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Australovenator Seaport Hime

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"クルナ…ト……イッテイル…ノニ……" (I told you... not to come... any... closer...)

As I mentioned in one of my previous piece, during the Christmas and New Year break, I got the idea in my head of drawing Dinosaur (more specifically, theropods) X Abyssals/Shinkaisei-kan/深海棲艦 hybrids. So here's a brand new Theropod X Abyssal hybrid - Australovenator X Harbour Princess.

There are a number of reason why I decided Australovenator would be an appropriate match for Harbour Princess: First of all, the thing that always stood out to me about Seaport Hime were her massive claws, especially comparing with other Shinkaisei-kan - that is also the case for Australovenator and other theropods in the megaraptoran group which are relatively large and well-developed compared with other similarly sized theropods, in fact there are studies that indicate the manus claws played an important role in prey capture. Secondly, in her first appearance in the KanColle game, Seaport Hime was supposed to be Port Darwin, and Australovenator is an Australian dinosaur.

See also, my previous Theropod X Shinkaisei-kan Ceratosaurus Ne-class, and Allosaurus Heavy Cruiser Hime.
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