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It's about a group of fairies from the fairy world who are resurrected as humans in the human world when their Fairy Kingdom falls corrupted and destroyed by the Dark Wizard and also who are given the power to transform to be senshi to fight the Dark Wizard and his Dark Fey. The leader of the Fae Senshi is Sailor Angelic Butterfly, and the guide who guides and helps the Fae Senshi her name is Lilybelle a small green fairy that is about the size of an average human thumb.

The team consists of four other members plus the leader which means the team has a total of five members altogether.

Leader: Sailor Angelic Butterfly
Fairy of Animals: Sailor Angelic Swallowtail
Fairy of Light: Sailor Angelic Radiance
Fairy of Music: Sailor Angelic Hymn
Fairy of Flowers: Sailor Angelic Elysia

The five team members are told and tasked to defeat the darkness and find the Fairy Princess or all will be lost forever under the Dark Wizard's rule.
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About The Group

This is Senshi group is about:

Fairies who have resurrected into humans and have the power to transform into senshi they are tasked to fight the Dark Fey who is sent by the Dark Wizard to find and kill the Fae Senshi its up to them to stop the corruption and find the Fairy Princess to restore peace within the human world and finally find a way to remove the corruption in the Fairy World where they originally came from.

Only Co-Founders can contribute to the different folders, but please make sure to contribute to the right folder ^^
If you don't know which folder to contribute to, look a little further down to see where to submit to which folder. If you're still unsure just ask me.
I will not accept things such as:

:bulletpurple: Horror
:bulletpurple: Extreme Gore
:bulletpurple: Sexual content
:bulletpurple: vulgar content
:bulletpurple: Hateful or insulting content
:bulletpurple: Nothing to do with the Fae Senshi

Where to upload pictures:

:bulletblue: Pictures of Past Fairy Guardians and Queen Titania goes in the "Past Fairy Protectors Folder"
:bulletblue: Pictures of Fairy Guide: Lilybelle alone goes in the "Lilybelle" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of Sailor Angelic Butterfly alone goes in the "Angelic Butterfly" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of Sailor Angelic Swallowtail alone goes in the "Angelic Swallowtail" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of Sailor Angelic Hymn alone goes in the "Angelic Hymn" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of Sailor Angelic Radiance alone goes in the "Angelic Radiance" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of Sailor Angelic Elysia alone goes in the "Angelic Elysia" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of the Fae Senshi together goes in the "Fae Senshi" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of The Fae Senshi's main enemies goes in the "Dark Fae Bosses" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of Healed Enemies goes in the "Healed Fairies" folder.
:bulletblue: Stories of the Fae Senshi goes in the "Fae Senshi Stories" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of Weapons and Henshin items goes in the "Weapons or Henshin Items" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of the mini bosses that follow the Dark Fae goes in the "mini bosses" folder.
:bulletblue: Pictures of healed mini bosses goes in the "Healed mini bosses" folder.
:bulletblue: Pixels and icons of any of the Fae Senshi goes in the "Pixels and Icons" folder.

The Fae Senshi Owners:

(Leader): Sailor Angelic Butterfly © Arch-Guardian-Angel
(Fairy of Animals): Sailor Angelic Swallowtail © MagicalCrystalWings
(Fairy of Music): Sailor Angelic Hymn © SailorLunarAngel
(Fairy of Light): Sailor Angelic Radiance © iliowahine
(Fairy of Flowers): Sailor Angelic Elysia © Yukina-Snowbunny

Gallery Folders

Fairy Guide: Lily-Belle
Fairy Guide: Lily-Belle by Arch-Guardian-Angel
Sailor Angelic Butterfly
Fae Senshi 2nd Teir Fuku (Brilliant Form) by Arch-Guardian-Angel
Sailor Angelic Butterfly by kiniBee
.:arch-guardian-angel request:. by Fairfarren-cheshire
Raffle Prize Fairy Princess Libella by Remuchii
Sailor Angelic Swallowtail
Sailor Angelic Swallowtail by MagicalCrystalWings
Sailor Angelic Radiance
Chibi Angelic Radiance by iliowahine
Sailor Angelic Radiance by iliowahine
Senna's Forms by iliowahine
Sailor Angelic Hymn
Penny by SailorLunarAngel
Sailor Angelic Hym by SailorLunarAngel
Fairy Melody by SailorLunarAngel
Fairy Guardian Melody by SailorLunarAngel
Sailor Angelic Elysia
Rayen Chibi Digital Headshot Art Trade by KizunaYui-Studios
Sailor Angelic Elysia by Yukina-Snowbunny
Primrose Xylia by Yukina-Snowbunny
Rayen by Yukina-Snowbunny
Fae Senshi Together
Comm: Arch-Guardian-Angel Friendship by MagicalCrystalWings
Past Fairy Protectors
Fairy Guardian Lady Eira (Colored) by Yukina-Snowbunny
Fairy Guardian Lady Aenda by iliowahine
Fairy Guardian Lady Papillon by Arch-Guardian-Angel
Dark Fae Bosses
Dark Fey of Poison Ivy and Plants by Arch-Guardian-Angel
Healed Fairy Bosses
Prince Alton (Healed) by Arch-Guardian-Angel
The Fae Senshi Fanfiction
Fae Senshi Weapons or Henshin Items
Sailor Angelic Swallowtail Bow by MagicalCrystalWings
Sketches and Lineart
Fae Senshi Henshin Rod Brilliant Form Base by Iggwilv
Pixels and Icons
Mini Bosses
Healed Mini Bosses
Emerald: the Gem Pixie. (Healed) by Arch-Guardian-Angel




The Fae Senshi Team!





:new: Still looking for an artist that would do Lady Autumn <333 please comment down below if you like to do her <333 you welcome to change her name for your needs but must have meaning around Autumn <3333 and also the Fairy Queen Titania <333

These are the previous Fairy Guardians that defeated the Dark Wizard ^_^ if any of you ladies would like to draw them I won't object ^_^ just put them in the correct folder ^_^, of course, the leader of the fairy guardians is the Queen :3

Fairy Queen Titania (Ruler of the Fairy Kingdom)

Fairy Guardian Lady Papillon (Spring Fairy)

Fairy Guardian Lady Papillon by Arch-Guardian-Angel

Fairy Guardian Lady Eira (Winter Fairy)

Fairy Guardian Lady Eira (Colored) by Yukina-Snowbunny - Yukina-Snowbunny 

Fairy Guardian Lady Aenda (Summer Fairy)

Fairy Guardian Lady Aenda by iliowahine - iliowahine

Fairy Guardian Lady Aurelia (Autumn Fairy)

Thank You!
Your Leader~
Sailor Angelic Butterfly!
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iliowahine Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016
can I draw a villain? you don't have to use him or her I just have a idea for one:D
Arch-Guardian-Angel Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sure why not ^_^ I would love to see it <3 and if you like for it to be used to my story 
I would gladly use it ^_^

just some tips go with kinda of the theme like how the Beryl has her dark knights 
that would match with this Boss here Dark Fey Of Poison Ivy and Flowers - (Corrupted) by Arch-Guardian-Angel she is the very first boss they will encounter for the first Arc of the story x3
so I was hoping to get 4 villains that serve under her x3 

so if you do make a village please make sure they have their healed side as well x3 Fairies don't kill they heal x3
iliowahine Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016
ok no problem, should they be "flower" based like she is?
Arch-Guardian-Angel Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
No kinda something like the 4 Generals which they named after Gems
I was thinking of something like that but as Butterflies though or some kind of other fairy like insect :3 :)
(1 Reply)
Zeria-kawaii Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
Are people allowed to make new senshi
Arch-Guardian-Angel Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
No sorry, this group is the only 5 of us sorry, since the team is already set.. :) I only made this group x3 so myself and the 4 ladies on the team can have all their artwork together in once place :), how ever

you're welcome to do a villain for my story though x3 I am looking for 4 villains for the first part of the story kinda like the Manga of Sailor Moon :)
MagicalCrystalWings Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Senpai, notice me!
Arch-Guardian-Angel Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for joining the group! I figured it would be easier to have the Fae Senshi together in once place ^_^ and it keeps things organized as well :3
MagicalCrystalWings Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! Just having all of us here will be great and then we can all be updated for when things happen. Along with putting fun little sketches here too. :)
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