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Riiiiiikkah the Biter

"Oh they're so adorable! Whenever they see me, they open their mouth wide and emit this sustained high pitch sound - I assume that how they greet each other so I try my best to mimic that gesture back at them. But then they start running away! They're just so, so cute - how does evolution produce something that looks so awkward and defenceless? I just want to pick them all up and give them a BIG HUG."

"Riiiiiikkah, the sound that they were making - I think that's actually their fear response..."

"Oh? Well...that might explain a few things..."


Riiiiiikkah is really psyched about trying out her new Recreational Hammer! She is an 9-foot tall murder monster who loves to hunt down and eat anything with a pulse - except humans for some inexplicable reason. She feels very moe about humans, and if possible, one day she'd like to adopt one.
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Riiiiiikkah is a thicc cutie murder monster who just wanna hugz ALL THE HUMANS.