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:iconemerald825: will be taking over this group!

As I had to request that the group be closed before she and I spoke, I am hoping they will contact one of us first.  If so, the group will live on :)


Tari Anne
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Good to hear!! Hopefully, they contact one of you! ^~^
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so happy that the group is not closing !
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I hope I do a good job. I have no experience with running a group, but I'll try my best.

Let's hope we get a message, so the group can stay :)
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I could help you admin if you like :)
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You have experience with running a group?
As co-founder I can't invite invite co-founders/admins.

I'll need to read up on a lot of this stuff on groups, founders, co-founders, admins, etc. I'll do that this evening to get a sense of the differences. ;)
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Ah I thought you were taking over completely. I have been around DA for many years, never run a group or admined one. Just thought I would offer help. I am on DA most of the day. If not from my computer than from my phone at work XD :iconaddictionplz:

If help is needed I can do that :)
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Yes, I will be taking over completely. I'm co-founder right now. As soon as Tar-Stock pulls out I'll take over as founder.

Haha, same here. Either on my laptop or tablet. ;)
I'll keep you in mind, I could use some help.

I'll send you an invite for admin/co-founder soon.
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Ok sounds good :D
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YAY! It's not closing! *dances*
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