Free HQ Orchestra Soundfonts

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Enjoy 1.5 gigabytes of the best free orchestral soundfonts available. This pack includes almost half of my personal favorites, and has added many more. This is, hands-down, the best sound you will get out of your DAW without buying professional samples.

Part 1 (182 mb)
Part 2 (163 mb)

Part 1 (171 mb)
Part 2 (117 mb)
Part 3 (28 mb)

Brass and Woodwinds (166 mb)

Choir, SFX, and Various (138 mb)

Collections- soundfonts that feature many instruments spanning several categories, such as GM banks.
Part 1 (191 mb)
Part 2 (163 mb)
Part 3 (180 mb)

Note: All files are compressed in .rar format, so you'll need winrar or 7zip to open them. Also, Bellatrix Orchestral, by far the largest soundfont in this collection, is compressed in SFark format. You'll need SFark (windows, or check here) to use it.

These soundfonts were compiled by blackattackbitch on this thread at newgrounds. All of the soundfonts can be used without restriction. PM blackattackbitch if you would like the sources of some of the soundfonts to confirm this (the sources are not listed because there are simply too many of them).
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