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Cassandra the Dodder Monster Girl



Here's another new Parasite Monster Girl! Introducing Cassandra - a Dodder monster girl. This is quite different from the other parasite/parasitised monster girls I've drawn so far because this one is actually based on a plant, specifically the parasitic plants belonging to the Cuscuta genus, more commonly known as the Dodder. As opposed to my last monster girl, Maki, who is simply a monster girl that had become parasitised, Cassandra herself is actually a parasite (making her more similar to Tina the Tapeworm Queen). 

Dodders are highly-derived parasitic plants which have leaves that have been reduced down to tiny scales, and no permanent root systems. Instead, its stem has become vine-like tendrils which wrap themselves around host plants. Once in place, the tendrils produce outgrowths call haustoria which penetrates into the host plant's tissue to extract nutrients. Dodders are considered holoparasites, which are parasitic plants that obtain all of their nutrients from the host (as opposed to hemiparasites like mistletoes which are still capable of photosynthesis).

For those who like to indulge in speculative biology/evolution and/or are botanical nerds, structurally speaking, Cassandra's torso is essentially one big inflorescence, and each of the individual flowers being a floret, and those bulbous green structures are fruits. As for how Dodder Monster Girls are pollinated...well, I also came up with some post-hoc rationale for the appearance of her "body / inflorescence" - basically, think the human equivalent of something like Ophrys the bee orchid...
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Oh I like her pose, although if she's a parasite, I'd be concerned that she doesn't seem to be attached to her host right now, poor thing :(