Horse Registration and Level Changes

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:new: April 25, 2017: Added the option to register a stable, updated formatting. Registration and level change methods have not been affected by the update

Welcome to The-Eventing-Society's Registration Guide! Here you will find all the information you need on registering your stable and horses, as well as how to move your horses through the levels. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions should you have them.

Before you can begin registering, please become a member by hitting the Join button on the front page. Join requests are automatically approved so you may begin the registration process immediately after sending a join request. 

Registering a Stable (Optional)

Registering your stable will help other eventers find you and your horses. Once accepted, your name and stable will be linked in our [Registered Stables] journal. Registering your stable is in no way required, you are free to register horses, use the point system, participate in shows, etc. regardless of whether your is registered. This is simply an easy way to get your name into the community. To register you stable, please send a note to the group with the following information:

Note Title: Stable Registration
Stable Name
Link to stable journal
Focus discipline (English or Western)

Your stable will then be added to our list. 

Registering a Horse

To register a horse, first please make sure that the horse focuses on at least 2 of the approved Eventing Society disciplines. These disciplines are: Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross-Country for English horses, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Reining, Roping for Western horses. Your horse's reference must have the following information: Name, Breed, Gender, Discipline(s)
Next, visit our Eventing Points System and tally up your horse's points. If you wish, you may register your horse as 'unranked' and count their points up later, just say "uncounted" and "unranked" for the horse's point tally and level, you will simply have to note again to have your horse moved to the appropriate folder when their points are counted. If you have any questions regarding your horse's points, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or note the group. Once you have the points listed somewhere on your horse's profile with working links to all images (either directly or via journal link), send the group a note with the following: 

Note Title: Horse Registration
Horse's name
Link to horse's reference
Link to horse's point tally (if not on the horse's profile)
Horse's current level

You will receive a reply either accepting your registration along with a submission request to add the horse to our folders, or rejecting your registration along with an explanation of what needs to be fixed in order for your horse to be accepted.
If you register a horse that has only a foal reference, it will be submitted to the "Foals" folder. To have your horse moved to a level folder, follow the Advancing a Level procedure (below), linking us to the new adult reference and listing 'foal' as the current level. 

You may register multiple horses in one note.

Advancing a Level

The process to advance a level is very similar to the registration process. Please ensure that all points are counted correctly and working links are provided for all images and lineage. Just as with registering, you may advance more than one horse in a single note, but please keep registration notes and level advancement notes separate. Level advancement notes should include the following:

Note Title: Level Advancement
Horse's name
Link to horse's reference
Link to horse's points (if not on the horse's profile)
Horse's current level
Level to advance to

We will send you a reply either accepting or rejecting your request to advance your horse through the levels, always providing reason for rejection. Once you have been accepted, we will move your horse to the new level folder. 
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