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Greetings of Peace and Joy from the United Nations Expeditionary Forces!

Ladies and Gentlecolts, welcome to Equestria. A land of friendship, magic, and now, military leadership. 

The recent magical ruckus in Equestria has attracted the attention of more than one foreign nation. What ensues in the coming weeks are some of the darkest days the land has ever witnessed as they get caught up in a violent conflict spanning half the globe. Now they must join forces with strangers or risk total annihilation. But are these "new friends" here to be Equestria's salvation... or will they lead Equestria further to its destruction. Only time would tell the outcome of such an event, when Military Might meets the Magic of Friendship.

This image is an advertisement for the upcoming MLP Comic entitled, "The Equestrian Dream" . As you can see, there is a United Nations Main Battle Tank (Centurion MK7/1 armed with a 105mm L7A1 Royale Ordnance Cannon) heading towards the beautiful gleaming city of the Crystal Empire. Two of the tank's crew members are also there, admiring the spectacular scenery and the empire and all it's glory. Would this empire be able to withstand the gales of the coming storm though, only time would tell..... 

Regarding the Equestrian Dream project, we are currently looking for more volunteer Digital Artists to assist in upcoming preparations as well as artworks for this comic project. We currently have a small team of artists and writers working on this project but of course, progress has been slow and we would need a lot more manpower if we would make this comic a reality. The story would be huge, revolving around a number of different topics and characters, which would include a cast of a lot of the Canon characters as well as individual OCs which could fit within the story. 

So.. WE NEED YOU. To help carry out this struggle and to make this story possible.

This image is a collaborative effort on behalf of members of the Equestrian Dream Team, or a majority who were involved with this image are members of the Equestrian Dream Team. 

This piece would not be possible without key contributions from some truly amazing and talented artistic talents. So special thanks goes out to:

:iconjeremeymcdude:    -   For the Centurion Tank Vector

:iconxphil1998:    -   For the improvements done on the Centurion Tank Vector

:iconqueen-razlad:    -   For the Pony Vectors

:iconshire7:    - For the Background and Final Editing 

:iconask-bluehorizon:    -  For the initial color pattern and special UN design of the Centurion Tank Vector

And of course, and World of Tanks for the magnificent Centurion model used for this project. 

This would be the first of many artworks which would pop up regarding this project, so if you would be interested in this story, then kindly do not hesitate to hit the favorite button, or subscribe for future updates regarding this project.
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Tanklover122's avatar
Why the T-54 always demonitized by anybody like that tank always operated by bad guys?
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
I am not exactly sure, but maybe because it is mostly used by Middle Eastern Nations, with some getting in the hands of factions with not so good intentions...
nightdinner123's avatar
The Equestrian dream riding a tank to the crystal empire than taking the train.
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Well, more of riding a tank into the Crystal Empire then bringing Equestria to it's knees. :) Although, right now... I am busy with real life.. training to be an Air Traffic Controller and all that jazz, so we are on haitus atm. 
NexeL-Arts's avatar
I'd lend my sword, and my custom attack helo, but, for one I'm going to school so it'd be a little hard to focus on this and school at the same time (tried it before, it was pretty hard but that was for a fanmade game), and my custom helicopter design is a blueprint in a game called Space Engineers.  But still, this intrigues me.
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Understood. :) We do have a small team working on this, but things have been difficult... we are truly short on artists and this project is slowly but surely going under the more time that passes by... 

Although, I still appreciate this comment. :) Hopefully we would be able to impress you once we get things going again. 
chrisjr5's avatar
Why the Centurion? Challenger 1 would have been better or the Chief but I can see why you went without that one. Shit engine. Just an interesting choice since you don't really see Centurions that much
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Well, Centurions saw action on multiple fronts. From Korea, to the Middle East. First introduced in 1945, with some variants still in service today. It is technically one of the longest serving tanks, if not THE longest serving tank in the world. It has multiple variants as well. It is also considered to be the first Main Battle Tank by many, including myself. So yes, I have a very deep love for this tank, for it's rich history and technological significance. Also, in the story, there would be a progression of technology, which means the Challenger 2 would be added in eventually. 

Plus, she performs incredibly well in the game I play, World of Tanks, in my hooves at least. And you got to admit, Centurions have a certain element of beauty put into them. 

(Typo on the 1941, was supposed to be 1945. Reason for Edit. )
chrisjr5's avatar
I agree it's a deeply sexy tank. But I'm a little surprised that you didn't do the Mk10 Centurion 
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Well, I am contented with the looks and model of the Centurion Tank in World of Tanks, and well, since it has a Mk 7/1 designation, I went with that. However, I would include some other modifications to it within the story, so I might have to rewrite or make my own set of designations. This is as to not complicate things too much. 
chrisjr5's avatar
Btw when is this comic coming out or fanfic?
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Well, comic... but I am just unsure to be honest... progress has been very slow, and a lot of the artistic team have gone inactive.. :( We are currently trying to look for artists who might help out, but we have not had any luck with that.. 
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IlukaAppledash's avatar
This looks fantastic.
I'd help, but my digital artwork takes me hour and hours just to draw 1 pony.
The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Thank you so much ^^ 

Well, that is alright, we do not wish to rush anybody involved with this comic, plus, you would be doing this alongside other individuals xD 
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The-Equestrian-Dream's avatar
Thank you so much ^^ 

Hopefully, we would be able to get more content up soon as well as get started with the comict which this image was all about. ^^ 
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WorldofTanks's avatar
Thank you once more ^^ 

Every positive comment truly means a lot to us, as a team :) 
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