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Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, (u know, old stuff...)
Favourite style of art: Photo realistic wildlife
Favourite cartoon character: Plankton, Pinky and the brain!
Personal Quote: "Old fishermen never die, they just smell that way"

Favourite Visual Artist
Carl Brenders
Favourite Movies
Galaxy Quest, Star Wars, The Incredibles
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Patt Benatar, Journey, Styx, The Eagles, The Scorpions, kansas
Favourite Writers
Wen spencer, Patricia Briggs, Kelly Armstrong, Catherine Kurtz
Tools of the Trade
pencils, paint brush, sculpting tools, blow torch*laughs evily*
Other Interests
Nature, Sci-Fi, painting, gemstones

Not Dead Yet!

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Sorry its been so long since my last posting! Much has happened and much has changed. I am now working towards a ceramics business. It was an addiction / hobby that got out of control! (I have no more storage... I must start selling to make room for future projects) I have, with the help of a friend, started an Etsy site! (Which I'm still learning how to use as computers were never my thing) and I'm excited to share all my work with you again! ** Special shout out to Bailey! I haven't forgotten you!** "g'day"
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Been a long time since my last journal. 2 years in fact. In that time I have started a new career in the jewelry industry. I am working for a jewelry store as a sales person and also designing and making jewelry for that store. I have one line in already and am working on a second line. This line has four different collections. Ancient cultures , Inspired by nature , hearts and scrolls , and last but not least.......a middle earth collection. This is the one I had the most fun designing because I'm a big nerd. One set each to represent the races of middle earth. You know.....elves , dwarves , hobbits , humans , orcs , and dragons. Today I did
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I've got a new job in the unemployment line :D due to a change in management, i decided to quit my job at the bakery where i've worked the last 8 years. i'll probably take a month off before i start seriously hunting for a new job I didnt like the direction in which the bakery was heading or the ridiculous work hours that the decorators were subject to i was supposed to be part time and yet found myself deep into overtime every week. it's nice to have my life back! kinda like a vacation haha i hope to work on all the projects i've had to put off including Otakon costumes, gem cutting, gardening, and maybe painting. i will miss some
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someone should put me in a box, floating on the river!!

BTW i wish to buy one of these cakes!!
I haven't been on DA in years; but somehow your hippie cake popped up in a cake search of mine & here I am, pole-axed by your insanely amazing talent! I see you do jewellery now, are you still doing cakes? I hope you haven't abandoned your tops & piping bags completely; the pastry world needs more frosting talent like you. Everything is plastered in fondant nowadays and some of us classic artists prefer real frosting. 😉
Sorry it took so long to message you back. Thank you for your kind comments. I'm not on deviant art very often these days. I am completely out of the baking industry these days. I'm working as a jeweler and starting a ceramics Buisiness on etsy at the moment. 10 years cake decorating was enough.
My your birthday be totally awesome!
Haven't seen you around for a while, I trust all is well with you. :hug:
Hi Bailey ! It has been a long time since I've been on deviant art. I've been busy. Still working on the jewelry line. Also picked up wheel pottery as a new hobby / obsession.
How have you been and what have you been up to ?
Hi Rita!  Good to read from you again.  :)

Oooh, pottery? Awesome!  Must post pics! ;)

Also, are you allowed to show pics of your jewelry creations?  I bet they are amazing!

I'm still doing the knit & crochet thing.  Have some things in progress, and some finished that I've not bothered to take pics of yet.  (Lazy. ;) )

Made Chicken-n-Dumplings for the first time ever, turned out great.  So introduced my Dragon to it, he likes it, then introduced my Stitch-n-Bitch group to it, and they've insisted I bring it to the next meeting!  (Since it's still winter here, the weather is perfect for hot, rich, filling soups.)

Other than that, still puttering along with life.  It's all good. :)