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Legolas by The-Fellowship Legolas :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 0 0 Luthien Tinuviel by The-Fellowship Luthien Tinuviel :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 9 0 Frodo and Gollum by The-Fellowship Frodo and Gollum :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 2 2
Denethor's Poem
I am a Son of Stewards
Lord of a Dying Land
I rule from the White City
Looking out from my Tower
I see my people falling
Yet Boromir raises them again.
Boromir re-captures Osgiliath
Yet I must send him into peril
For the One has been found
Faramir would go, only to claim glory for himself
But only Boromir is worthy of this task
He will not fail me.
My son is slain
I wish now their places had been exchanged
That Faramir had gone in Boromir's steps
Mithrandir appears at my door
Telling me that War is coming
But I have seen more than he knows.
Faramir is slain!
Our line has ended! The Stewards have failed!
I see now his valour, his loyalty
But too late!
We shall burn like the heathen kings of old
And you shall not take my son from me!
:iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 0 0
Faramir's Poem
I Am a Son of Gondor
The Heir of the Steward
The Captain of my People
I guard the City of Stars
Slay all who hail from the Black Land
To get my father's blessing.
I defend his lands
Yet still I walk in my brother's shadow
I do not fall as Boromir did
I let the Halfling go
Though I knew that with the Ring
Went my father's love for me.
I burnt, but was saved
To find I was loved
But only in death
Then I see a beauty beyond my sight
And find love in life
The White Lady gave me hope.
I see the King crowned
And I am made Prince Faramir of Ithilien
With Éowyn as my wife
I shall live contented
No longer in Boromir's shadow
And no longer in my father's scorn.
:iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 2 0
Elessar and Evenstar by The-Fellowship Elessar and Evenstar :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 11 1 Meriadoc by The-Fellowship Meriadoc :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 0 0 Samwise by The-Fellowship Samwise :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 0 1 Pippin by The-Fellowship Pippin :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 1 0 Saruman the White by The-Fellowship Saruman the White :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 1 0 Sauron the Deceiver by The-Fellowship Sauron the Deceiver :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 40 3 King Aragorn Elessar Telconta by The-Fellowship King Aragorn Elessar Telconta :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 0 2 Gollum by The-Fellowship Gollum :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 1 17 Lady Galadriel by The-Fellowship Lady Galadriel :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 0 0 Pony Tipping by The-Fellowship Pony Tipping :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 1 2 Legolas and Gimli comic by The-Fellowship Legolas and Gimli comic :iconthe-fellowship:The-Fellowship 19 6


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A club for LOTR lovers
Current Residence: The Shire
Favourite genre of music: hobbit genre
Favourite photographer: we dont have cameras in the shire
Favourite style of art: We dont have computers either
Operating System: hobbit net greendragon
MP3 player of choice: hobbit player
Wallpaper of choice: hobbits, lotr, elfs noble humans dwarfs lol
Favourite cartoon character: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin
Personal Quote: we are the hobbits that saved the shire
:wave:Welcome to THE FELLOWSHIP:wave:
This is a communitie for LORD OF THE RING LOVERS.

Hey all! :icondrumgirl: here. I'm watching the club and helping out for Anya while she is away getting better hopefully healthwise. I'll be updating and submitting stuff for you so if you have any questions, feel free to write me or the club and ask away. We'll try and submit some stuff for you soon.

Also, we notice alot of you have been favoriting stuff from the club. You are not supposed to! If you want to favorite a picture, do it at the original artist's site! We can't emphasize this enough! It's not fair to the artists!!! :(

:iconchrizzyfurr: Anya's message:
hjmm wow its been so long since i have been able to log in here.
i just wanted to let everybody know my health is stable right now but i lack the time to come here often because trouble of school and i might not graduate this year so i have little time to actuallty do something. i want to thank everybody for applaying to this club and i prommise adrienne or i will try to link you up here as soon as possible the club may seem a little dead right now but it will be comming back. i know its a long time but im really trying my hardest to come back here i miss this club so much.
anyway i hope you all have a little more patients and if there is a real emergency then please note me at my own siteChrizzyfurr  ill check that once a day though i lag thata site as well to buissy this year :( to many bad things. im glad adrienne helped me from saving this club from dieing so thank you very much if you applied for member ship you will become a member eventually cant say when but if you sended a note youll get in.
please again do not fav any art on this club just use the link we put in the deviation to the orriginal artist site you must fav it there it might sound creul but if you dont we might have to take actions to wich we dont like so please im begging :pray: dont fav here any more.
we dont want this club closed do we?
thank you all for your patients Love you all


Members and Affiliates in Middle earth
Quizes in Middle Earth
Founder :iconchrizzyfurr: Anya, Samwise Gamgee
Administrator :icondrumgirl: Adrienne, Eowyn

:+favlove: RULES FOR OUR CLUB:+favlove:
  • 1 You must be a Lord of the ring fan, lover, worshipper, addict etc

  • 2 We would like it if you place our club on your journal page : the-fellowhip : whitout the spaces.

  • 3 Have respect for the admins and members, so no flames, constructive critisme ect.

  • 4 If there is trouble please contact the club or Sam and I will sort things out, no wars in our club.

  • 5 The fellowship stands for teamwork so lets do that here to help each other if you can or do collabs:D

  • 6 We don't mind slash art or yaoi or any other of that kind as long as it is not to much provoking or shocking.


:?:star:JOIN THE CLUB:star::?
This is the easy part if you like to join the club sent the club a note with the following information in it.
  • What race are you?

Hobbit, Elf, Orc, Wizard, Dwarf any lotr race is accepted.
  • Where in Middle earth do you live?

Hobbiton, Misty Mountains, Mordor, Gondor, Rohan again any lotr place is accepted.
You will be added as soon as possible mostly in les then a week time.

:star::star-half::star-empty:SUBMIT YOUR ART ON THIS CLUB:star-empty::star-half::star:
Just leave a note here at the club with the link of your deviation in it and I will do the rest.

:w00t:NEW MEMBERS:w00t: Will you please welcome... ALOT of new members!!! :giggle:

:iconireth-carnesir:, :iconamayanightrain:, :iconfaelivrinen:, :iconturtlesea:, and :iconfwuffyclouds: -  five new elves for our wonderful Rivendell, the last one of which is wandering and loves the sea!
:iconmystic-purple: and :iconpersistentlight:, some new half-elves from Rivendell
:iconmyrthilla:, :iconfollow-wshakespeare:, :iconthehiddensapphire:, :iconkitsunechan:, and :iconlantathae:, a host of elegant elves from Lothlorien
:icondunadanx:, our second Dunedain from Eriador
:iconirishaficionado:, a mysterious elf/wizard that hails from Lothlorien
:iconkuria: a beautiful elf from Mirkwood
:icontoasted12345: a new hobbit for our Hobbiton
:iconnajlaqamber:, an elf from the Misty Mountains
:icondarlingjib: and :iconfire-n-ash:, two valiant shieldmaidens of Rohan!
:iconnabeeya:, a mighty human that of Rohan
:iconimfragrance: an elf, also from Rohan
and two very interesting newcomers...
:iconphoenixtsukino: an elf of both Mirkwood and Hobbiton
and :iconkayla-norail: a half-elf, half-hobbit with a drop of Man's blood from Mirkwood!  

Welcome to the club and feel free to ask what you want or if you need anything. We have several quizzes. Hope you have a great stay here.

:spotlight-left:NEW AFFILIATES:spotlight-right:
:icondeviant4movies: and :iconraistlin-majere-club: two new affiliates! Check them out:D


We've reached over 200 members!!! :w00t: Thanks everybody!

We have no contests running anymore for awhile if you want one submid a request for a subject and I might consider to open it again.

quiz 1:
The Lord Of The Rings Quiz!
quiz 2:
The Lord Of The Rings Quiz 2!
quiz 3:
Elvish quiz Perdich Edhellen?
quiz 4:
Gollum Quiz!
quiz 5:
Hobbits Quiz!
quiz 6:
Frodo Baggins Quiz!
quiz 7:
Samwise Gamgee Quiz!
Middle Earth Scramble


Thank you all for entering this club and making it so much fun to maintain Le Melon Anya, Sam


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AdorindiL Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I join ?
Puuronen Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2009  Professional General Artist
Well I would love to join!
Roguellgreen Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi can i join?... i sent a note some time ago but i did not seem to have a reply.

I am Gloria the elf from rivendell..=)
Nessa293 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Could I join? :)
My name in the Middle-Earth is Nessa Anárion. I am an elf (maybe a little bit witch) and I live in Mirkwood with Wood elves. :aww:

I'm really very big fan of The lord of the rings and all Tolkien's books.
Sweet-Musics-Throne Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2008
Hello do you want to affliate?
elviella Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2008
I WANNA JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
storl Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
I was just kidding... ^^;
storl Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
I want to live in the shire too! I have the hair for it, but I am a wee bit tall...
TessJa Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Can I join?? send me a note I it can okk?
annipannipytti Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008
Me too! I wanna join as well!! Keep watching for that note...=)
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