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Luci the Leucochloridium Monster Girl

"Ara ara, weary traveller- May I interest you in some confectioneries? I guarantee you that I have made them myself, ufufufufu..."

Travellers who are trekking through the marshland and meadows of the Temperate Zone would be familiar with the sight of the giant monster snails. These gargantuan and monstrous but otherwise peaceful molluscs graze methodically across the landscape and leave behind distinctive trails which form useful beaten paths for travellers. But every now and then, one may come across a rather unusual looking monster snail, with colourful, pulsating eyestalks and similarly vibrant tentacles emerging from the aperture of its shell.

Should one chose to approach these odd snails, they reveal themselves to have become vessels for the being called "Luci". Luci seems harmless, and is curious of and friendly to passing travellers. She is surprisingly charming and after a few pleasantries, will offer weary travellers a type of exotic snack in the form of brightly coloured, sausage-shaped confections which are adorned (grown from?) around her neck.

When she does so, she says "This is part of my body, which will become a part of you. Take this in your remembrance of me, and spread the seeds of my being far and wide."

For tired and hungry travellers who are navigating through the expansive wilderness of the Temperate Zone, it is a difficult offer to refuse. A few days after encountering Luci, the traveller may experience bouts of gastrointestinal distress, and for weeks afterwards, they will find that their sites of defecation often attract congregation of monster snails, and new "Luci"-possessed snails emerging in their wake.

The more perceptive of you might have noticed that the description above is based on the life-cycle of the fluke Leucochloridium. With giant monster snails in place of Succinea snails, and the hungry traveller in place of insectivorous birds which are the usual final host for Leucochloridium.
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this is soooo cool, i absolutely adore this.

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Neat concept! I instantly realized what this was

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