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Precambrian Rabbit

Inspired by "Haldane's Precambrian Puzzle" ([link]) by Glendon Mellow :icontheflyingtrilobite:, I decided to draw a Precambrian Rabbit - composed of a mixture of various Cambrian beasties (with mostly anomalocarid features).

Those unfamiliar with the story behind the "Precambrian rabbit" can read about it here: [link]

The philosopher Karl Popper considered that all scientific proposition must be falsifiable, and did not consider the theory for evolution as genuine science because it could not make falsifiable predictions. Basically, "a Precambrian rabbit" was the response given by the biologist J.B.S. Haldane as the kind of evidence would disprove the theory of natural selection as a mechanism for evolution.

While by "Precambrian Rabbit" Haldane had meant a fossil mammal found in the Precambrian (thus completely out of sequence), I've turned that around and made a creature that looks superficially like a rabbit, but also looks like it actually belongs in that era.
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I'm learning about this in science class^^
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I just hope we don't find any Precambrian Human fossils :XD:
i love how youre evolving your own exciting ecosystems and worlds through your art. takes real imagination and is most admirable.
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As a huge anomalocarid fanatic, I'm rather fond of this piece. I know it's just supposed to be an illustrated play on words, but I think it'd be a fun thought-exercise to imagine just how this "rabbit" would have lived. Especially with its great appendages all skewed up on top of its head.
Incidentally, are the forelimbs priapulids of some sort? Ettoia, perhaps?
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Actually, with the forelimbs, I was aiming for some kind of Cambrian Xenusiid, like Aysheaia.
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Ah, yes. I see it now.
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Heh, I was going to say I saw a lot of Burgess Shale critters stuffed in there, but I see someone else already remarked on that...

He has, um, jaws for antennae?
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Those are actually anomalocarid anterior appendages on the top of its head. I was thinking of what to have in place of the long "rabbit ears", and the anterior appendages of those anomalocrids were the obvious choice.
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Fascinating topic.

Do they eat weird looking carots and where is Elmer?
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Both carrots and Elmer were >500 million years in the future.
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No Hallucigenia?
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Well, I wasn't trying to bundle every concievable Cambrian critter into that rabbit - I was considering which bits of Hallucigenia I can fit in, but it turn out when you dissect it out, you just get a bunch of tubes and spikes which did not seem as interesting. Anomalocrids had more interesting bits.

I did managed to fit in a pair of forelimbs inspired by Aysheaia, which has some kind of affiliation with Hallucigenia.
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I see. Well, awesome work, regardless.

Love that you used Opabinia's head; it's my favorite Burgess Shale animal :D
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Cool, I didn't want something with just two eyes because that would look too much like a *normal* rabbit - Opabinia was the obvious choice!
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