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Dryptosaurus Water Hime

Here comes another Abyssal Theropod - my series of Theropod X Abyssals/Shinkaisei-kan/深海棲艦 hybrids.
Meet Dryptosaurus Water Hime - based on the Escort Water Hime (and her shipgirl counterpart Gambier Bay) mixed with Dryptosaurus.

A few design notes
- The larger plushie (and its very long tongue) is based on mixing Dryptosaurus elements with the large "pet" held by the Escort Water Hime. 
- The colouration of the plushies are modelled after the costume and colour palette of Gambier Bay in her initial appearance in KanColle
- The pose of the two plushies are supposed to be a reference to the classic Dryptosaurus painting - "Leaping Laelaps" by Charles R. Knight.

See also, my previous Theropod X Shinkaisei-kan Ceratosaurus Ne-classAllosaurus Heavy Cruiser HimeAustralovenator Seaport Hime, and Gorgosaurus Re-class
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She's keeping her laelaps from fighting
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I didn't really think about it that way when I was working on this, but now that you've pointed it out, that's a fun way to interpret it!