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Maki the Trematode-infected Snail Monster Girl

Here's another new Parasite Monster Girl! Introducing Maki - a snail monster girl that has been infected by a colony of parasitic flukes (trematodes). In a sense, she is quite similar to another Parasite Monster Girl I drew about 6 months ago - Luci the Zombie Snail Monster Girl - but unlike Luci, the species of fluke that has infected Maki is far more conventional, in that the cercariae (free-living larval stage which go on to infect the next host) are shed from the host rather than retained within a broodsac-like structure.

The cercariae coming out of Maki are based on certain Macrocercous ("Big tail")-type cercariae and you can see a photo of some here. Being infected by a trematode colony is a deeply unpleasant experience for a snail. so I have also given Maki some Chaetogaster companions - Chaetogaster limnaei limnaei is a species of segmented worm which often live as commensals in the shell of snails, and they have been documented to feed on the free-living larval stages of parasitic fluke (and I have personally observed them doing so). They look kind of like tiny caterpillars and while in life they are transparent, here I've decided to give them a greenish colouration which enhances their superficial resemblance to caterpillars.
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wow, love the hair idea, gives it a sort of medusa feel o_o Loving these themes~!
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Thanks! The medusa-look was definitely what I was going for here. I've done this with Tina the "Cestusah" / Tapeworm Queen here:…

There are certain parasite taxa / parasite-host system which lend themselves better to this look than others. I have another parasite monster girl who is currently at the conceptual stage that will take that look to another level.