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Luci the Zombie Snail Monster Girl

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Published: December 2, 2015
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For some reason, I decided to draw the infamous zombie snail parasite - Leucochloridium paradoxum - as a monster girl. I think this got started because my friend and I were talking about Monster Musume for whatever reason, and she challenged me to draw a tapeworm monster girl - which I did ended up doing, resulting in Tina the Tapeworm Medusa (or "Cestusah"). 

With that under my belt, my brain couldn't let go of the idea of drawing Parasite Monster Girls - so Luci was born. I think you'll agree that this is a bit different from my previous depiction of that parasite species here: Zombie snail parasite

Just a quick note about the parasite's biology - Leucochloridium paradoxum is a digenean trematode (parasitic fluke) which uses a land snail as both their first intermediate host (where they undergo asexual reproduction) and second intermediate host (the means to reach the final host where it can grow into sexually mature adult and complete its lifecycle). Like all other (18000 known species of) digenean trematodes, this parasite takes over most of the internal body mass of the snail which serves as its first host, leaving only the organs necessary to keep it alive. But L. paradoxum does this little trick where its asexual brood sacs migrate to the snail's tentacles, and it also takes control of the snail's behaviour to try and convince a bird (the parasite's final host) that it is in fact a pair of tasty caterpillars. You can read more about it here.

I hope this "Drawing Parasites as Monster Girls" thing doesn't become my new art jam all of a sudden...
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This is nit "snail" this is snail body, but controlled by parasite. Or forced though parasite to suicide.
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Now get out of my scrap folder.