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Dr Delilah the Leech Monster Girl Doctor

Hey look, here's another Parasite Monster Girl! It's been a while (about 6 months?) since my last Parasite Monster Girl, but they're back!

Meet Dr Delilah - a Leech Monster Girl Doctor. She is a licensed medical practioner who specialises in treating patients who are monster folks. However, before she got her medical degree, she also completed a PhD in biochemistry and her thesis is titled "Pharmacokinetics and Immunoreactivity of Polypeptides from Sanguivorous Demihominimorphs".

Some of you might recognise her as a complete remodel/re-design of a Parasite Monster Girl that I drew almost two years ago - Delilah the Leech Monster Girl. In the spirit of continuity, you can think of Dr Delilah as the older, more mature version of the same character who went on to get herself a MD and a PhD.

A few design notes: The idea of casting her as a medical practioner was inspired by the fact that leeches, in particular the medicinal Hirudo medicinalis, has had a long history of medicinal use and are still employed in modern medicine. The three "fangs" in her mouth are loosely inspired by the medicinal leech's tripartite jaw. As for her lower body, that is based on the Tiger Leech Richardsonianus australis - a species of leech native to Australia (you can see some photos of it here). 
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The annelid whose IUCN tier is same with rhinoceroses...

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This is fantastic, can she swell and shrink and squeeze around like a leech though/
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Saw some of your art at Bogleech's blog. Neat art man!
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