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Allosaurus Heavy Cruiser Hime

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As I mentioned in one of my previous piece, during the Christmas and New Year break, I got the idea in my head of drawing Dinosaur (more specifically, theropods) X Abyssals/Shinkaisei-kan/深海棲艦 hybrids. So here's a brand new Theropod X Abyssal hybrid - Allosaurus meets Heavy Cruiser Princess. Originally, I had planned to remix Heavy Cruiser Hime with Carnotaurus, but after some consideration, I decided Allosaurus would be a more appropriate choice for CA Hime. I might save Carnotaurus for another Theropod X Shinkaisei-kan hybrid...

See also, my previous Theropod X Shinkaisei-kan Ceratosaurus Ne-class.
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