Free HQ Orchestra Soundfonts
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Enjoy 1.5 gigabytes of the best free orchestral soundfonts available. This pack includes almost half of my personal favorites, and has added many more. This is, hands-down, the best sound you will get out of your DAW without buying professional samples.

Part 1 (182 mb)
Part 2 (163 mb)

Part 1 (171 mb)
Part 2 (117 mb)
Part 3 (28 mb)

Brass and Woodwinds (166 mb)

Choir, SFX, and Various (138 mb)

Collections- soundfonts that feature many instruments spanning several categories, such as GM banks.
Part 1 (191 mb)
Part 2 (163 mb)
Part 3 (180 mb)

Note: All files are compressed in .rar format, so you'll need winrar or 7zip to open them. Also, Bellatrix Orchestral, by far the largest soundfont in this collection, is compressed in SFark format. You'll need SFark (windows, or check here) to use it.

These soundfonts were compiled by blackattackbitch on this thread at newgrounds. All of the soundfonts can be used without restriction. PM blackattackbitch if you would like the sources of some of the soundfonts to confirm this (the sources are not listed because there are simply too many of them).
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these are so good thank you!
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dillpickles12293Student Digital Artist
A little late but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been looking for alternatives to the Kontakt library because I cant run Kontakt on my computer and these are exceptionally good!
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Hello, could you provide an alternative download source for these please. There are those of us out there, including me, who are unable to download anything from mediafire. Thank You ahead of time should you do this Huggle!.
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I just stumbled upon this journal, and I was wondering if all these vsts can be used for commercial purposes for free? There was a comment below about this, but I'm just hoping to confirm that before using these.
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hurrHobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible, Thank you so much.
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ZeiothHobbyist General Artist
Be carefull if you are going to sell your creation. Some soundfonts in this pack are not legal.
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DemonMeatHobbyist General Artist
Thanks, these are awesome. :)
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Fantastic. I've been looking for good freebies like these (hey, I ain't that rich), but these are above my initial expectations. Thanks a ton for uploading, to both of you.
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BenGamesFilmsAndMoreHobbyist Digital Artist
So awesome!
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These are perfect!
Thanks a lot for collecting them!
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Studley13Hobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome, just what I need
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excuese me, but where can I find the Bellatrix orchestral soundfont as single file?
I once downloaded this set of orchestral soundfonts and the bellatrix soundfont in it don't worked with my sample player :c please help me?
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Thank you thank you thank you!
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Dammit some of Inathan's links are down,.
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Oh, and another thing. With "can be used without restriction" you meant that ALL the soundfonts can be used for commercial purposes for free, right?
I read the original post and found nothing about the licence.
Thanks in advance.
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ErikMcClureHobbyist Photographer
Yes, although in some cases its a bit confusing because the files were free offerings that have since been taking down, but they are all completely free.
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Awesome collection! and in Mediafire!
I'd recommend a couple more cool and free virtual instruments:

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra: [link]

Cinematic Strings - Monster Stacattos (Kontakt/NKI)

Musica 7 Soundfont: [link]
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gamebalanceHobbyist Photographer
That is strange. On newgrounds you written 3.5gb here is same stuff and written 1.5gb
What the difference?
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ErikMcClureHobbyist Photographer
My size is based on the compressed amount, or the amount you will have to download, I think. Blackattackbitch was probably referring to the uncompressed size.
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gamebalanceHobbyist Photographer
thanks =)
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RukunetsuHobbyist General Artist
Great work here. Many thanks Group.
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SilvaHoundHobbyist Artist
Ooh, interesting...maybe I'll use these :3
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