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Due to the popularity of my "Sonic Prank Phone Call" deviation, Im now starting Sonic: Here's Your Sign(based off Bill Engvall's comedy jokes.)

Tails had locked his keys in the X-Tornado and was using a clothes hanger to jimmy the latch
Sonic comes by and asks, "Did ya lock your keys in the X-Tornado?"
Tails replys, "No Sonic, I just finnished washing it and Im hanging it up to dry."
Here's your sign.

Knuckles walked into a hunting store wearing camo. The store clerk asked him, "Are ya going hunting?"
Knuckles replied, "No sir, Im gonna play hide-and-seek with the Navy Seals."
Here's your sign.

(Donated by Wierdtails)
Sonic sees Amy working on something that looks like a trap to catch him. He walks up to her while she's finishing it and asks: What are you doing, Amy? Are you trying to catch me and make me marry you?

Amy says: No, I'm trying to design a better mousetrap.
Sonic says: It looks a bit too big for a mouse.
Amy answers: That's because I'm making it to catch the biggest mouse in the world.

Here's your sign.

(Donated by Mansay)
Tails found Marine's Tails-plushy underneith her bed. Marine walks into her room. "Rather admire me do ya?" he asks her. Marine replies "No. I like stabbing that thing."

here's your sign.

Eggman was stroking his mustache with an evil grin. Sonic comes by and asks, "Your not thinking up some evil scheme are you?"
Eggman replies, "No Sonic, Im just straightening my mustache because it's all crooked, like me."

Here's your sign.

Amy is checking her meter to gauge chaos emerald energy. Knuckles asks, "Are you getting a reading?"
Amy replies, " No Knuckles, Im staring at my wrist for the fun of it."

Here's your sign
(Taken DIRECTLY from the Meterex episodes of Sonic X.)

(donated by Wierdtails)
Tails walks into a McDonalds, and buys a Big Mac. He walks outside and is just unwrapping it when Knuckles appears, looks at it, and says:
"You sure are hungry, aren't you?
Tails says: Nah, I'm gonna give it to eggman with a big jalapeño inside.

Here's your sign.

(donated by 1manyman)
Sonic goes into a shoe store to get really fast shoes and Tails as the clerk says, "Are you going to get really fast shoes?"
Sonic says, "No Im going to buy 9,999,999 chilli dogs to run at the speed of light to the arcade."
heres your sign

Donated by erickthesonicfan

Shadow's training with test dummies. Sonic appears and says:
"Hey Shadow, are you training?"

"No, I just find smashing test dummies amuseing"

Here's your sign

Donated by M64

Tails is making a Robot to defeat Eggman
Sonic enters his lab and asks
"Are you making a Robot?"
Tails anwsers
"No it's a new style for my toaster"
Here's your sign

Donated by funneh-kitteh

sonic was running at the speed of light down a highway and a cop catches him. the cop says "sir do you have a car?" sonic says "yes i do oficer! itsa invisable car! ain't she pertty?"

theres your sign

Donated by Gazordenplatt

Cream: Moo.
Tails: ???
Cream: Moo.
Tails: What?
Cream: Moo.
Tails: Why are you mooing like a cow?
Cream: Because I can't moo like a rabbit.

Here's your sign.

Donated by Weirdtails

Sonic goes to a dentist for a checkup. When he arrives, Blaze sees him and asks:
"Hey Sonic. Gonna check for cavities?"

Sonic replies:
"No, I'm gonna check to see how many teeth I knocked out of Eggman."

Here's Your Sign.

Donated by Gazordenplatt

Flying Frog is being interrogated for booking.
Znively: What's your DOB?
Flying Frog: Tee-hee what's a DOB?
Znively: When's your birthday?
Flying Frog: Pffth. May 5th.
Znively: What year?
Flying Frog: Every year nosey-posey-goesy!

Here's your sign... we shouldn't do one for this guy again.

Why Rouge stopped working for Eggman.

Sonic just beat Eggman for the umpteen hundredth time.
Sonic: I'll take back the emerald you stole.
Eggman: I don't have any Emeralds!
After Sonic pulls a chaos emerald from Eggman's pants pocket...
Sonic: Then why is this in your pants?
Eggman: They're not my pants!
Sonic: Puh-Lease, then whose pants are they?
Eggman (Pointing to Rouge): They're hers!
Rouge: What?!?
Sonic: Seriously? She could fit in one leg! How are they her pants?
Eggman: She used to be larger...

Here's your si- uh... we'll get back to Eggman when he's released from the hospital.

Donated by AngusMcTavish

As we all know, Knuckles is the lone guardian of his floating island, and must guard the Master Emerald that keeps it afloat.
One day, though, he finds Rouge flying overhead. Once she notices him there, ready for any action, she lands right in front of him.
Rouge: So, Knuckles, you guarding your precious home?
Knuckles: No, I'm on "island arrest" and can't leave for 90 days!

Here's your sign.

Donated by Gazordenplatt

Gotta love the stupid badniks...

Eggman just got back from another (failed) take-over-the-world bid.

Cubot: How'd it go dude?
Eggman: Don't ask.
Cubot: Too late, I just did.

Here's your-

Cubot: I see you left the cockpit open again.
Eggman: Why yes, how did you know?
Cubot: I'm like psychic man.

Here's your s-

Eggman: Grr, Cubot 1D-10T, why don't you do something else. like get some maintenance?
Orbot SA-55: I did repairs on Cubot yesterday.
Eggman: For what?
Orbot: 900 rings.

Here's your -

Eggman: No, I mean what did Cubot have?
Orbot: 900 rings.

Here's -

Eggman: No, I mean what did you remove?
Orbot: 900 rings.


Orbot and Cubot: the 900 rings!

Heresyoursign. There, got that done without interruption.

Donated by IllEatYourself

Amy found Sonic battling Eggman by bashing the cockpit of his new robot.

Amy: Hey Sonic, are you fighting Eggman again?
Sonic: No Amy, I'm making scrambled eggs for breakfast. Want some?

Here's your sign.
If you have a "Here's your sign" Sonic joke, just post it in the "comment box" below and I'll post it in this deviation(and give ya credit.)
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A bit of AoStH for ya:


Scratch and Grounder have returned from another attempt to stop Sonic, and they're more damaged and beat up than usual.


:icondrrobotnikplz::iconsaysplz: So, another failed mission?


:icongrounderplz::iconsaysplz: Nope!  We're going to a costume party tonight, and Scratch suggested we look like scrap metal!


Here's your sign.