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:new:July 23, 2017
Okay so obviously things have been slow and that's because life got in the way for me. I won't bore you all with details, but I do want you to know that I haven't abandoned the group. The main reason I am making this update is I need HELP. If there is anyone who may be interested in helping me get the major group show up and running, please note me directly! I think I have the bones roughly worked out in my stash somewhere but I'm not going to be able to run it successfully on my own. 
I was going to hold off on looking for co-founders and other admins but if any of y'all are active enough and want to help, those positions are opening up. There will be official applications opening further down the line, but for right now I just can't do this on my own so I need people who have their own ideas, are willing to follow/listen to mine, and care about this group and the eventing disciplines within the HARPG community. 

Thanks guys, I hope to be more active soon!!


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May 6, 2017
We are now affiliated with HARPG-ShowCircuit, you may have noticed the update to the point system stating that the weekly shows now gain you points here. In addition to this, all monthly/qualifier shows hosted by that group are sanctioned (meaning you get extra points on your entries). The monthly shows and the weekly shows do not count for the same points! The weekly shows, which do not require art, count for +2 and do not contribute towards your shows/placings needed to reach Experienced and higher so you still need to participate in art-based shows. The monthly/qualifier shows count as the regular show pts and do contribute towards the leveling requirements, as they are effort-based art shows. At this point in time, the monthly shows are open to everyone, so you do not need to be a member of the HARPG-ShowCircuit to get the bonus points for entering a sanctioned show. 

On the flip side, if you are a member of the Show Circuit, our TES levels will be worked into their XP system and our future effort-based shows count as qualifiers for your Circuit horses.  

Due to all the changes that I have been making with the points system, I will be keeping a close eye on registrations and level advancements to see if we need to have a rebalance. I have been trying to update some of my own horses and so far am still finding it relatively fair but that may change. If you feel it is getting too easy to level please comment or note the group and I'll reevaluate the level requirements. :) 

Thanks for baring with me through these changes! The group should be sorted and in working order soon! 


April 25, 2017

You may have noticed me updating and re-uploading some journals. The point system has undergone some significant change, but I have primarily been reformatting everything to make it nicer to look at and easier to follow, and simply adding some things on to what already existed.
The next thing I want to do is run a large effort-based show that is open to all users, both members and non-members. This will hopefully draw more attention to the group and give us a boost in activity. BUT in order for that to work out, I need your support to keep it from being a total flop. I am not sure how many of our members are still active in HARPG or on dA, I only got four responses on the group survey (if you did not do the survey, you are still encouraged to take it provide your feedback, I am still checking for responses). What I am asking of you guys is to note either the group or myself if you would like to donate any prizes or give any feedback on how you would like the show to run. Also please advertise once the show is posted and open. I plan on having the show run until the end of July, but you may give your thoughts on that as well if you feel that is too much or not enough time. 

After that show is wrapped up, or possibly sooner, we will be trying to get the regular group shows running again. These will be open to group-registered horses only and will likely take the form of a monthly effort show, unless you guys change your minds and specify something else you'd prefer in the new survey. 

I will also probably be sorting through the folders over the next couple weeks and removing horses/deviations from members who have been inactive for a long period of time. This shouldn't affect any of you, as I will only be removing deviations from people who have not submitted or logged on for over a year, but if I accidentally remove your horse simply send a note and I will send a request to have it resubmitted. 

Lastly, I'm sure surveys get old quick, but I know if I ask for comments I won't get any responses and I can't afford to make this a super group just for polls, so I have one more survey for you guys. It's short and just asking for some basic feedback on recent changes and the new recurring group shows. This is your group and I want to keep you guys as happy as possible, just keep in mind that some of you want different things.

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April 14, 2017
Hey all! Looks like I'm your new founder! Hi! 
First off, I think I have a few ideas for the group but I don't want to just barge in here and start changing things without your input. The group is about the members after all. So I've put together a little survey and I'm asking that anyone who is still active or wishes to be active with this group please take a few minutes to leave your thoughts.
Arrow left Member Survey

Keep your eyes peeled for contests and other things that will be running in order to hopefully bring more attention to the group and boost activity!

If you have any questions or would like to contact me about anything you can always feel free to drop a comment here or note me directly :) 

I look forward to hearing from you guys,


Currently looking for a new founder for the group. While I had plans and great ideas to get the group more active, real life has decided that it needed to take precedence this past year and a half and it looks like I really won't have much time in the future either. I don't want this group to sit and you guys having to wait a week or so to get points upgraded etc, so I'm looking for someone who would be willing to take over the group and be active within it.

If you're interested, please send the group a note.




Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and a new start for the Eventing Society. We have some awesome new plans underway for the group and we’d like to make them a success. But to do that, we need the member’s help. I cannot make a group active by myself, but only with participation.

So I’m asking for your help to make this group active and relevant for all the eventers you know. Even just advertising the group and what it does would be a big help, even if you cannot enter the shows we will be hosting.

Feedback is also highly appreciated. What do you find to be too difficult? Too easy? Not really getting through? What would you like to see the group do?

As of this month we will be hosting a mini show, to be rotated with an effort show every other month for the next ten months in preparation for the Championship Cup. We’re hoping to make this a desired event for all to participate it, but it has special benefits for horses that are registered with us.

Not enough? Want more? Please, comment or send a note. The only way a group is active is when its members contribute and its admins manage, and as the biggest and broadest Eventing Society in the ha-RPG verse, why shouldn’t we be an active and thriving group?

I know I’ll be making a great effort this year to have the group running smoothly and active once more and keep it that way.

So keep an eye out for information on the Championship Cup and the events leading up to this big event!


Going to be revamping folders, removing some and adding others. The breeding folder will be removed as it does not have anything to do with eventing persay. All entries that are not eventing specific(sj, x country, dressage, barrels, reining or roping) will be removed.
Planning on overhauling the group within the next month or so, including but not limited to:
Points system - adding in points for unsanctioned shows etc.
Registration - more clear, concise, easier flow, more definition to what is and is not allowed.
Group shows - Mini and full for gaining sanctioned points
Levels - for those who like to achieve, gain titles or simply breed 'quality'.

Anything else you'd like to see??


Due to being a fulltime student, I have been unable to put as much time into the group as I had planned when I took over. There are things I've been wanting to change and add (Like monthly group shows, etc) But I havn't had the time to set them up and figure out if/what types of prizes, classes etc.

So I'm looking for 1-3 people who would be interested in helping me organise and run group shows, group features and really just encourage the members and provide a place to find 3DE shows of both english and western disciplines.

If you are interested, send the group a note with why you're interested, what ideas you may have for the group(Basic ideas for motivating members, show ideas, group ideas) and how active you think you can be. (Really only need a few hours every few weeks I should think.)

Thank you in advance!


Hello everyone!

crazykate1 hasn't been able to  be as active as she wanted to be with this group, so she's generously allowed me to take over as founder. Hopefully I'll be able to  help get this awesome group a bit more active and be able to provide you all with a ton of shows to gain points with as well as *hopefully* being able to keep up with the season show stats etc.

There will probably be a few minor changes and additions within the next few months as things get sorted out, but I  hope you all will bear with me. ^^

Thank you all for your time, and happy Eventing!

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Happy to help wherever I can - let me know if you need me! :aww: