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A Special Commission by NinStation64
The Subspace Page-74 by ArtyTank
Merry X-mas Ninstation64 by KambalPinoy
The Tiny Giant 2D Gameplay Screen by KambalPinoy
(Character) Kurou - Presentation by RyuHoshi-DeadCrow
(Character) Sani - Presentation by RyuHoshi-DeadCrow
Jane (remake) by Pajarito-Alvarez
Chester and Roy (Remake 2017) by Pajarito-Alvarez
Annie (Remake 2017) by Pajarito-Alvarez
Black Brightness and Chaz (test hairstyle) by Pajarito-Alvarez
Marina (a.k.a. Platinum Hope) by TalonArtsdA
Zail, Robin and Ra: Best Friends Forever by KambalPinoy
Kelpie the Merseahorse (My adopted OC) by PinoyKambal
Zail's Childhood Reference Sheet by KambalPinoy
Zail Reference Sheets by KambalPinoy
The Subspace Page-71 by ArtyTank
The Subspace Page-72 by ArtyTank
Notette Sketch by ArtyTank
The Subspace Page-70 by ArtyTank
Original Calin by Salvy35z
Phil Smiles by Popman71
Kiyoshi: Anime Girl lost in a Cartoon World by Popman71
Phil by Popman71
[OC List] Seras by Saragonvoid
Seras by pelle131313
Rooftops are cool by pelle131313
Seras by pelle131313
MMD - Possession by Deceitful96
Dimension Wars Stage: Tousoku Tower by crimson-bakeneko
ZS Adventures S 1 Page 1 by dabbido
Isabella Valentine (Draft) V2 by ATKFOREVER
Alone Together by Zebesian
Destination Imagination by AlphaAnt4
Smash by sonicsmash328
Fency-Pyro's deviantID by Pyroantiform
Krono Concept by BahamutAXIOM
Poe by poeanater
Smell like Teen Spirit by Flakith
Crane Sketch by Mawnbak
Road to Recovery Cover by KeybladeMage
superJROlander3 by superJROlander
It's time... by DeusJet
CHARACTER BIOS: Vee / Demon-Eye Veerin by AnutDraws
Morphius- Main Inventories Poses and Emotions by MorphiusX
You Can't Handle the B0X! by DaFunB0XMaN
Seth Hawkes by Mdwyer5
End of the day smile by Blazinsurge
Axl's Profile Picture Updated by AxlReigns
Fluffy lil' kitty by CuriousDragonChild
GJ and BB Studying for the Ultimate Exam Week by KambalPinoy
Gameplay Screenshots from TFS Online
Game Engine BOR, OpenBOR and Chrono Crash
A Screenshot of Black Eyes by RyuHoshi-DeadCrow
DW and TFS Sprites by Diego and Others
Kurou - Animation Stand by RyuHoshi-DeadCrow
DW and TFS Roster, HPs, Talks and Icons
An Icon Pic of Black Brightness by KambalPinoy
DW and TFS Tsum-Tsum Drawings and Icons
Happy Birthtine's day Laura and Tatu by KambalPinoy
DWU - Dimension Wars University
DWU by KambalPinoy
Darksiders, Sinners, Artifacts and Powers
Sinake, Sinataur and Moon Dark Sinata by KambalPinoy
Crazetwist The Insane by Mdwyer5
Sinake, Sinataur and Moon Dark Sinata by KambalPinoy
Evil Artifacts and Forbidden Powers
The Forbidden Encyclopedia of ALL EVIL by Mdwyer5
VG Ideas and Concepts for Diego and Deadend
Dimensional Wars in Custom Stage of SSB4 by KambalPinoy
Art vs The Fast Soul Team
Art vs Artist by Saragonvoid
VG Avatars of their OCs
Black Brightness in SCV by KambalPinoy
Photos, Manips, Artisans, LEGOs and Cosplay
Zikantian Figures by Zebesian
Parodies, References and OCs Meet Actuals
Spyro, GJ and Crash in PSASBR by KambalPinoy
Stamps, Buttons, T-Shirts, Cards and Icons
Meek Fan Stamp by KambalPinoy
The DW Arts and Stories From DimensionWarsAssort
Dimension Wars Pride Month Entry 2018 by AlphaAnt4

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:mangapunksai: GROUP INFO :brazensix:

:star: The group to show the progress of the game, for now :D In other words, let me tell you something about my new Deviantart Friend :iconshinkenmaster: (or Diego the Group Founder) and his special flash game project, did you know that he's going to make our OCs (and your OCs) become playable characters in his fan-made game creation called "THE FAST SOUL": It's an OC crossover community game and fighting game about your OCs meeting up with everyone's OCs to challenge each other in a fight. As in this group is dedicated to his own flash game creation "THE FAST SOUL" and hoping he can find more playable OC characters for his game, here it said so right here in my journal and I'm the one who gave him that group idea of how he can find more characters for his game creation:



:star: So please show me your Dimension Wars OCs, Support Dimension Wars OCs or Regular OCs, so I :iconkambalpinoy: (or Rachel the Group Co-Founder & Deviantart Friend of Diego) can add you and your OCs to my "Fast Soul Team" list and I'll be the one to show your OC characters to Diego so he can soon turn your OCs into new playable sprite Characters of his video game project "The Fast Soul". And in addition if you and your OCs are part of my Fast Soul Team" list, I'll also add your very own folder (that has your name and OC's name on it) in both "GALLERY" and "FAVOURITES". I'll even give you your own App for your OC(s). But one more thing, here's the No.1 rule of adding your own OCs to the fast soul game project; it doesn't have to be that many playable characters you have in your own gallery I mean it's all about showing off your own favorite OC character(s) like take my OC characters like "Ra and Hydara":… for example. They're the 2 of my favorite OC characters I like to add them in the game. And since they're your favorite OC characters and you like both of them to be added to the game too well sure. But only depends which one is your favorite OC(s). So do you like to join in our group and see your OCs come to life in his special game creation too?:



:star: Oh and in case if my friend has enough characters in his game already which it says right here:… I have another solution but it's only a suggestion, I was thinking if I can make a story series about "the fast soul wars between dimensions" with your OC characters on it just like how :icontalonartsda: make a DW story about our characters on it, well it's like RPing but in case if one of you don't know how to RP it's okay just tell me one of your character's attack moves, personalities, bio, etc. then I'll write a story about it. If you all want your character to be part of this story and help me out with it, first you must know how this story goes and how it all started. Here's a story of the "History of The Fast Soul: Wars Between Dimensions":… If you read this you'll understand what this series is all about and how this story goes. And after the story, we'll soon make an animated flash series about it too. I mean :iconryuhoshi-deadcrow: (or Deadend the Group Co-Founder) and I we're going to turn "The Fast Soul: Wars Between Dimensions" into an animated flash series by using adobe flash cs6 (well Deadend will be the one using it) and your OC characters will be part of that flash action series. So with my story telling and his animation skills, together will make one epic flash animation series:



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:liquify: MORE GROUP INFO :silentkitty:


:star: "The fast soul":… is the name of a dimensional shooting star that travels from dimension to dimension to give her life force to everyone's worlds so that their worlds will be a more better place to live than it is before. Like for instance, she made their environments grow more beautifully, made earth's water more cleaner, giving them great dreams (and a good night sleep), heals the sickness, etc. But most importantly, she can also keep time and space perfectly in balance. And they call her the fast soul 'cause she’s a shooting star that looks like a spirit flying across the heaven skies really fast.

:star: And "Wars Between Dimensions", it's about everyone's worlds are invaded by "Darksiders":… Darksiders are very notorious worldlings who live in the dark left side of the G.A.L.A.X.Y. full of countless dimensional voids which are dark portals (made of black swirling smoke of pure darkness) that leads to their dark parallel dimensions. They were once remain there but later they got out and appear in everyone's worlds and they declare war, a dimensional war between them and the Worldlings which it's all planned out by their dark landlord "Sinn":… And the Darksider's purpose of being here and starting this whole dimensional war against the worldling's worlds is for the capture of the fast soul.

:star: But they won't let it happened 'cause there's a School about putting an end to the Dimensional Wars for good and saving everyone including the fast soul from evil clutches like Sinn and the Darksiders. And that's "Dimension Wars University":… Dimension Wars University (or "DWU") is a university for all kinds of chosen ones from other dimensions out there. DWU is also an organization that stands as a defense against evil. This university is about training different kinds of extraordinary Worldlings and show them the ways of protecting other worlds and the fast soul from danger. "Sharmoon":… the Landlord and founder of DWU, have taught them the ways of working together by teaming up with the other chosen ones from other dimensions to help them protect other worlds and the fast soul from any harm's way. And those chosen ones from other dimensions who swore to protect the worlds and the fast soul from the dimensional wars and the Darksiders are called "The Dimension Warriors".

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:iconinfinite--multiverse: Infinite--Multiverse :iconenter-the-multiverse: Enter-The-Multiverse Welcome to the Multiverse :icongj-of-the-mugenverse: GJ-of-the-Mugenverse The Girl who Travels the Worlds :icondeviantsmashbros: DeviantSmashBros Settle it in Smash! :iconmakotokinocrossovers: MakotoKinoCrossovers Jupiter Crossover Power Make Up! :iconmii-club: Mii-Club We just love our Miis! :iconloveforalltypesofart: LoveForAllTypesOfArt We love all art. :iconthe-crossover-crew: THE-CROSSOVER-CREW :iconikehara-high: Ikehara-High indefinite hiatus :iconcolours-of-fantasy: Colours-Of-Fantasy >Let Your Mind Wonder< :iconanime-generations: Anime-Generations This is what makes us STRONGER!! :icong-pixel: G-Pixel Pixel Art for Video Games :iconcrossoverseverywhere: CrossoversEverywhere :iconall-landscape: All-landscape Love's scape digital-traditional :iconms-paint-heaven: MS-Paint-Heaven Awesomeness of MS Paint :icondigital-art-draw: Digital-Art-Draw Icon by GenteelJeff :iconda-pinoys: dA-Pinoys Pinoy Deviants Club :iconanyartisaccepted: AnyArtIsAccepted :iconallspaceartaccepted: AllSpaceArtAccepted :iconbestdigitalarts: BestDigitalArts Wonderful hidden artworks :iconsonic4ever-fan-club: Sonic4Ever-Fan-Club :iconoc-classroom: OC-Classroom Everyone fits in! :iconsuper-smash-bros-oc: Super-Smash-Bros-OC Moveset hub for OCs and others! :iconsomari-kirby-heaven: Somari-Kirby-Heaven Mario and Sonic or Kirby :iconcrossovers-on-crack: Crossovers-On-Crack Free-For-All Crossover Group :iconcrossover-kingdom: Crossover-Kingdom All Crossover Fans Are Welcome! :iconcoolcrossoversclub: CoolCrossoversClub :iconcrossovertown: CrossOverTown :iconotakuuniversity: OtakuUniversity Worldwide From Japan To Tokyo... :iconrgm-mugen-creations: RGM-MUGEN-creations Join us to make MUGEN stuff.


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Attension everyone, I just opened my new group called :icongj-of-the-mugenverse: "The girl who travels the worlds"

It's about a 17-year-old Heroine named "Gintotita "GJ" Jushellyn":… who is born in the Mugenverse and travels to different universes like in kingdom hearts except she not only travels the Disney, Square Enix, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film and Studio Ghibli universes but she can also travel to countless universes we knew from our favorite video games, comics, anime, TV shows, Movies, etc.

She can also travel to our OC’s universes like Black Brightness’ universe, Sani’s universe, Kurou’s universe, etc. In fact, she can also fight alongside with our favorite characters (from our favorite series) and our OCs depending what universe she's in, like in kingdom hearts when the Disney characters team up with Sora, Donald, and Goofy when they came to their universe and fight alongside with them too.

And their number of Universes are found in the one place where she is born and where she can travel to any universe she sees, and that's the "Mugenverse". The Mugenverse is a Multiverse, where it's the home to all different Universes out there (or in other words, it's like the M.U.G.E.N roster except it's a selection of countless universes).

And if you want to know more about her, go to the link up there, her character's description will tell you everything.

Anyway, my group is a bit under construction but it looks like it's ready (I think) so feel free to join in my new group and submit your MUGEN artworks there and here's another surprise my group folders has the names of your projects and series (like changing days, destination imagination, the next reaper, etc.) in both Gallery and favourites

And I got some other news, today is :icondimensionwarsassort:'s anniversary and it's also DWU's birthday and since I don't know what group activity we can do today but can you tell me how we can celebrate our group's birthday?

I like you all to meet the new character and addition to the fast soul and M.U.G.E.N game, she's a DLC character of The Fast Soul and M.U.G.E.N game because she's a special, rare and one of a kind character. And what makes her "one of a kind" you asked? Well, her description will tell you why she's special and rare:

She can travel to different universes like in kingdom hearts except she not only travels the Disney, Square Enix, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film and Studio Ghibli universes but she can also travel to countless universes we knew from our favorite video games, comics, anime, TV shows, Movies, etc. She can also travel to our OC’s universe like Black Brightness’ universe, Sani’s universe, Kurou’s universe, etc. And there is one place where it's home to all different universes, the one dark place where she's surrounded by countless universes, and that's the "M.U.G.E.N Space". The M.U.G.E.N Space is like the M.U.G.E.N roster except it's a selection of countless universes. M.U.G.E.N space is also a big wide open space where there's plenty of room for all countless universes. In fact, she can fight alongside with our favorite characters (from our favorite series) and our OCs depending what universe she's in, like in kingdom hearts when the Disney characters team up with Sora, Donald, and Goofy when they came to their universe and fight alongside with them.

And her reward for winning this fight and helping them saved their universes, she earns a mimic link power from the main characters she fights alongside with, like Ryu’s Hadouken, Naruto’s Shadow Clones, Spyro’s fire breath, Crash’s spin, etc. She can also mimic link our OC's moves like BB's sword style, Ra's Crystalize sword arm, Grim's death touch, etc. as a reward after she helped and fought alongside with them too. It’s just like in Kirby when he mimics their moves by sucking them in his mouth or Megaman when he earns a mimic attack move from the main bosses he defeated. She gets her mimic link powers and other special mimic moves (like wisdom, super high jump, acrobatic combat moves and other epic moves) from her weapon "the Omni Hybrid" (Part sword, Part Gun, Part twin Shields, part Dragon Canon and part Imitator). The Omni Hybrid is a mimic type weapon that carries different kinds of copied epic moves from legendary heroes in GJ's universe which that's where it's special abilities (like wisdom, super high jump, and other epic moves) come from. And without her weapon, she can't use her mimic link powers or use other epic moves, she'll just be a normal human girl in a suit. But it couldn't stop her because she knew something is going to happen when she doesn't have her Omni Hybrid with her or she knew that she can't always depend on her weapon so much, which is why her training pays off. She may be human but she still has her smarts and skills even if she doesn't have her weapon, she can still use her own self-defense move and strategies with just her fists and mind.

Oh and in her story, before our OC characters ever met "Lord Sharmoon" Or they ever met each other at "DWU" Or even before they ever became dimension warriors, like in kingdom hearts, they were in their own worlds, minding their own business (like doing their slice-of-life, going on an adventure, fighting bad guys or other stuff they're doing in their own dimensions) until they met her, and she may don't look like she's from around here but she's here to help and fight too. And after this adventure with them is over she earns a Mimic link from them and left their worlds.

But later, everybody and herself came to DWU thanks to Lord Sharmoon bringing them together. That’s when everybody saw her once again and it really blew their minds that everybody in the whole school knew her (except Calin because he's from the dark left side of the G.A.L.A.X.Y. not the M.U.G.E.N space, as in she never went to the G.A.L.A.X.Y. or the dark left side just the M.U.G.E.N space only) because they fight alongside her before and she’s glad she came to this school because she gets to fight alongside with them once again but this time she gets to save other dimensions besides her own dimension. Oh and that girl who travels to countless universes like in kingdom hearts, her name is "Gintotita Jushellyn" (Last name, First name) but her friends (in her universe) called her "GJ".

look I made a folder about it:… But it's only a thought, so what do you think?

Attention Everyone, just so you know that the Sprite list I made is almost complete (Well almost complete) and take a look, all your characters are on it, I hope you all like it:

The DW and TFS Sprite Sheet and List by KambalPinoy

Here's a list of characters that are not yet on the sprite list but they'll be added soon once they're made:

Black Brightness and Chaz:









Silver Shadow:

Jack The Hedgehog:





Charlie Fossker:






Cera (The Support Character of Zeb):

Montyosho (The Support Character of Muki):

I like to ask:

:iconryuhoshi-deadcrow::iconshinkenmaster::iconchocochase::iconartytank: :iconzebesian::iconmattieguy95::iconsaragonvoid::iconjack-hedgehog: :iconplaystation-jedi::iconsonicsmash328::iconcuriousdragonchild:

to please make some sprites of their characters (like on the list of "characters who are not sprites yet" up there) so I can add them on the list but don't worry there's no deadline about it I'll let you all take your time but make sure they're sprite size like the character bases on the sprite list, so you can tell of which sprite size I mean. And May I please download/copy image your sprites of your characters so I can add them to the sprite list?

And in addition I not only gotta add your sprites to the list but I also like to give your sprites it's own individual transparent background (by using Photoshop or Piskel) and upload it in my own profile, so I'll decorate the group with your OCs (who are sprites with transparent backgrounds) to every title of the group's descriptions. So May I please download your sprite drawings and give your sprites it's own transparent background and upload it in my own profile? I promise to let everyone know that this sprite is created by and belongs to you, all I have to do is say "A Sprite character of Reena created by and belongs to crimson-bakeneko" and the sprite characters I made for you guys I'll say like "A sprite character of Grim created by me and this OC belongs to Jetdagoat".

Except if one of you already gave your own sprites it's own transparent background already I'll accept that. But in case if one of your sprites are too big, too small or it's transparent background is too big, I'll adjust the size for you and upload it in my own profile but don't worry I can still let everybody know that these sprites still belongs to you