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Sahgi'tah'tori the Hunter

"Nothing can be learned from trying to communicate with them, but they are fun to hunt, and surprisingly, a gastronomic delicacy - if properly prepared."

Sahgi'tah'tori is here engaging in one of her favourite seasonal activities which involves travelling to an exotic location, and socialising with friends over a (freshly-caught) meal. This activity is none other than the annual off-world hunting season which allows her and her peers to hunt for humans.

Sahgi'tah'tori considers humans to be in possession of enough intelligence to make them entertaining to hunt, but not quite enough to make it possible to have an intelligible conversation with one, at least not without investing more time and effort than it is worthwhile. To her, the recent evolutionary history of humans meant that they are comparable to island species in that many of them have lost their instinctive fear of wild predators. As such, in principle, she agrees that humans should be properly managed, and follow the rules and quotas set in place to ensure sustainable harvesting.

Due to what had initially transpired during first contact between Sahgi'tah'tori's people and the humans, it was quickly decided that human hunting can only be permitted during certain periods of Earth's orbit around its star. The hunts are governed by a complicated set of rules regarding permitted equipment, quota, and designated hunting zones. Participants of these off-world hunts are legally obliged to wear high-vis apparels to avoid accidental fratricide and to give the human games a fair chance at spotting the hunters, and plan their escape. As such, many participants also take this opportunity to make this a social occasion, by dressing up in fashionable attires to show off to their peers.

Sahgi'tah'tori is pictured here in one of her favourite hunting attire, carrying a civilian-grade (low-megawatt range) EM emitter (in matching colour finish) with some aftermarket modification including a forward-looking motion sensor, and a multi-spectral scope with built-in immersive recording function. She is also deploying a utility drone, which are commonly used by participants to conduct forward area observation, carry heavy equipment, as well as carrying and processing any kills. Each participant is allowed up to three such drones. While the utility drone can be fitted with various modifications and add-ons to improve their functionality, adding armament to the utility drone is strictly prohibited, and heavily frowned upon by the hunting community.

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