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Tina the Cestusah / Tapeworm Queen (revisited)

Hey comes another Parasite Monster Girl - the first one for 2017! This time, a tapeworm monster girl - FINALLY - Tina the Tapeworm Queen / Cestusah (a term for "Cestode Medusah" that I've made up). Some of you might recognise her as a totally re-imagined and redrawn version of a tapeworm monster girl which I originally drew and uploaded about a year ago. I figured that after a year of drawing Parasite Monster Girl, it was time I revisited her with my newly accumulated skills and experience.

Compared with the original Tina she is almost a complete reboot; I've made her cestode affinity far more pronounced by making almost every part of her recognisable as being based on key features of cestode anatomy. Her entire gown are modelled after and can be recognised as scolex (with associating suckers and hooks), strobilla, proglottids. The idea here is to get across that Tina is basically composed of a multitiude of tapeworms - each differentiating into different part like a siphonophore colony.

A note on her colouration, while the tapeworms that make up her "hair" and "hands" are the usual biege that most people recognise as the colour of tapeworms, the pronounced red and yellow-ish colour scheme of her gown was actually inspired a paper I read about larval tapeworms found in some marine animals here. The final host of those tapeworms are elasmobranchs like sharks and rays, but their larval stage (called plerocercoid) develop in smaller fish and other marine animals. In that paper, they report on tapeworm larvae which were red or yellow in colour, probably due to accumulated carotenoids - so I just ran with that idea. Additionally, tapeworm larvae that infect brine shrimps are known to increase the carotenoid concentration of their host, making them turn bright red.

Obviously, this version is a huge improvement over the original, both in its execution and its style which reflects the ideas that I have developed over the past year while I have been drawing Parasite Monster Girls.
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Aight, I'll be using this as my pfp if you don't mind

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As long as you credit me for it.

Gladly. I'm not keen into disregarding the works of artists.

Well wadayaknow, I just came up with an Earthworm Jim knockoff called Tapeworm Tina, I try googling it to see what comes up and I find this. Also if she's completely made out of tapeworms as in a cute monstergirl version of the worm that walks trope then what about her human looking parts, huh?