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Horses registered with The-Eventing-Society receive an extra 3 pts on show entries for sanctioned shows (within the specified eventing disciplines). 

Getting A Show Sanctioned

To get your/a show sanctioned and added to this list, please make sure there are classes for at least one of the following disciplines: Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Barrel Racing, Pole Banding, Roping, Reinging. Then simply comment or note the group with the following:
Show name and link to show journal
Class types (only list Eventing Society accepted classes found above)
Show close date
Recurring or non-recurring
Mini or Effort show
We will then add your show to our list! We will also happily consider sponsoring any show that offers any classes in our accepted disciplines! 
We will semi-actively search out and add shows to this list, in addition to taking applications, especially while the group is still gaining traction. There should hopefully always be a couple current shows posted here!
You (the members) are also permitted to suggest shows to sanction, simply note the group with the same information as above and we will be sure to take a look and add it! 

Sanctioned Shows 

Here is where you will find a list of all shows sanctioned by the group that are currently running, ordered by end date (closest first), with ongoing shows listed last. 

Effort Shows
2017 Equi-Canine+ Show | Ends Nov. 24, 2017
SVI Schooling Show | Ongoing, monthly
HARPG-ShowCircuit Monthly Show | Ongoing, monthly

Mini Shows
Eagle Creek's OnGoing Mini Show | Ongoing, bi-weekly

[Previously Sanctioned Shows]
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