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All Yesterdays: Nest Guardian

This is my entry for :iconnemo-ramjet:'s All Yesterdays Contest here: [link]

Anomalocarids are usually depicted either chasing and eating something, or simply cruising along in the Cambrian sea. Therefore, I have decided for my All Yesterdays Contest entry, I am going to display a more caring side to these predators.

This is a male Peytoia nathorsti (previously known as Laggania cambria) protecting his nest of eggs. The male Peytoia excavates a shallow nest with which he attracts potential mates. If a female finds the nest suitable, she will lay a clutch of eggs for the male to fertilise before she swims off. Over the course of a mating season, multiple females may visit and lay eggs in the nest of a single male.

Male Peytoia are actually more choosy about mates than females as they have to invest more time and energy into reproduction, so he may actually chase away unhealthy-looking females. He will also chase away females that do not appear to be gravid as they may be more interested in *eating* rather than *laying* eggs in his nest.

With a full nest, the male care and guard the eggs from any intruders (including any further visiting Peytoia - male or female - as they will cannibalise eggs and hatchlings if given the opportunity) until they hatch. The male only develop the bright warning colouration and patterns depicted here during reproductive season. They usually appear far more subdued.

Parental care behaviour is well-known in living arthropods and is found in insects, crustaceans, and arachnids - so I thought why not anomalocarids?
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Cool concept! :D
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Thank you! :thanks: And it means a lot coming from you too - I've been following your All Yesterdays series (and there are *so* many) and they have been great! I'm planning to work on another All Yesterday drawing this weekend.
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Thanks :lol:
send me a note when you have the new drawing =)
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Sure, I have a few ideas I wanted to work on, but due to other IRL commitments I only usually get to work on one each week. I'll let you know when I have completed a new one. :)
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Nice, just one problem: the proper name for "Laggania" is Peytoia: [link] (I don't blame you, I just learned it a few days ago! :O)
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I noticed that on Wikipedia, but I couldn't find the paper where they made the change so I went for Laggania as it was the one that most people recognise.

Peytoia was the name initially given to the anomalocarid mouthpart when they thought it was a medusa, so I wasn't sure if it has been accepted as the proper name for Laggania or not. Nevertheless, I shall make a note of it in the description.
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Cool idea! I really like his coloration too.
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Thank you Rachel! :)
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