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I am currently designing a practical class for a first year zoology course that centres around speculative evolution. The idea is to use speculative evolution scenarios to get the students thinking about how macroevolution works and the history of life on Earth. So the four "alternative evolution" scenarios I settled on revolves around four mass extinction events and what might have evolved if they had not occurred: Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (always a crowd favourite), the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event, the Permian-Triassic extinction event, and the Late Devonian extinction event.

I decided to illustrate the prac manual with a series of little drawings representing the types of potential animals which might have evolved under those "alternative evolution" scenario. So clockwise from the upper left:

Cretaceous-Paleogene: A sapient fashionista dinosaur (a "dinosauroid" evolved from oviraptorosaur stock) posing for a painting with her pet dmoesticated notosuchian.

Permian-Triassic: A hunter-gatherer therapsid (evolved from biarmosuchian stock) spearing an eugeneodontid fish at an esturary.

Late Devonian: A cryptic, ambush-hunter arthrodiran placoderm, lying in wait amongst some rugose and tabulate corals as a small, flamboyant-patterned ptyctodonitd-derived placoderm swims unwarily towards its lair.

Triassic-Jurassic: A medium-size mesocarnivorous psuedosuchian being led to the underground burrow of a small fossorial aetosaur and her clutch of eggs by a small pterosaur.
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