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Traditional Art on Instagram!

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 6:40 PM

Rather than upload it here i've made an Instagram for all my traditional stuff. I upload traditional more than I do here, because i've got classes and train rides >w<……………

Skin coded by CypherVisor
EDIT: Thanks everyone for the links! I really loved seeing everyone's designs and characters~! 

Heya! It's been a long while since the last journal aha ;;

I was wondering if I could grab some sweet OC's from you guys to perhaps draw. 

I'll keep the limit to two OC's per person so I don't get a wall of links ;D 

I'd prefer ferals but anthro and human is ok too! 

Thanks guys~ Have a good one~
:iconderpplz: Hello everyone~

Thought i'd update to bump my last journal, because I haven't been updating here much, but i'll post all the art i've been completing lately soon. Because i've been doing a lot of traditional rather than digital lately i've been postponing uploading it here, just because my gallery is largely digital :3 I like to post traditional works in sketchdumps and so on, so that's similar to what i'll be doing. 

In other news I start college tomorrow, the new campus looks great and I can't wait ^w^ 

I hope everyone else who's gone back to school this year is having a wonderful time~
Hello guys! Sorry for the lack of updates and things. Last week I finished school. I have completed all four of my major works and i'm really excited to share my art animation with you all! Unfortunately I can't publicly post it just yet. Final exams start three weeks from now and after that all I have to worry about is Uni. 

But for now, I have an important favor to ask of you guys.

This November, instead of going on a 'schoolies' holiday like most graduating highschool students and getting off my face for a week straight, i've taken the chance to travel to Cambodia to help the less fortunate. 

I will be travelling with some of my peers from school, to build houses, schools and to fund medical and stationary supplies. 

I, personally, will be taking art and craft supplies (colouring books, paper, pencils, pens, etc), to teach the children some art lessons <3 I was specifically asked to do this ^w^ I'm really excited.

To be able to go, I need to raise the funds. I've already booked the flights~!
The estimated cost for the entire trip is $1800. $1000 of which goes directly to building and medical supplies, which is seen to by Restore One, the company/charity this trip is being planned through. 

You can donate to my $1000 supply fund by following the link below.

:heart:… :heart:

IMPORTANT IF that goal happens to be reached, PLEASE donate to the paypal widget button on my front page, or below. 

Every donation helps ;w; If you can't donate, i'd LOVE if you could share this journal! It's for a good cause <3

:star:IF YOU DO DONATE :star:

PLEASE Add your Deviant Art name so I can FEATURE you on my page!!

I must go now, my planet needs me >8D Thank you  for everything! 
Pen passed away last night…

I'm under a real load of stress lately and I'm not coping well with his death included so I won't be writing a large journal, I still have my major works to do..

I'm not in a good place but don't worry, i'll be fine ;w; 

Rip my little baby boy 

Hello! I'm a Rat c: by The-F0X
Happy Birthday The-F0X by Tuxn <da:thumb id="346990123"/>  Luna 'n' Pen by The-F0X
Trying to cull my OC's and Adoptables >w< 

Fleck SOLD




(OBO = Or best offer) 

FOR FREE ADOPTABLES (there are limits, please choose wisely - and don't be greedy.)
Ink - Softmount Pelt Doll by The-F0X

I've decided to sell INK 

I've had offers for him, around $150, so if you'd like to buy him for around that price, do note me!

Some of his flaws:

:star: As you can see in the picture, he has a wonky toe on one foot OwO It's there, just back a bit~
:star: A re-attached leg, that fell off in the dyeing process

He should be ok to send anywhere, but please be aware he is made from real marten fur. I'll not be held accountable for him being held by your countries' customs :U

I'm selling him because I have to pay my mum back at least this amount for the new tablet she bought me! Intuos Pro <3 Can't wait for it to arrive!

Taxidermy Secret Santa 2015 


  1. Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. We suggest at least 5 of these be taxidermy related
  2. Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
  3. Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
  4. Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.
  5. Others can join in the fun at TaxidermySecretSanta


-Taxidermy Wishlist- 

If you're able to get it to Australia, i'd be ecstatic to add whatever you send to my collection! <3 I'm fine with scraps or incomplete items / pelts ^v^
I'd love 

1. Skulls or animal horns/bones !

2. Pelts/Mounts or soft mounts/Scrap parts/Tails

3. Bird study skins/wings/feathers or eggs! Anything bird is awesome~

4. Taxidermy supplies
(Foam heads, eyes, etc - i'd love to try my hand at mounting something one day :D)

-Non-Taxidermy Wishlist-

1. I'd be really interested to see what lollies/candy/chocolate from other countries is like!

2. Any character art would be cool ! :heart"
There's refs and characters all through my gallery, I don't have a preference for who gets drawn, anything would be awesome!

3. Plushies
I would die if anyone had a pigeon, crow or fox plushie, those are my favourite animals! I adore
plushies so anything you send will be loved! Handmade plushies of my characters is a big ask but heck that'd be cool

3. Any cool trinkets you have lying about, maybe little gemstones or pendants? I like collecting things like that. ]
I love Egyptian and steampunk style things <3
Jingling bells are also a massive part of my collection >w< I can't go anywhere without one on me.


Please Note me for my Address, or email me at !
Thank you~!

Tag List;


I have no allergies!

I was thinking of taking one commission for an art doll… considering I have the materials c:

Unfortunately you'll have to choose from what I have at the moment - which isn't much, but it might work for someone? I can get supplies when I return from my holiday in about a week c:

Here's what I have - 

Eye Colours by The-F0X

:star: NEW Brown and Yellow/gold, I also have semi-transparent amber eyes that can be painted red and possibly orange !

Pink Feathers by The-F0X
Custom Bell by The-F0X

:star: Bells and feathers - feathers come in baby blue, pink, green and white <3

Furs- Can be trimmed to desired length

Long White Fur by The-F0X

Long White: High quality kind eve this stuff is mad expensive, I have plenty of it!

Long Brown Fur by The-F0X

Long Brown: Also high quality! same length as the white, but thicker c:

Long Black Fur by The-F0X

Long Black: High Quality! :star: More in stock now, much more than this little piece!

Long Grey Fur by The-F0X

Medium Grey: High Quality. I wouldn't recommend trimming, as the tips are grey and it looks weird otherwise, but your choice c: Very Thick <3

Short Blue Fur by The-F0X

Short Blue: Not high quality - still awesome c: Haven't worked with any of these lower quality furs yet, I don't really have many OC's of these colours haha <3

Short Red Fur by The-F0X

Short Red: Same as blue

Short Brown Fur by The-F0X

Short Brown: Same as blue

Light Brown Fur by The-F0X

:star:Short Light-Brown: Same as blue

Short White Fur by The-F0X

Thin White: I don't even know where or why this would be useful, maybe someone will need it :D

Soft White Fur by The-F0X

:star: Soft white: Don't know where this will be useful either, but it feels soooo good ;w;

Here are examples of some of the dolls I have made recently using these furs:

Drake Doll v.2 :D by The-F0X

Using Quality Long black and white furs above

Luna Doll :D by The-F0X

Using Quality black and white above

Doll Poses to choose from:

Doll Blueprints by The-F0X
Black - Clay
Blue - Wire
Red - Fur

Fig1. Laying down pose, see Luna above for an example, or Sola ;

Fig2. 'Bear hug' pose. Recommended for OC's with 'hands' or something similar, see Stitch ;

Fig3. Sitting pose - haven't tried, just an idea <3

Measurements are approximate, could be smaller or larger

If you want me to try something new, let me know, i'd be more than happy to try it!

You also have the choice between detailed fur-looking clay parts or the smooth version in the examples above.

Now for pricingggg 

Depending on how complex your OC is? Maaybe around $60 :"D

A couple days work goes into these guys, even more if not working on continuously - also the materials are stupidly expensive XD 

Don't have an OC that fits with the materials above? For an extra $15 I'd be more than happy to make you a new OC that uses the materials of your choosing :D So you'd get a new OC (and a ref pic for that OC) to buy a Doll for v w v <3

I don't expect anyone to buy one of these, but I thought I'd ask vwv <3

Have a question not below? Ask it in the comments and i'll add it here c:

I've been asked a lot of questions lately, here's the answers for anyone who wants to know c:

Personal FAQ:

" How old are you? "

16 v w v

" What's your name? "

Jordyn c: You can call me Luna or Fox, or anything else v w v I'm always open to nicknames. 

" What are your plans for future big projects? "

Well I'll be doing animations for my HSC So perhaps you'll see some of those? <: I don't have other plans for now. 

Art FAQ:

" Can I use your art for reference while drawing mine? "

Yes, of course you can! c; Just please no tracing. Always try to put your own creative flair to anything you create, and you're good. - If uploading to any websites I must ask you link me v w v <3

" What do you use to draw? "

Wacom Bamboo Pen Fun & Touch tablet! 
Always have - i've owned about three now - the only thing I can say about them is that the cord breaks after time, and you might want to consider getting a removable cord tablet. Other than that they're brilliant. ^^

" What do you think is your best and worse piece of work you've done?"

Best changes, as I progress of course c: 

Worst is this abortion. 

I don't have words for this by The-F0X 

Thank you for the nightmare fuel.

" Hardest Animal to draw? "


Animation FAQ:

" Can I use your animation for reference while drawing mine? "

Again, yes. You can reference my animations to see what movements I use. But once more, no tracing, please! ^^ - If uploading to any websites I must ask you link me v w v <3

" How did you learn to animate? "

Lots of practice, and help from a friend. :)

" What do you use to animate? "

Photoshop CS6 using the timeline (Window > Timeline)
Individual layers with a speed of 0.1 :) 

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest!

Entries are below, please take the time to check them out and leave a lovely comment! <3

Crow by XylothorSutetchi vs Anubis by Hakamorra
                           I feel them c4lling.. by nyanPikarawr
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.55.17 AM Kaycee is by I-want-a-Llama

Lighting the night by InTheStarlightGarden
The-f0x contest entry! by Music-lovinFox 
Because I Hate You:For The-F0x by Sethyuikora
:. BE MY MESSAGER .: by Favetoni
Crow by Capy-dragoness
Morning Flight-CE by m00nstuck
Contest  for The-F0X on da by purple-reaper
Fireflies... by BlueStar-OwO
{CE} water fun by m00nstuck

Because we are.. by Endber

.:CE:. Run This Town by HU0Soldier
Plague by Xylothor
.: Thouch The Sun :. by Agelenawolf
{CE} Lying on a fake beach. by m00nstuck
Dizzy Dreamers by Silent-x-Moon
Contest - Constellations by Zanterxt-Wolf
CE2 .:The Wind Blows:. by HU0Soldier
The day we met by Stygma

A good majority of the entries involved Crow and Sola djehiohgiortighrt No complaints but dheuwfoerhguhrt

The moment you've all been waiting for!...

The winners are:


Goes to WaterSoup


This gave me all the feels. 
The beauty, the emotion, just everything about this piece is so amazing. Such a beautiful story <3 I just LOVE your style, colouring, and how you drew Sola is really really gorgeous, thank you so much <333 Congratulations, you win 1500:points: !


Goes to Favetoni

:. BE MY MESSAGER .: by Favetoni

For this beautiful piece <3

I love the perspective, lighting, background, just everything is so.. magical! Thats the perfect word for this picture, it's so beautiful and magical <33 Congratulations, You win 700:points: c:


Goes to Endber 

Because we are.. by Endber

For this absolutely amazing piece <3

I think I love this so much because of the feel ;O; and the interaction shown <33 That little message just took my heart <3 The effects used just add to the overall beauty in this picture, thanks so much for this entry and congratulations, you win 500:points: :)

I can't express to you how hard it was to choose just three ;A; No idea.

hwuidhrg I wish I had another 10,000 points to give, I sadly only have a couple hundred more to give out, these will go to our runner-ups ( in no order) ;

The day we met by Stygma 'The day we met' by Stygma - I absolutely love your idea here, and your colouring/shading is to die for! You're totally right, darn deaf people always getting in the way of mutes, psh!

Contest - Constellations by Zanterxt-Wolf 'Constellations' by Zanterxt-Wolf - You're a genius. Making the constellations come to life? sweet jesus that's amazing, I wonder, do you mind if I use that for his character? The lighting in this picture definitely makes it for me, I'm a big fan of drawing skies, and you've nailed it perfectly, fantastic work <3

Dizzy Dreamers by Silent-x-Moon 'Dizzy Dreamers' by Silent-x-Moon - *w* just whoa. I love everything about this from the background to how the characters stand out amongst it all so perfectly! I love the light coming from the orb in the middle, but my favourite part about this has to be Cari, and her face >w< Favouritism? noooo.

{CE} Lying on a fake beach. by m00nstuck 'Lying on a fake beach.'

{CE} water fun by m00nstuck 'Water Fun'
Morning Flight-CE by m00nstuck 'Morning Flight' by m00nstuck - Are all extremely fun and bubbly drawings ahhh! I love the style and backgrounds used >w< <3 my favourite has to be Water Fun, Nom and Luna look so adorable together like besties <3

 'Rising Storm' by Reiven-f - Oh where do I begin with this ;O; Firstly, I love the backstory given to the picture. I think the picture absolutely perfectly captures the moment! The background is absolutely amazing, and so is Soar, all of it is fantastic!! <3

CE2 .:The Wind Blows:. by HU0Soldier 'The Wind Blows' by HU0Soldier What can I say? Brilliant! I love the intense glow of his eyes, and the lighting from the moon!

.:CE:. Run This Town by HU0Soldier 'Run this town' by HU0Soldier - Is a favourite of my friend Lexi-Cat's, and of mine :D Not only do these two look extremely badass but the picture just has that feeling of pure awesomeness! And yes, I love the background >D

.: Thouch The Sun :. by Agelenawolf 'Touch The Sun' by Agelenawolf - I can't even deal with the background on this. The sky, the water, the ROCK. ;A; It's so beautiful! Not forgetting about Sketch, he is drawn very nicely, and fits perfectly with the rest of it *o* <3

 'The One Among' by wow5283 - Again, I love the backstory! The perspective is so awesome, too! *w* Such a beautiful piece!

All of you get 150:points: each!! Congratulations!!

but, we have one more...

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.55.17 AM Kaycee is by I-want-a-Llama

The 'You Tried' award goes to I-want-a-Llama ;D You get points for llamas. <3

Thank you once more to everyone who entered! It was a fantastic contest!!

Winner of the raffle is eembuc1000 ! Congrats c: 

-- Fox~

Judging in process!

EDIT 4: I lied, this is the last warning ;D Please get your entry in in the next 24hrs! I'll be judging tomorrow afternoon! 

EDIT 3:  Last warning! OwO 2-3 days left! The prizes have been raised, and i'll be giving out more minor prizes, don't miss out y'all ;D


EDIT: EXTENDED! Until the end of my holidays, the 15th of July! Please get your entries in by then! OwO Thank you!


Hello~! :D It's about this time again~

I'll be holding another drawing contest, this is relatively smaller than my last contest ^^

:star: This contest is about  drawing my OC's :star:

* I would love to see somewhat of a backstory to the art (like a purpose), you can use the backstories given to the characters as a start , although this isn't completely necessary ^w^

* More than one character would be awesome ( especially if you're wanting to add  a backstory )  You can add anyones character ! Yours, mine, someone else's. If you want to know how my characters would interact, let me know! But you're free to make it up owo <3

* This won't be based on skill, so please don't feel threatened to enter c: This is based on what I liked, and there will be surprise mini-prizes for entrants even if  you don't win!

:star: Major Prizes :star:

1st Place:

:heart: - 1500:points:

2nd Place:

:heart: - 700:points:

3rd Place:

:heart: - 500:points:

( Prizes may rise depending on number of entries c: )

:star: Raffle  :star:

:star: Please advertise this journal! For gigs, if you send a link back to me showing that you have advertised this, you go in the draw to win 100:points: :D :star:

:star: Characters  :star:

I have both animal and human characters! Keep reading oWo <3

Below are the characters you can choose to draw ^w^ If a character of mine isn't here, feel free to draw it anyway, you can see all my characters here;…

For all my human characters, feel free to change their clothing - in fact it would be awesome to see other designs c:



Luna Reference Sheet V.2 by The-F0X - Luna's Human form included in ref, if you need more ( )


.:Sketch Ref 2.0:. by The-F0X - Sketch's Human form included in ref, if you need more ( )

CARI AND KARI (  please try your hardest not to get these two mixed up X"D )

Kari : Cari Reference Sheet by The-F0X - Human forms included in the ref, if you need more ( Cari: - Kari: )

Both have pets-

Cari's pets:


.: Anubis Reference Sheet :. by The-F0X


: Plague Reference Sheet : by The-F0X


Drake ref by Magicpawed

Kari's Pet, KIP

Fake Gameshot: Kip by The-F0X

( )


: Chime Reference Sheet : by The-F0X - Human form is open to free design, but a reference of what he'd kinda look like can be found here


: Mime Reference Sheet : by The-F0X - Human form is open to design! He's also a magician ;)


: Crow Reference Sheet : by The-F0X - Human form kinda here haha Free to design >w<


Sola Reference Sheet by The-F0X - Human form included in ref ~


:: Soar Reference Sheet 2.0 :: by The-F0X - Human form here ~


Nom Reference Sheet by The-F0X - no human form, although, if you're up to the challenge, feel free to design her one! :D

RIVER - Human form here ~

: River Reference Sheet : by The-F0X


Lukah Reference Sheet by The-F0X -  no human form, although, if you're up to the challenge, feel free to design him one! :D


.:Stitch:: Ref:. by The-F0X (No human form needed)


.:Taken Reference Sheet:. by The-F0X (No human form needed)


Flye Reference Sheet by The-F0X  - No human form, if you're willing to design him one, his hair has to be awesome ;D He loves his hair and looks~


Soy Reference Sheet by The-F0X -  no human form, although, if you're up to the challenge, feel free to design her one! :D

Other characters you might like to draw~

This unamed cutie~
Voodoo ~
Sushi ~

For purely human drawers, I have this bunch of retards for you <3

Human Characters + Winter Clothes c: by The-F0X

*o* I have way too many characters.

:star: Closing date will be 15th July ( Will extend if neeeded ) :star:

If you need any more information, post all questions below OwO HAVE FUN

Skin coded by CypherVisor
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I take points or paypal ;o; <3

Original Species by me

:: Messengers ::

- 1200:points: + 300:points: if you want the crow form designed too <3 
- $12, $15 if you want the crow form designed too <3 

:: Depth Demons ::

- 900:points:
- $9




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1000 watchers... ,-,

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 26, 2012, 1:23 AM

;A; I'm such a sap, but I just found out I now have 1000 watchers and I just want to say, thank you all so so much! It really means a bunch to me. I came here just to enjoy art, I never dreamed of having so many watchers ;U; So thank you all <3333


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I wan to do an 'Ask Me' Meme too!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 12, 2012, 4:41 PM

Sorta like…

:D I've seen them done before, and i've always wanted to try it!

:dummy: So, maybe... If you have a question, it can be anything X3 Post it here! and i'll draw a reply to it? :D

XD And i had a suggestion to throw Cari, Kari and Sketch into the mix

Since i use them a lot, if you have a question for them, let it rip X3 :heart:

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Commission Info (OPEN)

Mon Apr 2, 2012, 4:56 PM



(If you're interested in something that's not listed feel free to ask if i'm available to do it)


Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke



POINTS/PAYPAL ACCEPTED -- $1 = 100:points:

:star: Icons (CLOSED) :star:

$8 - For type A WhiteSpiritWolf icon by The-F0X or B Garth Icon by The-F0X
$5 - For 4 frames or less Kip c: by The-F0X
$2 - For static Icon – Can blink

:star: Sketch Page :star:

$25 - Comes with one coloured sketch + full page of others (5+)

Lancelot Practice Sketches by The-F0X   Chi Practice Sketches by The-F0X

:star: Flat Colour :star:


  REQ: Lumo by The-F0X  Price by The-F0X   Malakai by The-F0X

:star: Shaded :star:

$25 Simple

  COM: Rika by The-F0X Adoptable - Jester Demon : CLOSED by The-F0X

$35 Detailed

  COM: Phoenix by The-F0X Pure of Heart by The-F0X

:star: Fully Shaded, Effects, Background :star:

$30 Headshot, Bust shot -

: Balance : by The-F0X  : Solitude : by The-F0X

$60-$80 *Depending on Background/Character Detail* Fullbody -

: The Demon Prince : by The-F0X  : Caution : by The-F0X  Towards the Sun + SPEEDPAINT by The-F0X   Commission by The-F0X

:star: Traditional Watercolour Painting :star:

$50 - $70 *Depending on Character Detail*
A4 Size

Dressy Duo by The-F0X  12241606 10204564920232384 5577414376057493443 N by The-F0X   12314119 10204537094616761 3646885306313115830 N by The-F0X  


Commissions (OPEN):

1. Hold for sparkling-otter



Design Trade (CLOSED):

Trade (CLOSED):

Collabs (CLOSED):


Waiting on:




Skin coded by CypherVisor
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100 theme challenge.

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2012, 3:26 AM

Because i'm a cheater, I have deleted ones that are just completely boring, if i have any pictures that fit a category, i'll just list it here ;)

1. Introduction
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away - : Break Away : by The-F0X
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. -------
20. -------
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. -------
24. Orly?
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. -------
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain - My umbrella's broken :( by The-F0X
31. Flowers - : Demon of Red and White : by The-F0X
32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes - : Eyes On Fire : by The-F0X
38. Abandoned
39. Dreams
40. -------
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still
43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. -------
50. Breaking the Rules
51. -------
52. Deep in Thought
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. --------
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale - .:Fairytale:. by The-F0X
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. -------
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can't
74. Are You Challenging Me? - : You Dare Mess With A Demon? : by The-F0X
75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal
84. Out Cold
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red
87. Food
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire - : Set Fire to the Rain : by The-F0X
90. -------
91. Drowning - : Going Under : by The-F0X
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope
95. -------
96. In the Storm
97. Safety First
98. Puzzle
99. Solitude
100. Relaxation

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My fishy died :c

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 18, 2011, 1:41 AM
I'm really sad my Sushi died :'c

Of course my family didn't tell me that he died until i went to feed him after coming home this afternoon *pissed* So i couldn't give him a funeral :c

CSS and graphics by ArtEverlasting
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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2011, 10:34 PM


I've made you wait

confused most of you

and spammed you with polls.







And now, what you've all been waiting for eUe (hopefully)

:star:FIRST PLACE GOES TO...:star:


:clap: GOLD by Keprion :clap: Congratulations :heart:

Such amazing artwork ;A; ~

You win 500:points:, One free drawing of anything you'd like (something i can draw ~ including backgrounds, shading, effects~ One cellshaded or soft shaded character, simple background~One flat colour chibi :heart: Note me ~


:star:SECOND PLACE GOES TO...:star:


:clap: .:SOAR:. by lady-rowen :clap: Congratulations :heart:

Without any ref of a human form, you amazed me by making a perfect one, you're a legend XD :heart:

You win 300:points:, One cell shaded or soft shaded character with simple background~One flat colour chibi :heart: ;)


:star:THIRD PLACE GOES TO...:star:


:clap: NOM by Mizfix :clap: Congratulations :heart:

ooh that faceee~!! :heart: :heart:

You win 200:points: and a cell shaded chibi :heart:


:star:ORIGINALITY PRIZE...:star:



Now i don't know about you guys, but i have NEVER seen a style like that before, and it looks like they've used it so perfectly ;V; :heart:

100:points: for u~


*pfft* and without warning, fox jumps you all with more prizes to give. >u> :heart: because i love you all <3




Nightly Steed by White-Wind1

50:points: and a nano each ~!



CE: Anubis by mephilesthedark-44

-FLASH ANIMATION- Plague  -The-F0X contest entry by ArtSharky

You both win a free chibi oUo ~



Last Contest entry for The-F0X by Magicpawed


You all win a free nano


Personal Favorite: Darkside Face-off by Sethyuikora <3333 Watched through the making and i know how much effort went into this piece ;) i love it to death FFF <333


And i am sorry to anyone who did not come a place :c if i had enough points i would have given you all a little something c:

Thanks everyone who participated, i loved every single entry! Entries below, my lovelies :heart:

:thumb269230562: :thumb269168691: Mime the-F0X's competition by GingaFoxx The-F0X competition entry LUNA by GingaFoxx CE: Anubis by mephilesthedark-44 :thumb269051817: Sketch Contest Entry by Music-lovinFox :thumb268966167: for The-F0X's contest by Whimsy11 The-F0X Contest Entry 2 by Magicpawed Darkside Face-off by Sethyuikora Nightly Steed by White-Wind1 -FLASH ANIMATION- Plague  -The-F0X contest entry by ArtSharky :thumb267026960: lolwut by McFleury917 :thumb265249931: :thumb266272454: Our Night by The--Working-Wulf Contest Entry For The-F0X by FoxyBeatz Nom by Mizfix The-FOX's Contest by starryeye .: Sketch Sketch 4 Comp:. by White-Wind1 :thumb265398715: :thumb261832863: :thumb261281313: :CE: Luna by Melacee Contest Entry For The-F0X by Magicpawed :thumb261193272: :thumb261143640: :thumb261097988: Somebody's Watching Sketch by KarasuTheWolf Last Contest entry for The-F0X by Magicpawed

I know every single one of you tried your hardest oUo maybe lol </sup>

Thanks for entering ;A; it was totally worth holding the contest :heart:

:heart: Fox~


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