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Sky Guard: Blue Eagle 5-6, commence pre-flight check. 

Flying Endeavor (OC): Flight Controls, Check. Weapon Systems and Countermeasures, Check. Sky Guard, all Systems Cleared and ready for take-off. Over. 

Sky Guard: Copy that Blue Eagle 5-6, you are cleared for take-off. Turn to heading 2-8-9, and maintain holding pattern at Angels 10. 

Flying Endeavor (OC): Copy that Sky Guard. Turning heading 2-8-9, and maintain holding pattern Angels 10. *smirk* I would have wanted to do a Covey Launch today. 

Sky Guard: *smirk* Yeah Hot shot. Unfortunately, nopony wants to fly with you today. Good hunting out there. 


Greetings of Peace and Joy!

Mares and gentlecolts, you are cleared for take-off. I hope you are all ready to embark on this great adventure. 

Story Description: 
The recent magical ruckus in Equestria has attracted the attention of more than one foreign nation. What ensues in the coming weeks are some of the darkest days the land has ever witnessed as they get caught up in a violent conflict spanning half the globe. Now they must join forces with strangers or risk total annihilation. But are these "new friends" here to be Equestria's salvation... or will they lead Equestria further to its destruction. Only time would tell the outcome of such an event, when Military Might meets the Magic of Friendship. 

This piece is one of the many artworks we would put out for the upcoming MLP Comic we are developing known as, THE EQUESTRIAN DREAM. In this image, you are placed in the perspective of a pilot about to be launched off the deck of an aircraft carrier off the coast of Equestria. And as you could see by the introduction, there is some witty banter mixed in with serious military demeanor. If all this stuff interests you, then THE EQUESTRIAN DREAM is flying towards your direction. Take note that the Carrier is not alone, there is a Cruiser on the right side, however, there are multiple other warships out of view. And yes, these are part of the UNITED NATIONS FORCES. :) So, this is not a human story in Equestria. 

Anyways, this piece was not only made by one person, but rather a small team of dedicated individuals.

:iconbootsyslickmane:  -  For the Pony Pilot Vector (Flying Endeavor)

:iconqueen-razlad:  - For the Pony Navy Shooter Vector (OC)

:iconworldoftanks:  - Cockpit Vector, Carrier Vector, and Background

And special thanks goes to BOUNTY, a World of Tanks moderator from the ASIA Server for doing the finishing touches and making the artwork look presentable. :) 

Our project is still open for volunteer artists who would like to take part in the overall development and progress of this story. We have a small team of writers and artists currently in the project, but of course, it would not hurt to have more people providing their artistic assistance to further push this story forward. We would also be conducting searches to find suitable OCs to include in this story, if interested in any of these, do not hesitate to contact us and be part of THE EQUESTRIAN DREAM, or support us by giving this your favorite as well as giving this account a watch to be able to catch more updates as time goes by. 

This is currently our second project for the comic story, hopefully we would be able to make better progress in the future. 

So what are you waiting for? LET'S FLY. 

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Damn the details in the cockpit, nice work
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Thank you so much ^^ 
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You're welcoooome.
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Incredible bord ! Nice work ! I think that scene :
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Thank you so much :) And indeed, this mission serves as a bit of an inspiration xD :) I love this mission 
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No problem ^^ You're welcome ^^
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That's quite a lot of controls!
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Yush :) I tried to get as much details out of an actual F-18 cockpit as possible. :) 
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Yay :3 Thank you Yoshi :D
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This sounds so cool, can't wait to see where it goes! :)
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According to the cockpit,it should be a F/A-18C/D
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
yup :) It is an F-18 C Hornet :) 
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you're welcome
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