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Sailor Princess Iris
Sailor Iris and Constellations Final
My Little Pony: Horizons
Sunset leaned back against the Equestria High statue and looked up at the sky. Even now it amazed her how few stars she could see. Did humans really have no idea the beauty they blotted out with their lights? She let her eyes trace the constellation, trying to secure them in her memory. “There you are, sugar cube. What did you want to talk to us about?” Sunset jumped, startled by her friends sudden appearance. She looked at each of them in turn as they smiled at her. Her chest hurt and her vision blurred at the edges.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and when she opened them again, the smiles had been replaced with co
Masquerade Chapter 5
Masquerade Chapter 5 Link yawned as he relaxed against the inn roof. A cool night wind carried the first breaths of the coming Fall. Below him, he could hear the sounds of celebration; above, the stars twinkled peacefully. He sighed contentedly and closed his eyes. It was the soft footfalls near his head that alerted him to Sheik's arrival. Opening one eye he looked up at the man in blue. "All that work to draw out these people and you retreat to the roof during the party." Sheik sank down next to him. "But I suppose you've earned a bit of peace and quiet." The corner of Link's mouth twitched. "I've just been thinking about what Jasper sa
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Masquerade 3
Masquerade Chapter 3 Link and Sheik stood on the cliff overlooking the Kakariko entrance. In the distance they could see the groups of moblin wandering about in Hyrule Field in odd, random patterns. As they watched, the groups moved farther and farther away from the village, spreading out as they went as if to wander away. Then, as if some force were keeping them near, they all abruptly began to wander back. "What are they doing?" Link asked. "Don't know," a guard answered. "They do this all day, every day, since they arrived." "It's weird," Sheik said with a shake of his head. "It's like something is keeping them here." "But to what en
Eternal Sailor Moon
Hobbit - Bilbo the Dragon Burglar
Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight: Negativity
Elven Bridal Gown
The battle against Vragor
Quick Guide: Story Organizing
A Quick Guide to Organizing Your Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel I'm going to try and briefly cover World Building specifically for Fantasy and Science Fiction (though it will apply in general to any setting), both major and minor Characters, and some basics of Timeline here. I am not going to walk you step by step through how to write your own story, but you should (hopefully) get some useful tips out of this. I never used to organize my novels before I started writing. I have so many stories in my head, I would just pick one and start writing. I didn't have trouble keeping to the same details of a given character because I knew them so well. But afte
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I've applied to several jobs, haven't found one yet. Closing the Case is fully posted and I'm working on converting chapter 11 to origenal format. What's going on right now: I just had another screaming match with my mom. It's the same old fight. I love writing and she neither understand nor wants to understand. I'm majoring in journalism, she wants me to be a nurse. I'm afrid I've run out of ideas at this point. I have changed my schedule so I only write at night after evceryone has gone to bed - but then my brother wants the TV in the living room, never mind the TV in his room that has cable. If I get my own computer and work in my room


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