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Uululuphrrha the Responder

"Ever since they found out about our civilisation they had made every effort to acquire and appropriate items from our society. No matter how mundane it is, if it is above a certain level of technological sophistication and not properly secured, they will try and wrap their jointed appendages around it. Many cases of missing items and equipment have been attributed to their kleptomaniacal ways, and some of our most basic tools and equipment have become their objects of desire... Allowing them to learn of our existence was a truly regrettable mistake."

The official title for Üululuphrrha is a "Responder" - her role is to be first on the scene when it comes to responding to and resolving incidents and situations resulting from anthropogenic activities. Ever since humans discovered the existence of Üululuphrrha's people, they have been extremely interested in their technology and have take every opportunity to acquire any artefacts from their society, through any means possible.

The acquisition of such alien artefacts became a booming business, with multiple private companies starting up to fill that demand. Obtaining such objects is extremely difficult and dangerous, both in reaching the alien homeworld(s), but also, obtaining such artefacts without being captured, maimed, or killed. The ultimate goal of such dangerous errands is to acquire alien artefacts to either retroengineer the technology that they are based on, or even retrofit them for human use. However, all efforts to retroengineer the alien equipment have been utterly unsuccessful as the technology employed by the aliens are far beyond current levels of human understanding, and efforts to use those device directly have proven either ineffective, or the results have been catastrophic when human users managed to fully activate such devices. 

The presence of humans on their home world(s) snatching everything from household appliances to industrial equipment have been a source of frustration for Üululuphrrha's people. In the intervening time, they have trained specialised personnel for dealing with human encroachment. 

For Üululuphrrha and other Responders, the standard procedure for dealing with a rogue human is to isolate, contain, then translocate the individual(s) to an uninhabited location with conditions which are hospitable for humans. However, in situations where the human(s) may cause potential harm to her and other nearby sapient beings, the standard procedure is for the Responder to terminally eliminate the individual(s) with their standard issue personal weapon - a "void gun" that she can use remove the target (either entirely or in parts) from existence.
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You are a very talented artist

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