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Felenid Empire: Civil war :iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 1 4
Brass Empire by The-Ferrett Brass Empire :iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 4 5 2. A map of the Felinid Empire by The-Ferrett 2. A map of the Felinid Empire :iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 0 0
1. Delving into Betheroy
1. Intro
If a world is a hand, its people the hairs on the back of its surface, then its beliefs would be the glove.
In our world, for our knowledge, this hand is a five fingered being and the glove is imaginary - we have a world where the beliefs of its people are entirely unprovable. Such that many of us do not believe them to be real at all.
On the planet Betheroy, another hand in a different galaxy - we have the glove made of velvet and woven with many different colourful strands. And though its people may forget the fancy that weaves its way across the surface, it still exists - and it does not forget them.
It has three textures of hair -
The Homo Sapiens - the 'humans' – Loud and intrusive, the humans tend to adapt the world to suit their needs and whims.
The Ventus Audux - the 'Ventu' or gliders – Humanoid creatures with small, delicate frames and a membrane of skin between their wrist and ankle, the majority of this species are naturalistic, seeking to adapt to nature
:iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 2 5
Betheroy Take 1 by The-Ferrett Betheroy Take 1 :iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 0 0
All Hail the Feline Masters
They know who they are.
They stalk through the night.
On fours legs and with clear eyes they watch us.
They command the weak.
And control the strong.
On fours legs and with clear eyes they judge us.
So give them their tuna.
Or their vegemite.
On fours legs and with clear eyes they rule us.
:iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 0 0
Glider/Human Settlement by The-Ferrett Glider/Human Settlement :iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 1 0
Lost Meaning: C1:Broken Bridge
It wants to consume you.
And you want to let it.
If only to take away your ache.
Sunset. Purple skies staining the water below. Choppy liquid below, a bruised sky above. The light shades his face, shades the dark mark staining his eye and the tears pouring down his face. The droplets frost over at his cheekbones, fleshy but prominent, giving his face a youthful look. He sniffs, dislodging the frozen particles, looking at the river below, even as it swallows the frozen visitors greedily.
White but bloodied knuckles grip the guard rail tight, condensate coating the metal where he touches. The whites of his eyes are red with stressed veins, dulling the dirty browns of his eyes. Those orbs take in the view before him, one that should inspire tears of joy, not of sorrow. Gold flecks the purple and give the approaching dark of hopeful quality, but all he can see is the fast flowing water below.
Heart heavy, he blows out a stream of cooled air from red raw lips, teeth marks branded into crack
:iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 2 0
Aerol: A view of the world by The-Ferrett Aerol: A view of the world :iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 1 13
Areol: Trevor's report
Dr Trevor Santiago
11 Halsbrook Rd, Hyattsville,
Washington DC, Columbia.
Re: Probe at 12-553
Dear Doctor,
You will find attached the data from the second reading of the probe.
As discussed in the Friday meeting the next data stream will not be in our lifetime but protocols are in place so that further analysis can be performed. We appreciate your time and effort in working on this project and hope not to keep you from your usual work with the university.
The following excerpts of data were deemed relevant to you specifically and are presented as such so that you are not presented with 28 pages of 'classified' to sort through. We apologise if some of the data is not as... comprehensive as a result.
We hope to see your designs.
Roger Myer,
CEO Datacorp.
Designing a better future.
Attached Document:
"World seems to be covered in large trees, with large fibrous leaves similar to that of classification pteridophyte. Trees are of the magnitude of 10km with central core radiuses of
:iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 0 2
Probe to Aerol
Observer Class Droid......
Planet 12-553. Local designation: Aerol
Atmosphere: Vicous – 1.6 x 10^-4 p
15% Ar
10% SO2
30% N2O
45% C2H6
+Trace Elements.
>>Query: Report What?! Sulphur dioxide at such high levels?
>>It seems to be the breathable gas on this planet.
Low gravity: 0.5 Earth's
Zonings: Mainly Tropical
Radius: 2.6 Mm
Distance from sun: 11x10^10
Day duration: 10 earth hours.
Year duration: 246 days
Average temperature: 100 C
Dominant species: Ryceous
Secondary species: Gherro
Satelites: 0
>>Query: Sentience?
>> Seems so. Planet seems toxic to manned mission.
>>Thinking about it sir?
>>Query: Life .... Doesn't it seem a little.... strange?
>>I can get back to you when I have more data on this 'strange'.
>>Query: Please do.
Shutting down....
:iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 0 8
The Perfect Villian
I stand before the rows of tubes, people naked as the day they were born lined up in each. Each of them has a potential, each of them destined for evil. They are the weeds of society and I have carefully plucked them for my special bouquet though only one will be my shining glory, the weed I place as my centrepiece.
I run my hand along the first tube, she is a pretty young thing, all bone and sinew, agile but tough. She is a 'street rat', constantly on the wrong side of the law and this has caused her to refine those hunting skills until….
I grin, the corners of my mouth turning up at memories of the goons she so delectably slaughtered in the bar I found her in. She was crouched on a table and her lips were drawn back in a feral scowl. Those lips, red and bloody lips they are and I press a kiss to the glass in homage of them. If she were awake she'd smirk and slice my face off. That's why I love her.
I move to the second, my warrior king. He's all muscle from his bicep, the size o
:iconthe-ferrett:The-Ferrett 5 5
A few stories I have 'recently' submitted.


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Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: mmmm.... munchy lit.
Favourite cartoon character: Elmer Fudd
Personal Quote: Hello you (insert random number here)
Well the piece released was not the piece promised. Whoops.

That said, Betheroy is swelling out nicely -  especially the Felenid community which is currently getting work done on it concerning the war that started the civil conflict within it. The dissolution being a civil war means its quite alot off 'screen' but I hope to convey enough that its enjoyable.

Please stick around when you visit here, take a quick poke and read a bit. It does improve my work to get a smile or a comment.
And have a nice day.
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