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Hello everyone!

Long time, no see! I do apologize for not being very active as of late, RL and all...
Anyway, I just want to make a note about the rules involving the featured folder.
Please, DO NOT submit your works to the featured folder. A couple of works were accidentally accepted into it, which I must apologize for, and have been moved into their appropriate folders.
Soon I am hoping to start member voting for works to be entered into the featured folder once again, and perhaps some competitions down the line.
Thank you all for your understanding :)


All you have to do is "Like" the following post:…

If you are an admin in another group, please post this in your group as well!

We need about 200+ votes to bring this important issue to the first page.

What is this about? In brief, Deviant Art suddenly and without warning has placed a limit on EVERYONE of 10 submissions per day per group. I think that is more than enough for most members of most groups but should NOT be a limit on founders and group admin. We spend a lot of time looking for artwork to promote -- artwork that we think you would enjoy seeing. Not every request gets accepted, often due to inactivity, and it is not our work that creates groups that spam but rather those that have unlimited submissions for everyone (perhaps you have been in such groups before and know what I mean). But there were already solutions for this: Admin can set limits on submissions and if they do not, you can always leave or unwatch a group. This action on the part of Deviant Art was arbitrary and unnecessary.

Thank you for your help!
Hello dear members and non-members!

We should really apologise for not being active last couple of weeks but as you probably already know, we admins are burdened with personal life and there is not much time to spend on dA.


I found some time yesterday and cleaned up our gallery folders. Doing that I realised there are some holes in our gallery guide - objects like jewellery, weapons etc. Therefore I updated the gallery guide a bit - there are not big changes, I added only a few words. Do not forget to check it.

We are closing the voting for favourite author as there were no votes at all. We will reconsider the voting for featured folder as well as it seems you, the members, are not too interested in the opportunity to choose your favourite artwork. The result of our discussions will be announced as soon as we have any.


There is a contest announced by our affiliate group :icontolkieninspired: You can find all the details in their journal here:…
The deadline is set to March 13th so you still have enough time to participate. Non-members can participate as well.


Now for the NON-members.
There is some bug in sending membership invitations. None of admins is able to send an invitation so please... PLEASE consider joining our group on your own. We want your art, we want you to be a member. DeviantArt staff knows about it and they are trying to find the bug.

That would be all for now. Have a nice day!

~ Alpanu ~
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The Two Trees pendant. by jessy25522
The Elf and his Reindeer by FeynaSkydancer


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Group Info

A fan club dedicated to the most revered Elvenking still remaining in Arda; Thranduil Oropherion of the Greenwood Realm.
Dedication is also allocated to his beloved son, the Prince Legolas.
Founded 7 Years ago
Jan 6, 2015


Group Focus
Fan Club

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Dhe nathlam hi! (Welcome)


Welcome to: :iconthe-elvenking-fc: :icontolkienplz:

Everyone in the realm is permitted to join.
Just press the button at the top of the page and we will open the gates of our halls for you!

Just a few rules that are to be followed:

1) Submitting to Featured is not permitted, that is for we nobles to decide.

2) Slash, smut and mature content IS permitted, but please have the appropriate mature filter on it or it will not be accepted.

3) Be kind to your fellow elf, man, hobbit, orc etc. We are all friends here.

4) WIPS are not accepted. Neither are doodles or anything drawn on lined paper. Please post your best works.

5) Submit however many things you like per day, just don't over do it ;)

6) Please understand that we have the right to deny any art we feel is inappropriate for any reason.

7) Please submit to the correct folder. If you are unsure, please let one of us nobles (admin) know! :)
EDIT: Here is the link to gallery guide.

8) OCs are permitted if posted in the correct folders (with others, Dark minions, Free-peoples of Arda, Elves of Greenwood)

9) The Free-peoples of Arda Gallery Folder refers to: Elves NOT of the Greenwood, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits, Wizards (not Saruman), Eagles, Beorings and other 'good' races. The Minions of Darkness Folder refers to evil characters obviously, such as Orcs, Goblins, Uruk-hai, Sauron and his servants etc.

10) Enjoy yourselves and all hail our great Aran Thranduil!



Nobles that take care of you:









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