reluctantly turned to devour his son when discovered by the patrol who seeing him attempt to prey on a defenseless youngling shot him on the spot. The tragedy of this encounter prompted the Kyuzo to return Ta-Aum-Bo to his race but when news of the ambassador's death had reached Trandosha rival powers had swiftly finished off the rest of Ta-Aum-Bo's clan in a surprise bid to take the position of honor as ambassador to Coruscant. Sizing up the situation the Kyuzo realizing they were in part responsible as they delivered the fatal stroke to Ambassador Maw-Shim-Bo found that they could not return the infant to an almost certain death and so took him into hiding back on Phatrong where he was made a ward of the state and secretly raised with a Kyuzo family. When Ta-Aum-Bo was old enough (by Kyuzo standards) he entered the Kyuzo Self Defense Force and trained as a Kyuzo warrior despite his off world heritage and was eventually accepted for pilot training. Of course the Political and Military commanders would never allow a Trandoshan to take any position of real authority with the great responsibility of defending their homeworld so Ta-Aum-Bo was always relegated to low level assignments out of sight and out of the way. Ironically it was on another deep space patrol in which Ta-Aum-Bo and his Kyuzo brothers were attacked by the ships of a local criminal warlord and taken as hostages back to their lair to be sold as slaves. It was 5 standard cycles on this alien world living as a slave and witnessing the slow death of his fellow warriors who were not as strong as Ta-Aum-Bo that fate intervened once again as a band of highly trained and organized pirates seized the warlord's spaceport at which there ship was impounded and dispatched the crime boss once and for all. In a rare example of generosity the pirates purposely freed all the slaves including Ta-Aum-Bo. Of note the pirate boss who was none other than Ahsoka Tano was extremely prejudice against Trandoshans and at first opted not to free Ta-Aum-Bo. It was not until the cries of other slaves were heard about this unique specimen of the Trandoshan race that he was freed. The pirate boss listened to the stories of how he took the electro-whip to save another slave's child from tasting it's lash or how as Ta-Aum-Bo made his way through his labors that others would find food and water secretly placed inside their cells when he would go without. And how this alien alone of all his race spoke to others with encouragement and hope and taught that even as a slave one could live by honor. He made toys out of trash for the children slaves and told them stories of mighty Kyuzo Warriors from the ancient past and secretly had the pirates not come when they did plotted his own meticulous escape and with that escape he would return to Phatrong and after telling of the vile acts committed against his Kyuzo brothers and other slaves he was convinced he would return leading a force of Kyuzo Warriors to destroy the hated slum lord and his henchmen. Ta-Aum-bo is now fiercely loyal to his new found rescuers and will do all that is require to repay what he terms his "life debt" to Ahsoka Tano.

Mira was a young and talented Mandalorian who's gifts of speed and agility were further enhanced by her sensitivity to the Force. The the Force was not strong enough in her for her to be a true wielder of it's power like the Jedi yet it's subtle benefits served her well enough when she needed them. As a new recruit to her home world defense force and Mandalorian Guard it was shortly after completing her training that she was recognized for her potential by agents of the Empire. She met all the necessary requirements of the Emperor as a skilled warrior, young enough to begin proper training, human and some what Force capable. Using a cunning trap the Imperial agent Bendat Trodew captured and drugged an unsuspecting Mira as she was leaving the training grounds one night. She was brought before the Emperor who seeing great potential accepted her as a candidate for his personal guard and gave the word to have her processed and conditioned to serve him. After a short period of what was believed to be a successful mind-wipe and reprogramming Mira was taken to the Imperial Royal Guard Academy on Yinchorr. She quickly advanced even through the fiercest of mental and physical challenges the Academy offered and by the time of her graduation was estimated to be among the top 10 deadliest of it's alumni. It wasn't till 5 standard years later that Bendat Trodew was captured by Mandalor Internal Security and under interrogation revealed that he had kidnapped and removed several Mandalorian Guard aspirants to the service of the Empire. After reporting their findings to higher authorities within the Mandalorian government the leaders of the Mandalorian Guard enraged and disgusted with the Emperor's secret and unsanctioned theft and kidnapping of Mandalorian citizens took it upon themselves to recapture and reconstitute or kill any Mandalorian's that might be in unwilling service to the Empire. Of the seven that became Imperial Guardsman to the Emperor all but three have been eliminated by "project Death Guard" . The Mandalorians finally captured and subdued Mira as well although they lost 22 men and 3 ships in the process. For the second time in her life Mira's mind became the laboratory for physiological experimentation as Mandalorian Doctors tried to break the Imperial conditioning. With little success it appeared that Mira was lost to them and she was to be silently executed per the project's mandate. Mira confused and disoriented by the apparent deceit of the Empire and the constant mental anguish of having her mind toyed with by others was still a force to be reckoned with. Though she was known as a fierce fighter none realized that she had a connection to the Force and finally it was Mira's turn on the stage of life to decide her own fate. Using her superior skills and training and the strategies of a member of the most elite fighting force of the galaxy she escaped her captors on Mandalor and made her way back to the place where she was captured only to avoid being seized by a squad of Imperial Guard already there that had been sent to find, capture and or kill her as well. Seeing limited options that did not end in a life constantly on the run Mira fled to the Outer Rim where she could collect her thoughts and discover the truth about who she was and to consolidate her memories and come to peace with the innocence that she murdered in the name of the Emperor. After arriving to what was considered uncharted wild space Mira learned of a group of pirates that were very selective of their targets and only attacked Imperial forces, slavers, and other assorted scum and villainy. After attempting to track the pirates over the course of a few weeks Mira finally caught up with them when they went planet fall for a terrestrial raid. Mira was stunned as she was able to immediately recognize Ahsoka as a Jedi which although shocking to see a real life thrilled her and proved the fact that anything was possible in life to include her own personal redemption and a real opportunity to make amends for the wrong's she has done until such time as she could find a better direction for her life. Mira sought them out which thanks to her Imperial training was a relatively simple thing to do although convincing a Jedi led band of pirates that specifically targeted imperial assets to take in a member of the Emperor's Elite Personal Guard was another thing all together!

Gilbor Nom:
A Navy Captain of the Mon Cal's 7th Fleet (Retired). Captain Gilbor Nom or Gilly as he is called by his friends is an old, crusty, war-dog that warned his own people for years that the Republic was going to go bad one day. Little did he suspect that day was a week ago when the Supreme Chancellor disbanded the Senate and declared himself Emperor! As a retired navy officer renowned for his ability to out-captain anyone in naval warfare with just a bucket of bolts, one crewman and some spit he was pleaded with by his peers to return to service and help the assembling fleet of rebel ships that would do hit-and-run strikes against the Empire. Bitter, cranky and old he was also still quite stubborn and agreed but demanded to captain the finest warship the Mon Cal's had "the Deep Remmora" as his flagship. Not willing to hand over their grand battleship to anyone not currently enlisted in the Mon Cal Navy and thus not under the strict control of the planetary leadership was out of the question however. The greatest mistake the Mon Cal government could have made at that time was to only offere Captain Gilbor Nom a lessor star cruiser and a fleet of 15 support vessels instead of "the Remmora". Deeply insulted by the lack of faith in his abilities and the vital skill sets he could have offered Gilly jumped ship on the first transport he could find leaving the sector with a personal message recorded by him telling the Grand Admiral Ackbar where he could stick it. Gilly had a sweet retirement home bought and paid for on a nice little island in the ocean of tranquility on Alderaan. Gilly was content to simply wait out the war and enjoy his retirement when as the transport entered the Alderaan system all that was found was and uncharted asteroid field where the planet used to be! Now this rightly pissed Gilly off! He had invested all his retirement benefits and personal currency into his "Sweet Water" home as he liked to call it and was now heartbroken, penniless and after burning the bridge with his own people homeless. Finding his way to a nearby pirate haven of Mos Eisley he was able to get the occasional job as a ferry captain here and there but as most contractors were shot, killed or permanently disappeared he was never able to keep steady enough work to support his burgeoning alcoholic addiction. Captain Gilbor Nom's luck was about to change. One day a human woman apparently a former Imperial Guardsman that had gone rogue and a Togrutan female with a big burly Trandoshan monster propositioned Gilly. They seem to have need of an Imperial Navy captain so they explained but since that was not possible he would have to do. The leader of the group the Togruta said they had recently come into possession of an advance tactical assault vessel of Imperial design that they needed a captain for as well as to help train the crew on how to fly it. The ship promised to be one of the most advanced gunships in the galaxy used exclusively by the Emperor's Imperial Guard to get them in and out of places undetected and be able to overwhelm anything less than a capital ship. The offer also came with a generous share of any loot liberated and the opportunity to shoot Imperial ships out of the sky. This more than anything else is what really raised an ocular stalk from Gilly who saw this as not only a chance for a little bit of payback from the Empire for the life style he was currently living but also as a way to scratch an age old itch for the glories that only interstellar combat could bring. Gilly was in!

R2-D7 was a spare maintenance and astromech droid installed on the Imperial assault ship Scarlet Wind (since renamed Jenn-Drawguhnah). R2-D7 with his red markings that identify him with this ship was a content little droid sitting in his little droid hold until he was needed to help repair the ship or provide assistance to the ships astronavigation system. He lived to serve in his roll until one day the Scarlet Wind was attacked and in the ensuing battle that rocked the ship R2-D7 was blasted across the cabin in which he was attempting to seal an atmosphere leak. So strong was the impact that R2-D7 received some serious dents to his dorsal utility dome and was never really quite right since. The new crew of the Scarle...erm Jenn-Drawguhnah treat him way better then his old masters. The new leader who is of the species known as Togruta is especially fond of R2-D7 and has removed his restraining bolt and even modified him with his own personal shield generator and a small blaster (she said it would have really been really handy if her old astromech had these tools)! R2-D7 wondered what had happened to the last droid that it needed these devices? R2-D7 has been allowed to freely roam the ship at will except for the crew quarters and he deeply regrets the incident involving him entering the cabin of the human warrior woman as she exited the sonic-shower. He was certain she truly meant it when she said she knew how to make a droid cry and that R2-D7's deactivation and disassembling would be long and painful! Since being accepted as somewhat more than a mere droid, R2-D7 has earned the trust and affection of his crew (even the warrior woman - note lipstick on dome) in gallant fire-fights, daring rescues and many adventures that far exceeded his programming. R2-D7 was just a content droid before but now with actual biological friends and crew mates and full access to the ships comm systems and vast holo-vid library (He especially like Hohn Yayne, Blint Eestwood and Mruce Vee vids!) he is a now a Happy droid who would do anything even self destruct for his new crew.

Jenn-Drawguhnah (Gen-Dr-ahg-ah-Nah) or Red Shadow:
Named by Ta Aum Bo in the language of the Kyuzo after their first successful raid using the Jenn-Drawguhnah. In a solar system with a huge red giant star the Jenn-Drawguhnah's silhouette caught the imagination of her entire crew and the attention of many alarmed Imperial navy men as well when they brought her in an attack vector that had them coming at an Imperial convoy from the direction of the sun. Using the ships advanced stealth systems to mask there approach, the Imperials never saw them coming till the ships shadow cast with a red tint because of the stars light darkened and loomed up along the surface length of the groups only corsair escort. The enn-Drawguhnah is a Void Raider class assault ship ordered by the Emperor for the express purpose of transporting his elite guard anywhere they needed to be quickly and without being detected. The assault ship was also required to pack substantial firepower should the need arise for rescue operations in which these ships might be required to punch their way through enemy defenses in order to retrieve the Emperor or and in the more likely event any of his regional governors or agents. Though only 5 crew are needed to pilot the Jenn-Drawguhnah she can hold a crew of 30 with space for 10 guests and 5 prisoners. As a Void Raider the ship comes with the most extensive and advanced sensor suite, sensor jamming equipment and stealth package that money can buy. Of special note are the starboard and port weapons pods on either side of the ship that can extend, swivel and pivot to completely cover all firing arcs around the ship. The Jenn-Drawguhnah is a beast sporting an excessive arsenal of weapon systems to include two photon torpedo launchers, en-sig seeker concussion missiles, a three barreled Ion cannon mounted a turret atop the dorsal ridge line, two forward firing turbolaser cannons and this doesn't even count the blaster cannons and ion cannons on the weapons pods. The ship is also equipped with four pacifier laser batteries that are concealed in the undercarriage for ground defense against extraction of friendly forces. The Void Raider class also comes with a triple redundant shield fold-overlay system that can reinforce current shield levels up to three times or in the event of complete shield collapse reconstitute the shield barrier almost instantly but again this can only be done twice after initial shield failure. It is no wonder after Mira mentioned the existence of these vessels and the fact that one was coming to this sector in search of her that caused Ahsoka and her gang to develop a plan to seize it and convert it into the perfect pirate vessel. The details of that event however are another story....

Lucusfilm copyrighted characters:
- Ahsoka Tano
- Captain Rex
- Plo Koon
- Daughter of the Force

Magelord copyrighted characters:
- Ta-Aum-Bo
- Captain Gilbar Nom
- Mira
- R2-D7

-- Starship - Jenn-Drawguhnah (Red Shadow)

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I'd totally watch this! :)