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Veeloxxy the Devourer

"I don't see what all the big fuss is about, the more I found out about them, the less interesting they become. They just seem kind of petty and self-absorbed most of the time - just another walking, talking species with enough brains to get themselves into trouble but not enough to get themselves out. I know Riiiiiikkah, that [untranslatable], just absolutely adores them - I think she finds their defenceless-ness adorable? What's the deal there? But really, it's not worth the price of admission of interacting with them directly."

Veeloxxy feels largely apathetic about the existence of humans, and sees humans as just another dime-a-dozen sapient species in an uncaring universe. She considers humans to be altogether unremarkable, as well as inedible - therefore to Veelooxy, humans are at best just another non-threatening side-product of existence, and at worst, an infuriating and annoying species.

Veeloxxy's people have evolved from the same ancestral species that gave rise to Riiiiiikkah's people, though their respective lineages have evolved down divergent paths for about 5 million years.
Though both social carnivores, they have evolved on separate continents, under different ecological conditions. Much like Riiiiiikkah, Veeloxxy's ancestors have also independently become the apex predator of their biome - but the open environment that they lived in meant the prey that her ancestor hunted rely more upon speed rather than armour as their primary defence.

Veeloxxy "the Devourer"
is an affectionate nickname bestowed upon her by her friends and members of her sib group, mostly for her unrelenting appetite for food, and to a lesser extent, novelty and information.
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