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THE VALIARD MANSION - Chapter 1 to 5
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Published: January 10, 2013
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Ghosts, magicians, and romance collide in this Victorian comedy.

The restoration of the derelict Valiard Mansion throws childhood sweethearts Ruth and Theodore back into each others' lives after eight years apart. Can they reconcile their differences when their worlds are so very changed by the societal gap which divides them?

And when emotions run high, the spirits of The Valiard Mansion stir.

Welcome to the preview chapters of my illustrated novel, The Valiard Mansion! :D This version has been edited for print, and although it still needs a few proofreads from me and its editor, it hopefully serves as a faithful sample of what to expect once the novel hits bookstore shelves.

KINDLY NOTE: This PDF will be appended with illustrations as soon as they are finished. The formal illustration process of the novel will begin in June, 2016. :aww:

The Valiard Mansion will be published by Golden Bell's Polar Press.

Released in time for CHRISTMAS, 2016!
Pre-orders open August, 2016!

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:bulletgreen: Read this Journal for the full scoop!
VALIARD got a BOOK DEAL!If you're a Valiard Reader, please do me the honour of watching this video
Hi, guys! Today I have some very exciting news!
The Valiard Mansion is going to be a legit, published book! Like, honest to goodness on bookstore shelves!
This has been in the works for a few months already — since right after I finished the manuscript, actually — so I apologise for keeping everyone in the dark for a bit. I don't much like sneaking around or keeping secrets, but do I make an exception for happy surprises.
Setting out on this writing journey, I decided early on to create a checklist for an ideal publisher. Anything less would be shown the door, if it ever came to it. If you're clued in on traditional publishing, you would know this checklist to be stupidly ambitious and unrealistic, but that's just how much I valued a freely distributed Valiard's potential to allow me to connect with readers. I wasn't prepared to accept anything that w
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aaobaisiStudent Digital Artist
i read it and its amazing. now im obsessed and will want to read more when its fully published! every detail in those five chapters came to life. its like watching a movie in my mind! the Valiard Mansion sounds like it will make a BIG hit. cant wait!:happybounce: 
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idijacreepyStudent Digital Artist
hi, that story is awesome!^^ <3 .. how did you do this ? Which programs you use for this?
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I love it! When can I read for more? I´m so excited and suspense. Plis would you allow me to read some more?

When can i get this book?

I´m from Argentina!
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inkandparchment23Hobbyist Writer
This is beautiful, every bit of it! I absolutely adore your dialogue and cannot wait for it to become a bestseller!
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I can not wait for this to be a fully published story! After reading the first two pages I knew this would be a wonderful story and that I was in for a treat!
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peblezQProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, this is incredibly more vivid and descriptive than it was before. I trust that you're doing good things with the editing after reading this through. It was like a whole new experience reading this again with the heavy editing done to it. This makes me even more eager to get my hands on a hard copy now!

Here's something I couldn't help but notice that I have a suggestion for. In the following sentence (Chatper 1, pg.4), "This put undue strain on the relationship and Ruth found her self turning more and more towards her father." I felt the more and more could be replaced with something along the lines of: "This put undue strain on the relationship, causing Ruth to turn more towards her father." It's just a minor suggestion that I thought I'd like to throw out there. Something felt off about that sentence for some reason, and I felt like I had to point it out now. there isn't anything really wrong with it; actually, this would even work, "This put undue strain on the relationship and Ruth found her self turning more and more towards her father." You just didn't need that "and more" added in there. Overall, this story is improving greatly, and I can't wait to re-read it! :meow:
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PeluchepazStudent General Artist
Hi! Just wanted to ask, where are the illustrations in this illustrated novel? I just saw one pic and I really want to get a better view of what I'm reading. Please don't get mad at me ;-;
I love your artwork, you're so very talented! I just want some more of that amazing art in the novel <3

Greetings from Chile (the country at the end of the world)
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The-EzProfessional General Artist
Hmm! Yeah, I'll have to make a note of that in the Description. Thanks for pointing it out! :D

The illustrating process will begin in April, and I will update the PDF with those illustrations as soon as they are done. These chapters used to have quite a few pictures, but since many of them were done in 2013, I feel they no longer faithfully represent the final product, so I took them out to be replaced later on. :aww:

Thanks again for pointing this out! I'll change the Description to reflect this information right away! :w00t:

And don't worry, I'm from South Africa — basically the opposite end from Chile! Haha! :XD:
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PeluchepazStudent General Artist
I'm so sorry, I did not read the last journal you updated. I will wait for the illustrations :3
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The-EzProfessional General Artist
Oh gosh! No need to apologize! :XD: I should have it in the Description anyway. ;)

Also, if you reply to your own comment, I don't get it in my Notifications. It was only when I navigated to the deviation to add info to the Description that I spotted your follow-up comment. Just a tip! :D
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PeluchepazStudent General Artist
Hahahaha thank you! You're awesome :3
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Once again waking up early did me good ! Reading those chapters again was a great way to wake up ! :D
Now that is great editing :) i really like the new descriptions, it does give à better look at what that time used to be and i loved it ! The editing on the characters is also really well done. To be honest i was a little scared of change there because i really loved their first appareances, but its as you say: it just make the characters more lively than before, and its honestly awesome ! :D
Thanks for making my day start on a good note ! Besh wishes !
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ahhh the beginning.....that takes me back!
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MazapowaHobbyist General Artist
Yei!!! omg! esto estará genial :)
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alvringerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh I'm really excited for you! Bookshelves this Christmas! :la:
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squidjoy123Student Artist
hey i just saw your work at Cleveland wizard con!  
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The-EzProfessional General Artist
NO WAYS! You were there? :XD: Ahh I'm freaking out! :la:

What did the banner look like? Was it super big? The publisher had me up 'til 2.30 AM one morning getting its design done so they could print it in time for the con. :faint: But I can't complain, from the photos I've seen, I think it was worth it. ^^; I only wish I could be there to meet you, though!!! :glomp:
squidjoy123's avatar
squidjoy123Student Artist
Everything looked great! I saw the banner from across the room and maaaay have knocked a few people over to get to it. Sweating a little... I'm so used to seeing your work here, it was weird/cool seeing it out of context! Congratulations on getting published!!I am a dummy! Hug Love Clap 
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I will binge read these two chapter to feed my hunger until Christmas!La la la la La la la la La la la la  I love your story and characters so flippin much!!Love Love
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The-EzProfessional General Artist
Haha! Thanks so very much! Words really can't describe how grateful I am for your support, dear! :glomp: :heart:
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Imaginative-MindStudent General Artist
:D as soon as i saw the first page of the chapter i'm like, "i'm gonna enjoy this. not because of the art style of the characters (which is amazing!), but because of the short short summary that you gave". can't wait to read the rest!!!
The-Ez's avatar
The-EzProfessional General Artist
Ahh! :heart: Thanks so much for checking it out! It means a ton!!! :glomp: :star: And I mean, it's good to know the summary helped to lure you in. :giggle:

I sincerely hope you enjoy the story. :w00t:
Imaginative-Mind's avatar
Imaginative-MindStudent General Artist
you're welcome! can't wait to read more of it when i get a chance! i just love your drawing style
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Hi! I love your work! You dont understand HOW MUCH IT MEANS FOR ME, i couldnt stop crying on the last chapter. I have visited all your pages, but i have soooo many questions for you, also(no offense, really, just a comment) have you nottice the sinopsis you have on your official page isnt accord with the book one? Technically you are explaining what happens of book two, you most fix that for future readers.😊 Just telling, really dont get mad at me, also wanted to ask....WHEN ARE YOU GONNA PUBLISH BOOK TWO?! Im dying, sorry im so desperate but i CANT stop thinking about poor theodore.
wait for answer: your fan
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